Eye care in summer

Like all great things, the powerful and resourceful energy of the sun too has a flip side to it. The ultraviolet (UV) rays emitted from the sun could cause serious damage to the human eye, with maladies ranging from cataracts, cancer of the eye-lids, macular degeneration, corneal burns, benign growths and solar retinopathy. Harmful as they are, UV rays are even more intense during the hot summer months, especially at noon. The levels of UV radiation in India are very high.

The skin has a capacity to adapt to UV radiation by producing melanin (tan) that protects against UV exposure. The human eye does not have such a capacity, but becomes more sensitive with repeated exposure. Reflective UV light, or glare from water, sand, snow and even the road, can have a debilitating effect on the eye.

Are you a person whose work demands spending most of the day under the scorching heat of the sun? If the answer is ‘yes’, then your eyes are at considerable risk. The longer the exposure of the eyes to the sun the greater is the risk of developing UV related problems.

Eyewear as protective gear
Wearing sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun
For safety purpose, eye care professionals suggest wearing sunglasses that filter 99-100 percent of UV radiation. Ideally these glasses should block both UV-A & UV-B. However, sunglasses do not provide complete UV ray protection as a lot of peripheral light leaks around the lenses can still affect the eyes
Using contact lenses to protect eyes from sunlight
Technological advancement in the eye care industry has resulted in the development of contact lenses that absorb UV rays to a large extent. However, contact lenses are not a foolproof solution to protect yes from UV rays as they do not provide protection to the outer surfaces of the eye.
Combined use of contact lenses & sunglasses may help
American Optometry Association (AOA) recommends the combined usage for sunglasses and UV blocking contact lenses to get maximum protection from UV rays that reach the cornea and get into the eye.
Usage or other protective gears like hats and umbrellas
In addition to the above eyewear, protective gear such as wide rimmed hats and umbrellas should be taken along during summers.

Owning the right pair of contact lenses and sunglasses is a good investment that helps in protecting your eyes and vision for years to come.
Source: Indian Express
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  1. Anonymous7:39 PM

    I like this blog very much because discroption about lens and eye is simple to understand and photo copy of a film actor is good

  2. Anonymous8:36 PM

    Load up on lutein Supplement with 15 mg of this healthy antioxidant three times a week to improve vision in cases of age-related cataracts
    See what C can doHelp maintain antioxidant protection against cataracts by taking 500 to 1,000 mg of vitamin C every day Enjoy an eye-healthy diet Eat plenty of green, leafy, lutein-rich vegetables, such as spinach and kale
    Say good-bye to smoking Kick the habit to reduce the risk of oxidative damage that can lead to cataracts Block those rays Shield your eyes from excessive exposure to sunlight to reduce the risk of oxidative damage leading to cataracts

  3. Akshat3:32 PM

    Vitamin A is essential to healthy eyes and normal eyesight, and antioxidants together with zinc may help to reduce the risk of developing advanced AMD. You can get your daily required amount of vitamin A through fruits and vegetables such as carrots, squash, apricots and sweet potatoes. These plant food contain high amounts of beta-carotene which is converted to vitamin A in the body. Getting your As through whole food also ensure that you will never get vitamin A overdose, which has been found to cause cancer in some studies, since the body will only convert as much as it needs.

  4. Sarthak3:39 PM

    Eye Care Tip: A drop of perfectly fresh castor oil smeared along the eyelids removes puffiness.

  5. Chadrashekar11:28 AM

    keep them softer and not too stormy or dark. For the perfect sans shadow look, just swipe a darker liner across the top lid only and load up on the mascara!

  6. Panchami4:27 PM

    f you don't want to go to the effort of applying a full make-up in the hot sun, a touch of mascara and a little eye liner will 'open' up the eye and bring your face to life. For a lighter, more summery appearance, swap your black mascara for one that is either brown-black or brown.
    Curl your lashes and use glossy black shade on them to make them appear longer and your eyes bigger.
    Use only a very fine line with eyeliner.
    To complete your look have your eyebrows professionally shaped.

  7. Jagannath8:57 AM

    Eyes are the great blessing of God. Without eyes we are nothing,we can not enjoy the beauty of the nature

  8. Abhijit5:28 PM

    Put on sunglasses and apply eye creams to protect the sensitive skin around your eyes. There are creams especially designed to reduce aging signs around the eye area, typically the incidence of fine lines. You can get rid of dark circles, and smoothen the delicate area around your eyes when such creams are applied daily.

  9. Harshad11:11 AM

    Our vision is one of those wonderful gifts we generally take for granted. Good eyesight is an essential part of wellbeing and a significant factor in retaining independence and quality of life as we get older. Proper eye care is essential to maintaining the health of our eyes.

  10. Prerana6:58 PM

    Almonds: Regularly you can soak few almonds overnight in water and eat these in the morning. It is suggested that almonds can help in improving vision by correcting the power of your eyes.

  11. Yogini9:07 AM

    Eating lots of carrots helps your eyesight.

  12. Gautam8:38 AM

    Get rid of your nasty habits. Smoking, rubbing your eyes, and constantly tugging and stretching while removing your makeup will prevent you from getting rid of eye wrinkles instantly. The operative word here is “INSTANTLY” so you have to start changing your nasty habits right this second if you want instant results.

  13. Mangesh9:50 AM

    Bright as less strain on the eye

  14. Anonymous4:48 PM

    For healthy eyes and improved sight:

    Practice Jal Neti Kriya. Do not work in hot sun, as bright light destroys Vitamin A. Practice Pran mudra. In the mornings after cleaning mouth, fill it with water so that the cheeks get puffed up and then splash water on the eyes several times. Then throw out water from the mouth. Keep eyes closed for some time. This will make your eyes feel cool and fresh. The distance while watching T.V. should be at least 3 meters (10 feet) and while reading or writing, the book should be at a distance of 30 cm (12 inches).

  15. Srishti9:56 AM

    Washing eyes with cool water having Amla powder soaked and strained is good for the eyes and it also improves eye-sight.


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