Facts about Contact lenses

People, especially youngsters feel insecure & self-conscious of wearing spectacles.

But, science has, for some time now, been providing with an alternative to ugly disfiguring glasses- little transparent pieces of plastic, called contact lenses, inserted in the eye to sit over the iris.

These lenses can be given the same power as spectacle lenses and can, therefore, correct a person’s sight.

But is it safe to wear a bit of plastic in the eye? Is it comfortable? These are the two questions routinely asked by people agonizing about whether to go in for contact lenses or not.

Types of contact lenses

Contacts are basically of 4 types. There are hard lenses, semi-soft lenses, soft lenses & disposable lenses. Hard lenses were the first to arrive on the scene and are totally obsolete now.

As far as semi-soft lenses are concerned, only those people whose eyes are allergic to the material with which the soft lenses are made prefer them. Soft lenses & disposable lenses are in vogue today.

Disposable lenses last about 2 months and then they are thrown away & disposed. Wearing them- and replacing them is more expensive than wearing soft lenses. So for majority of people who want to go in for contacts, better if you opt for soft lenses.

The psychological benefits are vast. The person develops confidence and poise and is socially better adjusted, besides looking more attractive.

Advantages of soft lenses

1) Soft lenses provide a better range, better quality & better clarity of vision over spectacles. The visual field or the horizon of view is almost twice that of spectacles, because of increased side vision.

Stability in the power of the eye is achieved. Medically speaking, if the spectacle power of a person goes on increasing, contact lenses are essential.

2) Soft lenses require very little maintenance. A quick wash in a special solution is all that is required.

3) The degree of comfort with soft lens is astonishing. It really needs a hard lens or a semi-soft lens wearer to appreciate the great difference.

More often than not a new lens wearer is surprised that he/she does not feel the presence of the lens placed in the eye.

4) There is complete freedom from dust entering the eye. It is extremely annoying to meet someone important and suddenly find tears running down the eye as dust has entered behind your hard or semi-soft lens. This risk is not there with a soft lens for no dust can enter the eye once the lenses are worn.

5) The lenses can be worn the full day, right from the first day. Adaptation to soft lenses is not needed. Usually 12-14 hours is taken as average wear.

Again, soft lenses give the necessary flexibility so essential in the present day. One can wear it the full day or part of a day or skip a day with no harmful effect, something, which is not possible to do with hard or semi-soft contact lenses.

6) Once worn, a soft lens cannot fall off. A soft lens can also never slip in the eye. It is self-centering and, even if displaced purposely with a finger, will recenter automatically with a single blink. However take care not to rub the eyes vigorously when the lenses are worn.

7) There is now a great demand for coloured contact lenses or cosmetic contact lenses. Not everyone is born with beautiful looking eyes, and coloured lenses give the opportunity to attain this blessing at will. It is surprising to see the tremendous difference it makes when the colour of the eye is changed.

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  1. Anonymous9:19 AM

    Doctors say that contact lenses are safe if they are professionally prescribed and fitted and if they are properly used by patients. You must practice proper hygiene in caring for your lenses and you must follow the wearing schedule set up by your doctor. Anyone wearing lenses should have his eye doctor check them at regular intervals. Every six months is usually suggested.

  2. Anonymous9:21 AM

    Contact lenses have made a deep impression in the hearts of sports oriented people as it provides a peripheral and wider field of vision without any obstruction. However contact lens are not safe only for water sports.

  3. Shivram5:39 PM

    Contacts are great and not too expensive (about £10 a mnth at the cheapest I think) BUT please be careful. I made the dire mistake of putting on my make-up and not washing my hands before I put my lens's in. As a consequence I got a severe eye infection and had to go to the eye hospital every day for 4 days, wearing an eye patch!!! I cannot describe the pain and I really thought I was going to end up blind. Please be very careful with the hygiene side of eye care and dont cut corners thinking it wont happen to you because it will. I cannot wear contacts ever again - even if I dared - so by all means have them, take the advice by the optician who will show you how to put them in and take them out, they will also tell you about hygiene care

  4. Anonymous5:44 PM

    Myth: Contacts can get lost behind your eye.
    Fact: This statement is 100 percent wrong as it is physically impossible for the contacts to get lost behind your eye. Your lens cannot go beyond the front surface of the eye.
    Myth: It is not safe to wear contact lenses during sports.
    Fact: Contact lenses have made a deep impression in the hearts of sports oriented people as it provides a peripheral and wider field of vision without any obstruction. However contact lens are not safe only for water sports.

  5. Charulata8:44 AM

    disposable pair is a very good idea.

  6. Natraj9:26 AM

    Contact Lenses are safe to wear but with lack of knowledge and experience potential problems could arise,

  7. Anonymous9:27 AM

    Never use saliva to clean your lenses, this can cause an eye infection through cross contamination and cause eye irritation.
    Always wash your hands before handling your contact lenses, even before removing them from your eyes, avoid using soaps.
    Don't wash your lenses with tap water or other non specified liquids, again this can cause damage to your lenses and can also contaminate your lenses which would then be passed on to your eyes, only use multipurpose soft contact lenses solution by following all the guidelines given by that specific brand.
    Do not let you contact lens multipurpose solution tip come into contact with other items, this can passes germs to the solution which would then be passed on to your lenses and then your eyes.
    Never share contact lenses with anyone, different germs can be passed around from sharing lenses.
    Always insert your contact lenses before applying make up, and always take them out before removing make up, this will stop your lenses from becoming damaged and will also stop any cross contamination.

  8. unknown9:50 AM

    Never wear damaged lenses, damaged lenses will damage your eyes, throw damaged lenses away. Never wear 2 lenses on one eye, as silly as this sound many people do try this when they cannot find prescription lenses in a certain colour or style they want, this is very dangerous. Always follow any guidelines supplied with you lenses or seek to read guidelines if none are supplied.
    Do not go to sleep whilst wearing contact lenses, this can be dangerous and damage your eyes.
    Soft contact lenses are not recommended whilst participating in water sports and can cause dryness of the eye.
    Always have your eyes checked by a qualified eye practitioner at least once every 12 months. Do not attempt to add your own painted colours or dyes to contact lenses, this can cause toxic shock if the paints or dyes have not been clinically tested.
    Always ensure that your protective contact lens cases are sealed when cleaning your lenses, this will prevent dirt and germs from the atmosphere contaminating your lenses.

  9. Anonymous10:01 AM

    They are not harmful.
    I dont use contact lenses because my eyes rejects it.... It is much more better to use contacts than glasses. Glasses are very uncomfortable and disturbing sometimes. I prefer Contact Lenses.

  10. UNKNOWN10:02 AM

    Always clean your lenses after and before wea.. If your lenses have been in storage for more than 7 days, replace the multipurpose solution and continue with this pattern. Replace your contact lens case at least once every 2 years.

  11. Dr Shivram9:02 AM

    Contact lenses will not harm your eyes but will temporarily reshape your cornea. The doctor performing the lasik surgery will likely advise you to stop wearing them for two weeks to a month prior to your surgery. If you are not having surgery in the next month or so, then keep wearing your contacts.

  12. Surakshit9:29 AM

    they are safe as long as you disinfect them with solution everytime you take them out and put them in and change the solution water in your contact case everyday. You can get special ones that stay hydrated it depends on the brand you get. They even have 1 a day contacts where you wear them only once a day and discard them and wear new ones everyday it depends on what you prefer. I wore over the counter cosmetic contacts and I've never had a problem.

  13. Anonymous4:23 PM

    If you wear contact lenses, put them in before you even start applying your makeup. Otherwise if you are teary eyed, you may mess up your makeup. Once you added a base and color, it's time to make your eyes gorgeous. If you choose to stick with a soft color for your lips, you can add more color, eye liner, and mascara to your eyes. You want to stick with natural colors for eye shadow such as purple, pink, and browns.

  14. Anonymous9:33 AM

    when you at kitchen avoid extremes temperature of fire place , avoid storm or dusty weather , avoid contact with some sensitive sprays to your eyes , clean lens after used for safety any oily deposition. If you fill like dusty regularly then contact your ophthalmologist

  15. Umadevi4:56 PM

    There are some that you have to keep the contacts in the solution for a minimum of 6 hours. Otherwise, it would burn your eyes.
    Just make sure you keep them moist as much as you can. And remember to NEVER sleep with your contacts in. That itself causes much damage to your eyes.
    The solution you bought may also have a few tips you can keep in mind.

  16. Bhima4:56 PM

    Make sure you put them in correctly. Put it on your finger and make sure that the edges curve and don't have a slight dent. If they do then you need to flip them the other way.....ugh it's easier to have someone show you that. Have your friend show you.
    Second, don't wear them over night. Get a case and put the contacts in there over night. Depending on the contact solution you've bought you might have to rub them. There's usually directions for how to clean them and you should clean them EVERY DAY! Change the solution in the case every day too and clean your case as well!
    Also don't wear contacts for longer than you're supposed to, I think most of them are like a month.

  17. Anonymous4:57 PM

    First off why would they use a liquid that could damage your eye to soak your contact lens in. No it cannot hurt your eye. Open the package and put your contact lens in make sure you wash your hands before. To take care of them rinse them in sulution and put them in your contact case to soak with solution. Be gentle with them and they should last. If they are disposable throw them away every month or what the directions say on the box. Make sure to take them out every night before you go to bed or as the directions say


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