Beating stress – some tips

It is very difficult to come across a happy, contented face in a crowd these days. Stress has become a way of life with people these days. Sure, we all need to be a little tense once in a blue moon. After all it acts as a positive force and helps us get things done. But when tension becomes a habit with us and we are unable to cope up with it, we say we are undergoing stress. Some people are simply born more tense than others. Children of over-anxious parents generally grow up to be more anxious than the others.

Here are a few tips to chase away stress:
1. Develop a good self-image. Give yourself credit when you accomplish a difficult task. Even if you do not succeed, give yourself credit for trying.
2. Worrying about what will happen or what has happened is unproductive. Live your life and enjoy it now.
3. Learn to enjoy the moment. Many of us are victims of “hurry sickness”, we live too much of the future and don’t enjoy the moment.
4. Remember you have to pay a heavy price for worry in terms of your health.
5. Don't set goals beyond your own reach. Judge yourself realistically.
6. Learn to say “No” assertively to things you don’t want to do, without feeling guilty.
7. Do not take yourself too seriously. Schedule time to be with friends you really like and can share a laugh with. Take time to celebrate holidays, birthdays and anniversaries. Refer to the posts Cultivate inner beauty with better mental health, Sense of humor-tips to regain it
8. Do one thing at a time. Don’t overburden yourself with many tasks.
9. Do not feel that you have to finish all the work you are responsible for. Only a dead body is completely finished with its work. Remember! There is always a tomorrow in waiting.
10. Talk over your problem with someone you can trust or just sleep over it.
11. Crying is a good sign because you feel relaxed afterwards.
12. Try to understand things from others point of view also.
13. Don’t hold grudges against people. It will harm you in the long run. Forgive and forget. Refer to the post Beauty and health effects of negative emotions
14. Yoga, exercises and meditation are great stress busters. Devote at least 1 hour in a day for them. Refer to the post Benefits of walking also.
15. Sleep well in a well ventilated room, with a relaxed mind.

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  1. Anonymous7:11 PM

    Tulsi tea is also a great stress reliever.

  2. Anonymous10:27 AM

    There are a lot of ways that you can beat stress. One way is don't overload yourself. If your doing a lot of things at once, then you get really stressed. Sort out the things that you need to finish first and then the rest. Take your time. Your work will be more efficient and you won't be that stressed. Also, try going to sleep earlier and waking up earlier.

  3. Best thing to do is just relax! Hangout with friends, do an activity that you enjoy, listen to your favorite music or watch a movie. The main point is just give yourself a break. Relax and do things that don't stress you out in the first place. The fave of beating down stress for some people as well is sleeping in on the weekends! So take a deep breath, and relaaaaaaax!

  4. a nice walk, a warm bath, masturbation, easy -listening (music), peace of mind etc

  5. Chaitra10:25 AM

    Take care of yourself and do the things that make you feel better. Make sure you get enough sleep and eat a balanced diet. Take a vitamin supplement and do not use drugs. Limit your alcohol intake. Perk yourself up by exercising on a daily basis. If you have extra cash go for a massage or have someone in the family give you one. Talk to friends or family about what is going on and face your feelings. Focus on the things that bring you joy. Stress certainly can run you down but just keep going.

  6. Saloni10:28 AM

    Eating healthy, exercise, and relaxing hobbies are home remedies to beat stress.

  7. A lot of people get shortness of breath with anxiety. You have probably heard it a million times but exercise is the very best thing for stress. Try a walk use a slow pace if you need to until you are used to it. Breathing exercises are excellent for stress and anxiety. Close your eyes and meditate imagine you are at a lake floating on a raft, the sky is blue, the sun warm, the only sounds you hear are the birds flying above.

  8. Meera3:44 PM

    Try to get outside for a walk at least once a day. This should help to release the tension in your body.

  9. Bharat8:37 AM

    "When you breathe, you inspire. When you do not breathe, you expire." Reducing stress through breathing can help. Stress management can often be this easy. See why this makes so much sense and how controlling your breathing can help to reduce stress, ease stress and increase energy.

  10. In the midst of trauma, panic, worry or depression, it becomes increasingly difficult to decipher our feelings. In those trying times, it is those negative beliefs that unfortunately hold us back from reaching our potential. Consequently, the sense of helplessness we feel when we fail at overcoming these problems only adds to our anxiety.
    Once you can identify the cause of your anxiety, you can preserve a degree of serenity and hold onto your humanity, vigor, and enthusiasm for life.

  11. Prakash9:22 AM

    My best way to relieve stress is to go shopping, and try on a ton of clothes, find great bargains, get a yummy snack, and call it a day. Not only it gets my mind off everything else,it really makes me tired, so I have no problem falling and staying asleep….at least that day.

  12. Trust your instincts: If you are getting the urge to walk away, then trust that urge and walk away gracefully. If your instincts tell you, this person needs your support then be there for them whilst being mindful of breathing at the same time.Don’t let other people’s voices, opinions and stresses drown out your own gut instincts.

  13. Anonymous3:57 PM

    Choose the easiest part of the day to find quiet (for me its early morning before the kids are up) Find a space where you are less likely to be found (even if you have to sit in the car, in the garage) Withdraw from the distraction of sound. Turn off any background or toxic urban noise. TV, mobile phone etc
    Continue to withdraw your senses by closing your eyes and getting your body extra comfortable. The less distractions your body has, the easier it will be. Do nothing except focus on the sound and rhythm of your breath.
    Sink into your body and sink into your breath, now prepare to connect with your inner stillness

  14. Anonymous8:57 AM

    Sleep Like a Top.Be Bursting With Energy.Enjoy Greater Self Confidence.Regain Your Passion for Life.Enjoy Your Family, Your Friends and Your Work.And you’ll know you can cope with whatever life brings and you’ll be safe in the knowledge that stress, depression and anxiety will never again cause you so much anguish for as long as you live!

  15. Gopal5:33 PM

    At the start of a new week, arrange several enjoyable activities spread
    over the whole week that you really enjoy. Going to the movies, a night at
    the theater, a nice meal in a restaurant, visiting family, a concert -
    whatever you like. This will give you plenty of things to look forward to
    throughout the week and alleviate that "the week is a slog" feeling.Avoid comparing yourself to others who find themselves in extremely difficult situations in life. Doing so will only lead to you feeling guilty.

  16. Damodar10:14 AM

    Isolation is another problem experienced by stress, depression and anxiety sufferers.
    OK, there will be times when you just want your own company. During such times, you
    can brood over and over again on problems and events and beat yourself up for hours
    on end. Not good. Instead, use isolation more positively. Occupy your mind by tackling
    a jigsaw puzzle, a logic problem, a crossword, read a book or perform a hobby such as
    painting, playing a musical instrument or whatever it is you have an interest in. In this
    way, isolation will help you to grow instead of causing you further pain.

  17. Bharat11:27 AM

    Stress has been proven to be one of the biggest factors in illness and disease. Lifestyle adjustments are essential . . . no excuses! Learning to relax may seem unrealistic, but it is easier than you think. Remember only you have the power to change the course of your lives. If you're feeling down, exercise may help pick you up.

  18. Madhav10:00 AM

    Basil leaves are regarded as an adaptogen or anti-stress agent Recent studies have shown that the leaves' afford significant protection against stress. Even healthy persons can chew 12 leaves of basil, twice a day, to prevent stress. It purifies blood and helps prevent several common ailments.

  19. Great post! My boyfriend is currently suffering from STRESS. This information may help him.


  20. Lakshmidas3:05 PM

    While exercise alone won't reduce anxiety or stress in itself, exercise is a natural confidence booster, both in the short term and the long term. Obviously you'll feel better about yourself if you're happy with your appearance and overall health, but starting out each morning with just 30 minutes of exercise really sets the mood for the rest of your day

  21. unknown7:15 PM

    Know your strengths and work to improve your weaknesses. Don’t be hard on yourself, but do be honest and objective when examining your life. First, make a list off all your positive traits and good qualities. Do not be humble here! Next, make a list of the areas you would like to improve. Don’t beat yourself up over your weaknesses, instead work steadily to improve them. Being confident about what you are good at and knowing where you can grow will keep you from being easily influenced by the opinions others form about your character

  22. unknown7:17 PM

    Take criticism in stride. Laugh at yourself, laugh at the criticizer, acknowledge that everybody has different ways of seeing and doing. If there are lessons you can learn from the criticism, take those lessons, but forget the rest. Take it in stride, take a walk, take a breath, take a bath, but do not take it to heart.

  23. Anonymous10:33 AM

    Focus on your attachments to life, friends and try to reengage things that you enjoy do not isolate. Volunteer to help others and hopefully you'll

  24. Thanks for providing these stress reduction tips to the readers of Take Charge of Your Health Care Carnival.

  25. Anonymous6:05 PM

    talk about your problems to someone, or perhaps even try and keep yourself a dairy, just by talking or writing about your emotions can help you a lot and get it off your

  26. unknown6:17 PM

    you need to put ever thing out of your head and think of things you like and maybe get a hobie and don't worry about anything you can't change or laugh at things they won't seem as bad

  27. Kailas4:46 PM

    The secret is to learn to find the ways that you would prefer to use for dealing with it.

  28. Anonymous6:16 PM

    Go out with your friends/best friend, spend sometime
    relaxing your mind on shopping, movies & food, do not go out alone.

  29. Girish5:02 PM

    Stress causes dehydration and dehydration can promote stress—an endless cycle. Staying hydrated is important for healthy brain function.

  30. Transcendental Meditation not only relieves stress, it also promotes a healthy heart and cardiovascular system, and reduces high blood pressure. Just 20 minutes a day can change your life, for the better.

  31. unknown6:37 PM

    Anxiety and panic attacks are same thing that when a person reach to a very high level of anxiety in an inappropriate way. This is actually just a type of behavioral problem and you can tackle it right to the root cause if you have the right strategy.I suffered anxiety and panic attacks for more than 5 years and now I have totally eliminate it. It is not a very difficult task to gain back control of your life, but you just need to do it in a right way

  32. Abhiram9:55 AM

    Meditation is a good way to relieve yourself from stress

  33. Anonymous9:56 AM

    Try to be stress free because stresses adversely affect your body functions in many ways.

  34. Anonymous8:51 AM

    Eat Chocolate to relieve stress ,you need to keep within limits.

  35. Unknown9:04 AM

    What are the causes of our grief? What makes us struggle? How can we put an end to our suffering? How can we reach the state of joy and freedom?
    The answers is living in the present moment, accepting what is, and surrendering to life.Practice to free ourselves from our minds, lifting our consciousness, and moving deeply into the now

  36. Vitamin B5 helps to reduce the stress.

  37. unknown10:20 AM

    Stress and anxiety can cause you great harm over the long run so it is good that you are trying to find a way to manage it. Educate yourself as much as possible and try to figure out what is causing it in the first place. Sometimes the anxiety attacks, also known as panic attacks, can occur at the oddest times, like in the middle of the night. The best thing to do is to try and manage them without medication. Try walking or running to get your heart rate higher than the anxiety. It works and also takes your mind off what's giving you the anxiety. Use an IPod or other musical device will also distract you from the source of the anxiety.

  38. Anusha10:43 AM

    Laughter controls our blood pressure and maintains our sugar levels. Laughter has also been proved to be good for the heart. It improves our immune system and gets the blood pumping in our bodies.

  39. Vivekanand10:49 AM

    When we laugh or smile, our mind drifts from the tension and stress that hogs our lives. It gives us a break from our exhausting lives. A laughter break rejuvenates our minds and when we resume work; our mind is more capable of handling work and provides more creative solutions to our work. It clears the mind.

  40. Manjunath9:49 AM

    Exercise is a wonderful stress reliever. It not only relieves stress but it also makes you feel good and keeps you healthy as well.

  41. Koutilya8:51 AM

    Stress Management: Stress and prolonged, uncontrolled tension, anger, anxiety all are the nemesis of good health in general and healthy skin in particular. If you are stressed out, it will reflect on your skin first! Continuous perspiration will make the skin itchy and irritable; many stress induced diseases like psoriasis, pruritus, urticaria manifests themselves to damage the structure and integrity of the skin. Hence it is imperative that you set up a regular stress management program for yourself and your family without much delay.

  42. I have realized exercise and music helps me the most from falling into any sort of depression.

  43. Anonymous4:13 PM

    Medication for anxiety is usually very helpful. What is prescribed are often antidepressants and/or medication which reduces anxiety immediately and for a short period. Both are effective and have few side effects. It is likely you will experience less anxiety and as a result you will feel better about yourself and enjoy life more. A

  44. Srinidhi4:16 PM

    Cognitive therapy is VERY effective!

  45. Control the stress by breathing exercises and meditation techniques.

  46. Anonymous10:04 AM

    Get your beauty sleep at least 7-8 hours per day. Exercise a minimum of 30 minutes a day, yoga is great for combating stress. Drink plenty of water suggested is yes 8 glasses/day. Avoid toxins such as smoking. Limit your alcohol intake, enjoy a cup of green tea or chamomile to calm you instead. Eat a well-balanced diet rich in antioxidants. Take a vitamin B Complex vitamin, 50mg three times per daily along with calcium and magnesium to help keep stress in check.Up your vitamin C intake to at least 1000 mg daily when feeling stressed.
    Essential Fatty Acids or omega-3 and omega-6 compounds support the nervous system and are crucial to radiant skin and hair. The herb St. Johns Wort relieves stress, onset depression and elevates mood. Avoid negative people and situations.Learn to meditate. Take time to laugh, rent or watch a comedy.
    Have a bubble bath or go to the spa and unwind. Take a vacation when you need to.

  47. These things does work unfortunately they do not last longer.

  48. Anonymous9:30 AM

    if you have been under all lot of stress, meditation will be extremely refreshing to your mind and body, and better than any medicine or tea or whatever.

    1. find a comfortable quiet place, sit with your hands in your lap
    2. with your eyes open, begin to consciously empty all thoughts from your mind. focus on having an empty mind. if you have been stressed, thoughts will come and distract you. your goal is to have a high motivation to not let yourself get lost in thought.
    3. once your mind has calmed a bit, close your eyes. this directs most of your mental energy inward. keep focusing on having an empty mind. the more you can keep distracting thoughts from entering your mind, a clear meditative focus will start to appear. this will be very refreshing to your mind.
    4. you will be a bit excited that you feel kind of good, but simply maintain your awareness of this clarity rather than thinking about it. the idea is to expose yourself to pure consciousness- the mind without all the barrage of dumb thoughts- and eventually you return to the young mind you had as a child.

    do your meditation in 15-20 minute bursts, and eventually lengthen time as you improve. good luck

  49. Rashmi9:44 AM

    Exercise is a good stress reliever--even walking can help. Punching something like a pillow (not a person or wall) can help. In my family we yell and scream (but do not hit).

    I understand that B vitamins help--but check to see which ones and how much of each to take.

  50. unknown9:37 AM

    St Johns Wort is a very good herb for depression and works well.

    It would also be worth trying to find out what might be causing the depression.

    Maybe you could get a book on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy which would help you to understand all the different reasons why we can feel depressed and it would also show you new patterns of thinking and behaviour to help deal with your depression.

  51. Geeta9:32 AM

    I recommend keeping yourself busy! It is not uncommon to have head aches with anxiety tho.

  52. Anonymous9:35 AM

    closing your eyes and breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth slowly. meditating works as well. anything that takes your mind off stress whether that is going out with friends or going on a walk with your dogs. it also helps to find out why you are stressed and figure out what you can change to fix it.

  53. Anonymous9:39 AM

    Yes you do. you can get depression at any age its happens to almost everyone. You need to talk to a counseler, it WILL make you feel better whem you talk to somebody other then family. Taking meds works and will make you feel better. so i suggest you take them, i took them at 9 and im doing a lot better im 14 now. I hope you feel better :) i know it feels awful

  54. unknown9:39 AM

    I used to have depression, but I was 11. I'm 12 now, and yes. You do have depression. I don't think there r any depression medications for your age, but it's a good idea to go see a counselor. Another good idea is to spend some time with some really good friends. Maybe go on just a girls day out. Go to an amusement park with someone... maybe you can find a crush that you feel better around. If you're christian, praying might help. And if you ever get to a point where you feel like you want to kill yourself, think of someone that you could never live without

  55. Santosh9:50 AM

    yoga, pranayama, meditation, physical exercise and eat lots of fruits and vegetables and drink lots of water.

  56. Anonymous5:51 PM

    Valerian, which is the herb the drug Valium is derived from. It stinks to high heaven. But, it relieves anxiety.

  57. A great article being featured at the STRESS MANAGEMENT BLOG CARNIVAL at

  58. Manasa8:25 AM

    According to a recent survey undertaken by MIND amongst people suffering from depression, many felt much better after eating a banana. This is because bananas contain trypotophan, a type of protein that the body converts into serotonin known to make you relax, improve your mood and generally make you feel happier.

  59. Anonymous3:25 PM

    Take care of your daily routine. Stop eating fast foods. Maintain good food timings and also quantity of food. Eat more fruits. Do yogic practices. Meditate twice a day. At the time of sunrise and sunset. Within no time, you'll be a free and perfect human being. Don't neglect the meditation.

  60. Talk therapy typically means that you spend about an hour a week talking with a mental health professional. Treatment can continue for several weeks or up to one to two years. Every person's situation is different.Depression can affect several areas of your life, which is why your physician may recommend specific lifestyle changes, such as exercise. It may also help to reach out to friends and family for support.

    Take that important first step in getting help for depression. Talk to a loved one or a friend today about how you are feeling so they may help you in talking with a doctor and getting on the road to improvement.Don't wait. Depression is an illness that can, and should, be treated.

  61. Anonymous9:39 AM

    Valerian Root is a great for anxiety. Valerian root can be found in powder, liquid or pill form (better to take pill form because liquid and powder can be bitter tasting). It is herbal but very effective.
    Another is Rescue Remedy. They are made by Bach Flower remedy and can be used in a spray or drop form. It has done wonders for people who are stressed or anxious.
    There are several other herbs that are good in calming nerves such as catnip skullcap, motherwort, damiana, passionflower but I have not tried any of them myself.
    You should be able to get any of these at a local health food store, natural food store, or whole foods.

  62. I have used passion flower in liquid form and also tea.
    5 HTP is good but I found there was side effects.
    Aconite is another good remedy but must be given to you through a naturopathic doctor.
    I have created a website and I share some information on diet, meditation, anxiety, depression and many wonderful healthy food choices to make.

  63. Mix together raw cashew nuts, sunflower seeds and alfalfa sprouts and add to a tossed green salad. Wash it down with a glass of cranberry juice and a couple of squares of chocolate.

  64. Basil helps in stress reduction and lifts the mood.

  65. Harikrishna10:44 AM

    Borage leaf juice is another natural anti depressant that effectively treats depression. Being rich in Potassium it stimulates the glandular system and reduces the feeling of sadness, melancholy and pensiveness.

  66. Soham9:36 AM

    Anti-depressants worked wonders for me.

  67. Shriram9:37 AM

    Depression is made from false beliefs in life and love when they have been proven false to your brain... Even if you don't like to admit the hopes you have are unrealistic eh?

  68. Andrew5:04 PM

    Firstly, u should stop listening to sad music,then you should mix up with your friends, specially with those persons, in whose company u enjoy/laugh the most, u should also go close to your all family members. Read some jokes & comic books, which shall make u laugh. If u are sleep deprived, then practice counting(inside) 100 to 01(in reverse direction of course). After waking up & washing your face do deep breathing exercise for at least ten minutes. I am sure by strictly practicing, all of them u shall definitely feel better & shall not need any doc's help.

  69. Badarinath3:39 PM

    Making sure you are eating a healthy diet, drinking herbal teas, and soaking in an aromatherapy bath are all simple, safe, effective natural remedies for anxiety and depression. T

  70. Anonymous9:28 AM

    Meditation works wonders for a lot of emotional stresses.

    1. Sit in a calm location, no music, no TV, use earplugs if you live in a noisy apartment.
    2. Close your eyes.
    3. Breath in through your nose, extending your stomach very deep and count slowly to 6. Force yourself to calm your breathing; removing the outside world as described will help. This type of breathing is called stomach breathing, if you've ever wondered about it; try not to extend your upper chest at all.
    4. Exhale through your mouth, very slow and count to 10.
    5. Repeat. A lot. For about 10 minutes per day, or whenever you feel out of control.

    While you are doing this for the next 10 minutes, visualize a very calm location -- a sunny deserted beach, a snow-capped mountain, a lake, whatever makes you smile and feel calm and does NOT contain any people or distractions. If any other vision tries to intrude, mentally push it away and replace it with your calm vision.

    It might take some practice, but you'll get it, and it does work at calming the senses and relaxing the lungs.

  71. Andrew9:25 AM

    well, I've never really had depression, but if you experience depression, the BEST and most NATURAL thing you can do is smoke some marijuana. doesn't have to be a lot, but just enough to change your mood and affect your hunger.

  72. Expert9:37 AM

    7 best stress fighting foods---papaya,Peppermint Tea,Pumpkin seeds,Almonds .Avocados,Salmon and Oatmeal,


  73. Take a couple of deep breaths when you're feeling stressed. Most of all, think positive thoughts. Whatever you're going through in your life right now, don't worry, you'll make it through.

  74. Naveen9:18 AM

    good sex and exersice ... work out and go for walks

  75. Anonymous9:19 AM

    Talk therapy is natural. If you don’t want a therapist try any of the support groups available.

  76. Mohit9:00 AM

    Stressed out and don't have time for massage, facial or visit to the spa? Cut up an entire cucumber and place it in a boiling pot of water, the chemicals and nutrients from the cucumber with react with the boiling water and be released in the steam, creating a soothing, relaxing aroma that has been shown the reduce stress in new mothers and college students during final exams.

  77. Prerana11:37 AM

    stress-free foods
    oranges, Sweet Potatoes,Dried Apricots,Turkey
    Spinach,Spinach,Salmon and Green Vegetables

  78. Kailas11:42 AM

    Exercise regularly. Drink an energy shake for breakfast.
    Eat small meals throughout the day.

  79. Mukesh8:15 AM

    bananas contain tryptophan, a type of protein that the body converts into serotonin known to make you relax, improve your mood and generally make you feel happier.

  80. Karan9:08 AM

    One of the greatest stress relief methods is exercise.
    - A healthy diet
    -Get a good night's sleep
    - Learn meditation
    -Learning the best way to deal with key stress factors will ensure a healthier life.

  81. Sabita10:16 AM

    Try to get your mind off of it. Go swimming,play with a pet, sleep, PLAY ANGRY BIRDS!! Hang out with a friend.

  82. Listen to music, any song that you like besides depressing songs, or talk to someone. Hell, even talk to yourself. Look at things objectively and ask yourself serious questions about why its happening, why are you doing what you are doing, and what you could do about it.

  83. Vedant9:14 AM

    Help your self to control negative thoughts, don’t even think of the word negativity, it will make you feel at your worst

  84. Raksha9:16 AM

    Take interest in what makes you feel good.
    Avoid the negative thoughts, get into an active life, and be occupied with good thoughts.

  85. Anonymous9:26 AM

    Socialize with positive people, those who are negative will only make you be depressed.Be realistic.Be active exercise daily and eat correctly, get rid of negative thinking, control your life, often these days people are depressed but if you let it get to you then you are not in control.

  86. Varsha9:46 AM

    banana’s mainly control depression, to improve your mood and generally make your feel happier.

  87. Yoga Guru9:01 AM

    Get to the root of the problem by writing down when you feel anxious, what triggers these episodes, and what you think the cause is. Regular exercise, such as daily jogging or jumping on a miniature trampoline, can reduce anxiety levels and improve overall health.
    Deep breathing and meditation can provide temporary relief from anxiety as well as helping to retrain your brain over time to respond differently to stress.
    Listening to relaxing music, while it might not provide long-term benefits, can improve mood and decrease tension.

  88. Use Sweet Potatoes.The Vitamin B6 content of this veggie will help give you a major dose of relaxation. , a stick of kamote cue (deep fried sweet potatoes with a coating of heavenly caramelized brown sugar) might just be your perfect stress-buster

  89. Ratnamala11:49 AM

    Massage is a great way to reduce the stress in your life. It helps in curing tension-related headaches.

  90. Vandita12:02 PM

    Black pepper contains several powerful antioxidants and is thus one of the most important spices for preventing and curtailing oxidative stress.

  91. Licorice tea has a substance known as glycyrrhizin which is about fifty times sweeter than sugar cane juice. It is considered highly protective against anxiety disorders and panic attacks.

  92. Well informative one article posted & well home remedies for getting a relief from anxiety problem. thanks for the post.


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