Care of Dry hair

Dry hair looks dry and lacks smooth shiny look. Split ends are its main problem. They are brittle and break easily because of dryness. Dry hair needs combing frequently, as they start looking unsettled very soon. This type of hair needs a lot of care. If you have dry hair follow these simple steps to maintain them.

dry hair care

*This type of hair requires combing many times to help flow of natural oils from the glands to maintain smoothness. But brush with a light hand to avoid hair breakage.

*Massage your hair twice a week with coconut or olive oil. Massage your scalp in light circular motion with your fingertips. Now give your hair hot-towel treatment. For this dip a towel in hot water and wrap around your head. Repeat the process 6 to 8 times. By giving this treatment oil penetrates deep into the roots of the hair providing it with nourishment. The sebaceous glands of the hair are activated which gives a natural shine to dry hair.

*After massage and hot-towel treatments shampoo your hair.

*Select a mild shampoo for dry hair. Egg-based shampoo is good for this type of hair. Take care to choose a shampoo with conditioner. This provides luster to dry hair.

*Oil massage and steam are also helpful to solve the problem of split ends.

*Get your hair trimmed once in every 3 months. This also removes split-ends.

*Avoid shampooing everyday; this increases the dryness of hair.

*Do not get your hair permed or bleached unless very necessary, for they make the hair dry.

Home Remedies for dry hair
1) Take 2 tablespoonfuls of curd and an egg yolk. Mix it well. Apply the mixture on the scalp thoroughly. Shampoo after half an hour. This pack will soften the dry hair and will provide a silky look.
2) If you use henna, add 1 teaspoonful of coconut oil to the henna mixture. Otherwise hair will appear drier.
3) Take half a cup of skimmed milk, add one egg to it. Beat the mixture till it lathers. Apply it on the scalp and hair. Now wash it with a mild shampoo. If your hair is extremely dry, use this pack twice a week.
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  1. Anonymous4:04 PM

    The mask from honey and aloe will make your dry and slim hair healthy.

  2. Anonymous12:42 PM

    Try to drink more water. I know you can do a yogurt mask on your hair- put yogurt all over your dry hair before you take a shower, and leave it on for about 15 minutes. It makes your hair super shiny and it is supposed to moisturize it

  3. Anonymous1:04 PM

    mix curd and lemon juice apply to ur scalp.leave it for half an hour.just rinse it of in running water,do not shampoo.then apply oil whichever u prefer,it should be a good quality one.wash ur hair next day as u normally do.
    do this every 15 days,n u surely wil notice the difference

  4. Anonymous12:17 PM

    For dry hair pls try these hot oil massages....they will help in maintaing the natural sheen of your hair and will also condition your hair:

    Hot oil massages: Warm 2 tsp. of olive oil and 2 tsp. coconut oil and gently massage every part of the scalp for 10-15 minutes. Rinse a towel in hot water, wipe and wind the hair around the head as it cools. Repeat 2 or 3 times to issue total saturation. After that, shampoo and rinse well. It is good for brittle dry hair.

    Hot Caster oil massage: Warm ½ cup of castor oil, massage into scalp and gently comb it. Bind the hair with hot towel on the head, wait for 30 minutes. Shampoo and rinse. As it is home made is so good to use for scanty hair.

    Clove oil honey massage. Stir well ½ cup of green olive oil with 1 cup of liquid honey. Shake vigorously. Keep the mixture to settle for a day or two. Massage into the scalp and comb it not touching the scalp. After massaging cover hair with plastic shower cap. Make it air tight to let the heat penetrate, leave like that for 20 to 30 minutes. Then shampoo and rinse well. It is good for dark hair to keep it shining and lustrous.

  5. Anonymous3:53 PM

    I've used a lot of different brands that hasn't been working and I really need to find one that finally works. I've used: pantene, herbal essences, joico, garnier, loreal. Thats all i can remember. My hair is frizzy and coarse, with horrible split ends.:(

  6. Anonymous3:55 PM

    Use the Joico reconstructor, it works amazingly! There is also a 5 step Joico system that works really good including the reconstructor

  7. I love the lo real shampoo and conditioner. It smells so herb-y (I don't think that's a word)and natural. No artificial floral overkill smell.

  8. Helen3564:12 PM

    I appreciate these home remedies for hair care.. i will definately going to try some..

  9. Savita9:35 AM

    I can't wait to try it. Anxious to see how the shampoo will spread out on dry hair.

  10. I am going to try home remedies. Some body plz tell me which shampoo will help me my hair are too dry with split ends.

  11. Chinmayi8:59 AM

    Did u try that Segals Products that give u a lasting, permanent solution for dry/damaged hair. It works wonders. You will thnk me forever, I m sure for suggesting u this. Don't hv a second thought, just go for it. It's toooooooo good. Besides, no chemical stuff, only gentle herbals and minerals that really work ...from the hair root itself

  12. Anonymous9:05 AM

    Try Using Alberto VO 5 Hairdressing

  13. Dharmshree5:08 PM

    Coconut oil, or Olive oil. Take about a couple of drops of this, rub it in your hands to make it warm. Rub through hair to make it soft and shiny. Good for any hair type. Use about 1-2 times a week for about a month to get super soft hair!

  14. yah i like it very much infact love it too lolz

  15. Shabana9:39 AM

    If you put shampoo on dry hair, then wash it out your hair turns really silky..

  16. Savita9:17 AM

    Take few curry leaves and boil them with coconut oil for at least 2-3 minutes. You can keep this mixture for some days in a cool place. Apply it with the finger tips gently on your scalp and cover the hair with a warm towel. This will nourish the hair follicles, remove dryness and also make them strong.

  17. unknown9:41 AM

    1)Add natural oils like avocado, coconut, jojoba or olive oil to your hair. This can be a great conditioning regime to do prior to shampooing the hair.

    2)Place any of the above mentioned oils into the hair and place the hair in a bun for about 20 minutes. You can even wrap your hair under a plastic cap covered by a heat cap for added conditioning. You'll find that your hair will be more revived and manageable.
    3)You can also use other natural ingredients like apple cider vinegar to get rid of dandruff and dry scalp.
    Always visit a dermatologist or your doctor if you are experiencing scalp problems.
    Make sure to wash the oil out of your hair throughly. Leaving it in can cause it to smell. Plus, it makes your hair look greasy

  18. Anonymous8:56 AM

    If you add a combination of six drops of lavender, bay and sandalwood essential oils with six ounces of warm sesame or soy oils then apply the oil to the hair, wrap in towel for 15 minutes, then rinse; this will help in treating dry hair

  19. Unlnown8:57 AM

    Diet can play a part in the dryness of one's hair. Eat lots of food high in omega -3 fatty acids, such as fish. It is recommended that you eat salmon or some other cold water fish at least twice per week. Add flaxseed oil to your diet; approximately two tablespoons a day added to popcorn or potatoes can replenish lost hair and skin oils. Flaxseed has a buttery, nutty like flavor, try it, it's not that bad.

  20. Shrinidhi9:54 AM

    To ensure a natural shine to dry hair, use a gallon (liter) of hot tea without sugar (fresh or instant) as the last washing after washing as usual.

  21. Anonymous10:22 AM

    Our hair normally contains a moisture content of approximately 10%, which when drops below this level needs to be retained. As the hair grows past the neck line or doesn't have a direct contact with the scalp, the essential natural oils present in the scalp are not utilized throughout the hair shaft. Therefore, to increase the hair's ability to attract and retain moisture in the cortex of the hair, one can use moisturizers rich in essential fatty acids (EFA). Safflower oil is one of the best and cost effective oil for dry hair containing essential fatty acids. Following are few steps that will help you to replace the lost EFA and moisture from the scalp: Put 1 or 2 drops of safflower oil in your palms and rub them together. Take your hair and apply the oil at the ends first, and then work towards the scalp. Leave this in your hair for an hour or so and then rinse. By regularly applying safflower oil in your hair, you will retain the moisture and have healthy, shiny hair.

  22. Rub in four or five teaspoons of mayonnaise into your scalp and leave it on for half an hour before shampooing. Remember, mayo contains oil, egg and mustard powder, just the right recipe for imparting wholesome moisture to dead looking hair. As an after shampoo, rinse with about half a teaspoon of honey in about a liter (4 mugs) of water. Don’t wash away this last rinse, and it acts as an excellent conditioner for dry, dull hair.

  23. Payal8:22 AM

    hi, i want your advice my hair is not growing it has became dry& damaged

  24. Deepa8:22 AM

    Use curd for dry hair & u can also use castor oil

  25. Nileema8:26 AM

    roj ek aawla khao

  26. Get a bowl of curd and mix it with a lemon essence freshly extracted from lemon....before taking bath just apply it in ur hairs..wait for half an u can go for bath..the results are superb and this also stops hair falls...

  27. Chetana8:38 AM

    Warm oil treatments can make dry hair soft, sleek and supple. Apply the warm oil of your choice to your hair after shampooing, wrap it in a towel, and allow to stand for about twenty minutes. Then rinse the oil out, with a little shampoo, and enjoy healthier, happier hair.

  28. Sinchana2:43 PM

    Take two eggs and mix it with olive oil nicely. Massage your scalp with the paste and keep it for about an hour. This will not only straighten your hair but also soften and condition it.


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