Essential oils

Our skin is often subjected to harmful effects of harsh environmental conditions. Pollution ravages the complexion, as dust, soot, smoke and chemicals drastically affect skin’s function. Essential oils have been scientifically acknowledged to be very useful to the skin and are enjoying a big revival.

Where do these oils come from?Essential oils are the highly concentrated essences of aromatic plants. These oils are taken from certain parts of the plant-root, stem, bark, leaves, flowers, seeds, resin – when they are at their most active phase. These oils are also used in aromatherapy to promote healing of the body and the mind.

How should these oils be used?Being highly volatile, essential oil must be used in minute quantities and well diluted in some base oil. The proportion of essence to a base or a carrier oil should be about 1 to 2 drops per 10 milligrams. They are easily destroyed by heat and sunlight. They must be kept in tightly capped amber or dark blue bottles.

What do these oils do?When, massaged on the body, they stimulate circulation and soothe and freshen up the skin. These oils are made up of tiny molecules that pass through the skin to almost every cell of the body giving speedy relief and a feeling of well-being. When used with bathwater, these oils solve many skin problems generally without any side effects. When these oils are inhaled, their fragrance stimulates the ‘limbic system’ or the emotional centre of the brain. The limbic system is connected to areas of the brain linked to memory, breathing, and blood circulation, as well as the endocrine glands which regulate hormone levels in the body.

Names of some essential oils
Lavender, thyme, sandalwood, basil, almond, lemon grass, fennel, musk, rosemary etc are some of the essential oils.

Choose those oils that serve your needs and give you pleasure.

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  1. Anonymous11:16 AM

    Emily's Oils & Essentials continues a 20+ year tradition of offering the finest essential oils to therapists, perfumers, spas, clinics and individuals. I import essential oils from around the world. Price is rarely my concern. Quality, growing conditions, development of sustainable business and support of people and businesses that are concerned with the same are what I look for. When possible, I buy oils from plants that are certified organic. All are pure and unadulterated.

  2. Viswanath2:23 PM

    As the essential oils are rigorous in nature; therefore, they should not be used straightly on the skin. If the essential oils are applied directly, then they can generate an allergic reaction or severe irritation. Essential oils should be combined with vegetable carrier oil and then it should be used. Some of the commonly used carrier oils are hazelnut, olive and grape seed oil.
    Essential Oils

  3. Aromatherapist4:32 PM

    As an Aromatherapist I have seen the benefits of Essential oils in my practice. You can buy legitimate essential oils from a pharmacy or aromatherapy store.Essential oils cannot cure - they can however relieve symptoms.

  4. Harsh5:26 PM

    -Some essential oils that can reduce lines and wrinkles are sandalwood, geranium, rosewood, rose jasmine, neroli and frankincense. Mix these oils with evening primrose oil or another base to make your own natural anti wrinkle lotion. To make a natural anti wrinkle cream for the eyes, use a base of cocoa butter and add neroli.

  5. Shrisharan10:35 AM

    Relaxing Essential Oils
    Cinnamon. Cozy, comforting (caution: this oil may produce a burning sensation on the skin).
    Florals. Stress relief.
    Lavender. Relaxing, soothing.
    Sandalwood. Warm, comforting.
    Vanilla. Stress-reducing, relaxing.

  6. Anonymous10:13 AM

    Permanently reduces pores using any essential oil - olive, almond and coconut are excellent - they feed skin many healing and health promoting nutrients. Use tips and front and sides of fingers (depending where on face you apply) and massage with a forward and back motion . A circular one will not work. Massage over and over quite vigorously and you will see them reduce almost immediately. For quickest results do each day for a few minutes. Pores will greatly minimize in as little as 2 days.
    Before massage first tighten skin so that you will not be pulling or stressing skin. Do by partially opening mouth and pulling lips firmly back against teeth - tightens most of face.
    Apply massage to entire face you will quickly have a smooth, radiant, tight, totally blemish free, healthy skin and you will not need to use any other product or treatment ever again - not even moisturizers. Oils are perfect natural moisturizers

  7. Kratika5:18 PM

    Personally, I don't care how or why it works, so long as it does work to relieve anxiety or help me relax or get some sleep

  8. Rohini5:33 PM

    Do the essential oils work if a person has no sense of smell?

  9. Pushpa5:36 PM

    Would lavender oil help with arthritic-painful joints?

  10. Kantharaju5:40 PM

    Hummmm! I love oils, I like to put some in my bathtub and after I take my shower, I put it on all over my body.
    Thanks for this.

  11. Meena5:43 PM

    I cannot imagine life without EO.
    I have a collection of cca 30-40 of them at any given time, and I use them for naturally perfuming my home as well as for cosmetic (and even therapeutic) purposes.

  12. unknown8:45 AM

    By the way - essential oils do in fact kill bacteria, but they very importantly boost the immune system, they do not destroy good bacteria as do antibiotics. Essential oils build up the immune system, which is why they are a much better choice.

  13. Essential oil is a great way to refresh your sinuses after being stuck on an airplane, breathing in all of that re-circulated air. Dab a little on your temples and neck, and then take deep breaths for an instant mood boost.

  14. Bharati9:14 AM

    Essential oils are potent and highly volatile liquids extracted from plants through distilling or squeezing. It is the most concentrated, therapeutic form of a plant. Its like water in texture, evaporates quickly, and penetrates the skin easily.

  15. Anonymous10:22 AM

    the effects of essential oils may be divided into two basic groups. Some essential oils have actual physical effects. For example, eucalyptus oil can be inhaled to help clear sinuses and the respiratory tract. This would obviously relieve some symptoms of an upper respiratory infection (URI). Some oils may be used topically (directly on the skin, where they would usually be absorbed by the body, or on a wound) to possibly relieve swelling or fight certain infections, but they are also known for their aroma!

  16. Expert9:34 AM

    The essential oils fragrances are believed to activate nerve cells in the nasal cavity sending impulses to the limbic system, which is the area of the brain associated with emotions and memory.Most essential oils are antiseptic and some are antibacterial. It's been proven that a few drops of essential oil before your daily skin routine actually doubles and sometimes triples its beneficial effects.


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