The ritual of taking a bath is centuries old. Bathing is not just wetting your body or applying lots of soap and foaming it to look like a snowman. It is an important activity to keep the body clean, healthy, fresh and relaxed.

All about baths

Soap, no matter which, would cause dryness ranging from mild to excessive scaling of the skin. Soaps are alkaline and cause undue moisture losses from the skin giving rise to dryness. Since soaps cannot be avoided altogether, one should remember:

*Not to use too much of soap
*Not to leave soap lather on the skin for too long.
After washing away the soap, pour few drops of oil (any vegetable oil) in some water and take a final splash with this. It will leave a fine film of oil on the body. This film forms a protective barrier and helps to retain moisture.

The temperature of the water used for bathing also plays a very important role. The water used should be lukewarm and not any extreme of cold and hot. Hot water disturbs the natural fatty layer and dissolves it. It causes dryness and loss of elasticity. Over-hot baths put unnecessary strain on the heart as it works to dilate blood vessels in order to cool the body. Very cold water, on the other hand, causes premature ageing of the skin.

Warm water should be used for bathing. It feels pleasant on the body and does not disturb the protective barrier on the skin. It relaxes both the body and the mind. Warm water causes the blood vessels to dilate on the surface of the skin that enhances the absorption of oil and nutrients applied prior to taking bath. As a person starts getting old, the secretion of oil glands slows down. So apply body moisturizers and body lotions after the bath to overcome the losses that occur.

Speciality bath:Once in a while, it is worthwhile to indulge in a lavish bath. First of all massage your body with suitable body oil. Massaging increases the body temperature and stimulates blood circulation. The blood vessels dilate and the skin pores open, aiding in the absorption of oil. While you massage yourself, keep this recipe ready. Soak a handful of bran in water. Add a pinch each of turmeric and common salt into this. Add gram flour(besan), oatmeal and few drops of oil to make a paste. (You can even use lemon and yoghurt pre-bath gel, instead of this recipe if your wish.) Apply the paste all over your body. Start rubbing it off from your skin in circular motions gently. It will remove the dead skin cells and the dirt, leaving you fresh. Do not use any soap after that. For a fine finish, take a warm shower for a slightly longer time. Give yourself a soft hug with a towel.

Everything mentioned above applies to the hair also in the same manner. Same tips and precautions should be followed while taking a head bath.

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  1. Anupam10:38 AM

    Hot baths can potentially burn your skin or create blisters. Many people believe they are able to sense this and adjust the water temperature accordingly, but often times your skin is much more sensitive than you think (this is from my personal experience also, taking on a hot hot bath when I was young, only to form blisters a day later.)Second, although it is true that hot baths washes off oil and open up your pores. The process is actually a double edged sword. Some oil is essential, and steaming hot water may also strip away moisture from your skin. Opening pores only help if you wash your face first, otherwise it only allows more dirt, germs, etc to penetrate deeper than before.Finally, if you're Male and plan to have kids one day, it's probably a good idea not to have really hot baths for too longs.

  2. Anonymous3:31 PM

    When your body feels a cold rush like a cold shower what the body does is rush a whole lost of blood to the area where the body is cold.and if it is done after a workout. the blood will speed up muscle recovery at the same time its warming up the body.

  3. unknown3:36 PM

    I think having really hot baths have potentially more disadvantages than advantages. You could be at risk for burns, and hot water tends to really dry skin out. It raises your body temperature and might even cause you to pass out. Now that would be a problem especially if you are alone. Lastly, it is true, that exposure to considerably high temperatures tend to have a negative effect on reproductive age males.

  4. When taking a bath or shower, use only mild cleansers, preferably all-natural or organic cleansers, so that your body retains its moisture content more efficiently. After your shower, apply a mild body lotion for added protection and healing.

  5. Have a milk bath for added beauty. Add a cup of powdered milk to your bathtub. Mix three spoonfuls of honey and dissolve the contents. You may add rose petals too for that after bath fragrance to linger on. Soak yourself for 15-20 minutes. Finally apply milk based body lotion


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