Home Remedies for headache

All of us have suffered from headaches at some time or the other. No one needs to be told about the agony it can cause.

They just hit you at any time with a nagging, throbbing pain in the head and spoil your day. There could be many causes for headaches.

Well… let’s not go deep into that. Here are a few home remedies which you could try out when a headache hits you.

1) A simple home remedy is to cut a betel leaf into 2 halves lengthwise, gently warm the halves over fire and apply over each temple. Its aromatic and tonic properties help soothe the headache.

2) Paste the skin of a large cardamom (elaichi) and apply it to the forehead. You can also add a clove (laung) and the stalk of a betel leaf to this application.

3) Clove (laung) oil is celebrated remedy for both headaches and toothaches. Even pasted cloves can be applied to the head as a counter irritant to relieve headaches.

4) Rub the cinnamon (dalchini) oil lightly onto the temples to ward off headaches.

5) Tender coconut water relieves headache caused by overexposure to the sun.

6) Drink a cold infusion of the henna flowers twice a day to relieve headaches.

7) Applying a paste of mustard (called ‘rayi’ in Hindi and ‘sasive’ in Kannada) over the temples mixed in oil for a heavy head serves as a counter irritant and relieves heaviness and congestion in the head.

8) As a topical application in headache, the paste of nutmeg (jaiphal) provides quick relief.

9) Apply a thin layer of sandalwood paste and camphor over the temples to relieve throbbing pain.

10) A simple home remedy is to cut a betel leaf into 2 halves lengthwise, gently warm the halves over fire and apply over each temple. Its aromatic and tonic properties help soothe the headache.

11) An easily available Indian sweet JALEBI, is of great help in headache. Immerse 2 to 3 Jalebis in a glass of warm milk for a few minutes, and then drink this mixture once or twice a day.

Other measures
DIET: Avoid cold items like curd, ice-creams, cold-water and cold-drinks. Do not use cold water for baths. Also don’t expose yourself to cold climatic conditions as this may aggravate your headache.

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  1. Anonymous10:17 AM

    Great headache relief advice.

  2. Anonymous4:10 PM

    -Cinnamon-Dalchini, easily available in every kitchen. Make a paste of Cinnamon and apply on fore head for quick relief. It can be taken raw and can chew for faster relief.

  3. Anonymous4:12 PM

    Ginger has anti-nausea and anti-vomiting properties and has been reported to be very effective in preventing the headache. Ginger is having anti inflammatory components. You can consume ginger as powder, root tea (steeped or boiled) or eat it fresh. Ginger gives quick relief in migraine headache. Take out ginger juices and mix with honey which gives quick relief.

  4. Anonymous9:58 AM

    Drink a diet coke, the caffiene opens blood vessels which cause blood flow to enter the brain better. Most headaches are caused by lack of blood flow to the brain due to tension. Or try eating a peppermint oil or rubbing peppermint oil on your temples.

  5. Bhavya9:59 AM

    Headaches are normally caused by pressure in the veins. Try to relax like sitting in a nice dark, cool room or take a sniff of lavender. Lavender is a relaxing herb

  6. Amaranath5:57 PM

    Don't chew gum
    The repetitive chewing motion can tighten muscles and bring on a tension headache.

  7. Sleeping in may feel relaxing, but it's not a good idea. So no matter how tempting, avoid sleeping in on the weekend,

  8. Anonymous5:59 PM

    Deep breathing is a great tension reliever

  9. Ramadev9:36 AM

    Avoid direct exposure to the sun Take walks during the full moonA very beneficial yoga pose for migraines is Moon Salutation Practice shitali, which is a cooling breathing exercise that has many added benefits

  10. Kiran9:52 AM

    To prevent future headaches from ever occurring.
    Keeping your mind and body free from stress is very important Try to maintain a proper diet; avoid things like fried foods and spicy foods
    Do not try to suppress natural urges for things like sneezing, yawning, bathroom needs Avoid sleeping during the day
    Proper exercise and stretching Try getting a massage with therapeutic oils

  11. Anonymous11:34 AM

    Head massages help to some extent; it can be self-applied too. Strong pressure at the source of pain seems to have a reducing effect. If you have a partner, have them press on either side of your head with their palms, like they’re trying to crush a melon. If the pain’s located in the temples, rub them. If it’s just sort of all over the head, palm the top of your head and massage and squeeze the scalp.

  12. Anonymous8:40 AM

    Take one teaspoon of almond oil and heat; when it has cooled sufficiently, place two drops of the oil in each nostril Rub mixture containing one teaspoon of cinnamon oil and a quarter of a teaspoon of clove powder into the site of the pain Place a wet cloth on the neck Try an oil massage on your scalp; some suggested oils include sesame and almond Do a headstand only if it is before dawn or after dusk and you have an empty stomach

  13. shivakumar3:30 PM

    Yogic kriyas like jalneti and kunjal; pranayamas like anulomaviloma, shitali and sitkari; and asanas such as uttanpadasana, sarvangasana, paschimottanasana, halasana, and shavasana are also beneficial in the treatment of headaches.

  14. Shaila3:38 PM

    The best way to prevent headaches is to build up physical resistance through proper nutrition, physical exercise and positive thinking.

  15. Sonia5:37 PM

    Apples are valuable in curing all types of headaches. After removing the upper rind and the inner hard portion of a ripe apple, it should be taken with a little salt every morning on an empty stomach in such cases. This should be continued for about a week.

  16. Girish5:41 PM

    The flowers of henna have been found valuable in curing headaches caused by hot sun. The flowers should be rubbed in vinegar and applied over the forehead. This remedy will soon provide relief

  17. Ramadas2:38 PM

    Take your pain relef medication as soon as you feel the migraine 'coming on'.Lie down in a dark room. Close your eyes and try to relax. Deep breathing can help. Use an ice pack wrapped in a small towel on your head and neck.
    A warm bath or shower can help you to relax. If you can manage it, take a walk to help ease tension Massage the back of your neck or ask a friend or relative to massage your neck and shoulders. Apply gentle pressure to the painful area using your thumb and forefingers. Push for about 10 seconds and then release.

  18. Nagarjun3:56 PM

    Acupressure can aid recovery by stimulating your body’s self-healing energies to expel viruses more rapidly, while at the same time provides some relief for the agonizing symptoms that you experience.

  19. Prachi9:58 AM

    Basil makes a good medicine for headache. A decoction of the leaves can be given for this disorder. Pounded leaves mixed with sandalwood paste can also be applied on the forehead for getting relief from heat, headache and for providing coolness in general

  20. Anonymous9:19 AM

    Watch your back, shoulder, and neck posture - avoid staying in one position for too long a time. Get organized to avoid hurry and worry.
    During an attack relax by taking a hot shower or bath with a warm dry cloth or a cold wet cloth placed over the aching area. Get some brisk exercise to help you relax - remember to stretch before and after each exercise session.
    Enjoy a professional massage to help loosen tired muscles and create an overall relaxed state.You could attend special relaxation courses such as yoga or meditation classe

  21. unknown9:38 AM

    Stave off a migraine headache by drinking a high-caffeine beverage as soon as you feel it coming on. Take one aspirin and lie down in a dark room. A cool cloth across the forehead can be soothing as well. A tension headache can be eased with a hot shower, massaging the affected area, or even by brushing your hair.

  22. Nityanand10:03 AM

    When you get a headache, apply pressure to the pressure point where the bones of your thumb and index finger connect. Its easy to find.. Press hard for as along as you can, and as you do, you will notice the headache fade away.. This almost always works for me and whoever else i tell. I actually read this in a magazine for campers, cause when your camping, you dont always have pain releving drugs.

  23. Anonymous10:25 AM

    Have someone pull your hair by starting slowly at the back of the neck and grabbing as much hair in two fistfuls close to the scalp.
    Pull for 3 seconds and release, slowly working your way up to the forehead, releasing and grabbing the next batch of hair with both hands and so on.
    Then work backwards along the sides of the head to the rear.
    This will alleviate pain for about 10 minutes.

  24. Nitin9:19 AM

    In case nagging headache is troubling you, better apply a pack of crushed ice wrapped in a cotton handkerchief on the neck and forehead; if the ice is not available, dip your feet in the water for sometime and it will help you to overcome this pin of headache.

  25. Trivikram5:38 PM

    Take a long hot shower if possible - the steam will de-clog you and clear your head a little. Ideally, you should go jogging for 10 minutes, then take the shower - you'll be fine after that.

  26. Parashuram4:36 PM

    Scalp Massage: To soothe that aching head, try massaging your scalp with your fingertips as if you were washing your hair. You may also try placing a natural-bristle hairbrush at your temple, just above the eyebrow, and slowly move it toward the back of your head in slow circles. This massage helps ease tension and bring relief.

  27. Take 5 Leaves of Ghiraita,5 Leaves of Neem leaves, 10 Leaves of Tulsi, 5 Leaves of Lemon Grass and 10-15 Leaves of Black pepper
    Mix all, boil & strain, add sugar to taste. Take half cup 3 times a day

  28. Amaranath11:15 AM

    Squeeze your ears.
    There are pressure points all along your ears just like your feet. It's called auricular therapy.
    I had a migraine once, went in for treatment with the little pulse probe for 20 min and went home and painted my house.
    Since you obviously don't have the pulse thing, you just use your forefinger and thumb to squeeze al along your ear. When you find a tender spot, stop and gently rub to a count of 15.
    You could also have someone massage your neck, shoulders and back.

  29. Shalini4:27 PM


  30. A dark room with no light. Apart from that, think about my painful knee and it will take your mind off your headache!

  31. Deepti6:21 PM

    Thank you for all the tips, especially for curing headaches, i am going to try it soon, luckily i may not have to wait that long !!!

  32. Devendra6:08 PM

    stress. over crabbing the head with facts or dreams. also weather. there is many ways to get a headache. also music can lead to that

  33. drink water normally when people get headaches its because they did not get the amount of liquid there body needs.

  34. Take 5 grams of fresh peppermint and boil it in 1 cup of water with a pinch of salt. When drunk, it relieve toothaches, as well as good for other types of pain also like headaches.

  35. Anonymous8:54 AM

    When you get a headache, apply pressure to the pressure point where the bones of your thumb and index finger connect. Its easy to find.. Press hard for as along as you can, and as you do, you will notice the headache fade away.. This almost always works for me and whoever else i tell. I actually read this in a magazine for campers, cause when your camping, you dont always have pain reliving drugs.

  36. Anonymous9:26 AM

    If you have a head ache squeeze your finger between your other finger, right between the thumb and pointer finger about one inch from the edge of your skin, hold for 1-3 minutes and slowly release and your headache will realize with it. :) Remember you haven't found the pressure point between you fingers until you feel a pain there when you squeeze, once you got the pain, hold! :) Enjoy free natural help.

  37. Chakrapani10:10 AM

    Cannabis is the best natural remedy

  38. Anonymous9:56 AM


  39. Anonymous9:18 AM

    Take both hands and put them behind your head and place your fingers on the muscles of your neck. Apply a moderate pressure with them and hold it there.
    Now relax, take a deep breath and exhale and don't tense up any part of your body. After 30 seconds slowly lower your head until your neck is fully extended. Remove the pressure but hold your head there for one minute longer.

  40. unknown9:29 AM

    This will definitely cure it if you actually do it. I'm sure you don't have to do every single one of these, but they're all ways to get rid of a headache. Do all the body cleanses, drink apple cidder vinegar, do not ever consume any artificial sweeteners, reduce stress, acupuncture, alphabiotics, chiropractic adjustments. Really, hope this helps because it should

  41. Anonymous6:12 PM

    when I had that headache I put pressure whit my knuckles all over where I field the pain try it !

  42. unknown3:37 PM

    Place your hands behind your head and put your fingers on the muscles on your neck. Press a moderate pressure onto them and hold it. Now relax, take a deep breath and exhale and don’t tense up any part of your body. After 30 seconds, slowly lower your head until your neck is fully extended. Then release the pressure but hold your head there for one minute longer.
    Maybe do it twice to get all the pain.

  43. Dr Roopa9:37 AM

    Put a pinch of salt on your tongue, wait a minute for it to dissolve, and then drink about 8 ounces of water.

  44. Satish9:39 AM

    Try laying down in a dark quiet room, with a cold compress on your forehead.

  45. Anonymous10:27 AM

    Head ache symptoms
    abdominal pain,nausea or vomiting, throbbing headache, specific location of pain, associated “aura”, relief with sleep (headaches that awaken children, or early morning headaches, are probably not migraines – -they might be signs of a brain tumor)

  46. most headaches are primarily caused by muscle tension around the neck and shoulders. After a while of being tense, nerves become irritated and cause a variety of symptoms. I suggest getting this checked out by a doctor... always remeber though, whichever doctor you go to, they will just tell you what they know or what they've been taught in med school. So if you go to a physician, they'll probably prescribe drugs. If you go to a chiro, they'll talk about nerve pinching. If you go to a neurologist, they'll probably suggest surgery. So trust your body, it'll tell you how to heal yourself

  47. Surya8:14 AM

    Drink green tea and sleep

  48. Shruti4:17 PM

    White willow bark contains the chemical contained in aspirin, and is great for minor pain, such as headache.

  49. Shilpa9:35 AM

    place your right hand over your head onto your neck muscle along the vertebrae on the left side of the neck and press and hold for a couple minutes, then do the other side the same, see if that helps.

  50. unknown8:27 AM

    Lemon Balm relieves the tension which is also a precipitating factor of Headaches. Boil 5 to 8 Lemon balm leaves in a cup of water.Strain and drink the filtrate,twice daily for two days.The symptoms of headaches are resolved in an hour.

  51. Ganesh8:27 AM

    Some head ache are caused my minor dehydration. Crink some water and get a bit of rest. A wet towel on your forehead help sometimes too.

  52. Chaitanya8:53 AM

    Eat more foods rich in this vitamin ie ~ fish, lean meats, whole wheat products, brewer's yeast, liver, eggs, roasted peanuts, the white meat of poultry, avocadoes, dates, figs and prunes ~ a handfull of steamed chicken does the trick for me when i have a cracking headache♥

  53. Pooja8:43 AM

    Do Bhastrika Pranayam(Deep Breathing) for 20 times for instance relief from Headache/Migraine Recommended for 5 minutes.

  54. Abhishek8:45 AM

    Dont work on computers/PDA/iPhones for more than 6 hours a day. If you have to work long hours take breaks after 1or 2 hours. put water in your eyes.

  55. Anonymous9:42 AM

    headaches, migraines, muscle twitching and cramping, constipation, bloating, achy bones, insomnia ........ and even slight chest pains .... celery and other greens are rich in calcium and magnesium and all those symptoms are indicative of a deficiency in calcium and magnesium.

  56. inhaling pure organic lavender oil a couple of sniffs to relieve stress and tension
    ~ inhaling pure peppermint oil a couple of sniffs to relieve headaches

  57. Sanjeera9:19 AM

    You need to lay down in a cool dark room and relax and hope fully it will go away soon.

  58. Sumedha10:37 AM

    For severe headaches, fast with juice and green drinks, and take herb laxatives (cascara sagrada or senna).

  59. Sandeep3:33 PM

    Usually headaches can be linked to stress and energy levels. If you have had a traumatic event and youre not sleeping well, then it may be to blame for your headaches. You shouldn't be too worried and know that they will probably ease up soon. Try to get well rested. If they don't get better after a while you should probably see a doctor, as it may be something more serious

  60. Abhay4:04 PM

    A sinus headache usually occurs in the morning hours immediately after you wake up and can last till the evening.
    A sudden change in weather conditions are also know to cause sinus related headaches.
    Sinus headache can also be felt usually after a prolonged episode of nasal congestion, common cold or influenza.

    For patients with chronic sinus infection, sudden movements of the head can also cause dizziness, pain and headache.

  61. Dr. RAVIKIRAN10:04 AM

    Try having a cup of coffee .caffeine constricts blood vessels and is an ingredient in many pain relievers.In fact, studies show that having a cup of coffee or tea can boost the pain-relieving powers of aspirin and other such products by about one-third.

  62. Anonymous10:06 AM

    The most common cause of headaches are constipation and liver malfunction,
    For those prone to headaches, TAKE twice-daily doses of apple-spinach juice for its gentle laxative qualities. "Mix one ounce of spinach juice into eight ounces of apple juice, and you'll never taste the spinach,Once constipation has been cleared up, Dr. Campanelli advises getting the liver moving with a blend of 8 ounces of carrot juice, 1 ounce of beet juice, 4 ounces of celery juice and 1/2 to 1 ounce of parsley juice.
    Drinking this juice once or twice a day helps the liver filter out toxins more effectively, resulting in fewer headaches,

  63. Anonymous9:47 AM

    Feel the top ridge of your eye socket under the eyebrow. You will discover a small groove in your skull about the center of the top of the eye socket. In this groove is a nerve which is very sensitive to pressure. If you compress this nerve, it will be very painful. However, the pain will stimulate the pituitary to release endorphins immediately. The endorphins are the body's own natural painkillers and are more powerful than morphine.
    bullet To stimulate the nerve, push hard against it for about 10 seconds.
    bullet Lean your head over and hit the back of it with medium pressure.
    bullet Repeat about 20 times and then rest to see if enough endorphin was released to stop the headache.

  64. Shreya9:48 AM

    Massage the ears and ear lobes.
    bullet Similar in concept to the endorphin release - nerve stimulation through acupressure can offer some relief of symptoms.

  65. Anmol9:56 AM

    Blend together one ripe banana, some fresh watermelon juice and a few drops of Tabasco sauce. Sit back and rub a cut lime on your forehead as you sip your smoothie.

  66. Anonymous9:49 AM

    Put your hands alongside your head so your thumbs are on the front of the muscle under your ear and your fingers are on the back of the muscle behind your neck. Squeeze your thumb and fingers together and hold. Relax your body. When your fingers and thumb touch, about two minutes, slowly lower your head as far as you can, release the pressure but hold your neck lowered for another 30 seconds.
    For best results relax your body first by taking a deep breath and exhaling then remain this relaxed.

  67. The leaves of pepper are applied to ulcers and headaches.

  68. Roopa8:49 AM

    magnesium oil applied topically, magnesium, feverfew, remove chemicals

  69. Anonymous12:31 PM

    A migraine is a traumatic experience, which the sufferer usually hates to recall. It is an intense, throbbing pain affecting one or both sides of the head. A migraine episode may last for a few hours or may extend for days; some are so severe that it incapacitates the sufferers, leaving them bed-ridden.Visiting a neurologist is not a bad idea for people who suffer from headache. This would help to rule out other conditions, such as stroke or retinal artery thrombosis that produce similar symptoms.

  70. Anonymous9:41 AM

    headaches are caused my thinking to hard and aggravating the blood vessels in your brain, not enough water, not enough food (sugar or fat), not enough sleep, no breakfast, slouching
    acupuncture can helps with headaches. look up acupuncture for headaches

  71. Massage your forehead, right about your eyebrows. Relax, get out of a bright room or a loud tv, take a warm bath. Otherwise aspirin or advil is your only other solution...

  72. Anonymous10:46 AM

    If you want to get rid of your headaches you have to free up the muscles that cause them, tight neck muscles. Your neck muscles go to the top of your head and when they are tight at the top they pull on other muscles that go around your head. When they get tight and go into pain you have your headache. to get rid of the headache you have to free up your neck muscles and here's how to do that:
    Put your hands alongside your head so your thumbs are on the front of the muscle under your ear and your fingers are on the back of the muscle behind your neck. Squeeze your thumb and fingers together and hold. Relax your body. When your fingers and thumb touch, about two minutes, slowly lower your head as far as you can, release the pressure but hold your neck lowered for another 30 seconds. If any pain remains repeat this step.
    For best results relax your body first by taking a deep breath and exhaling then remain this relaxed.

  73. Anonymous4:15 PM

    Frequent breaks.
    20 minutes studying with 5-10 mins break is recommended, use that break to walk around and do the complete opposite of reading or staring at a screen.

  74. Melissa4:24 PM

    How do you get most of these ingredients. I've never heard of them but would love to try them. I have migraines just about every day and have tried about every med. on the market- nothing works, so I'm going the herbal way...I just need some help with these things I've never heard of!:)

  75. Srinivas9:43 AM

    drink the mixture of 200 ml spinach juice + 300 ml carrot juice daily on an empty stomach
    Eat anything only after an hour afterwords.

  76. Damini9:45 AM

    In the morning on an empty stomach,you must sit cross legged on a woollen mat,in an open place where there is adequate greenery.Then he must do deep breathing(abdominal breathing) so that you get destressed.Do it 20 times in the starting
    If constipated,eat lots of raw fruits and vegetable in your daily diet,including high fibre foods like oats,whole grain cereals,etc

  77. Alwin9:46 AM

    At the onset of the migraine one should masturbate. This carries the blood and the pressure away from the site of the migraine.

  78. Gopal9:38 AM

    Headaches may occur if you have a cold, the flu, fever

  79. Keep a headache diary to help identify the source or trigger of your symptoms. Then modify your environment or habits to avoid future headaches.

  80. Anonymous9:40 AM

    A headache may be relieved by resting with your eyes closed and head supported. Relaxation techniques can help. A massage or heat applied to the back of the upper neck can be effective in relieving tension headaches.

  81. Anonymous9:50 AM

    The following healthy habits can lessen stress and reduce your chance of getting headaches:
    Getting adequate sleep Eating a healthy diet
    Exercising regularly Stretching your neck and upper body, especially if your work involves typing or using a computer Learning proper posture Quitting smoking Learning to relax using meditation, deep breathing, yoga, or other techniques
    Wearing proper eyeglasses, if needed

  82. Applying warm paste of dry ginger prepared with raw milk over forehead is also helpful.

  83. Shravani9:25 AM

    Try drinking some water and putting a cold compress on your forehead.

  84. Ratan9:27 AM

    Massage and exercise in front of morning sun is good thing, pl try.

  85. Swasti9:29 AM

    herbal remedy- two drops of drumstick leaves' juice in opposite nostril if one side pains and both nostrils if full H/A will give you rescue. Betel leaf helps but it is very strong.

  86. Anonymous9:35 AM

    f it is acute pl search a painful point (with round tipped pen/jimmy) 3-6 mm behind your thumb nail and press it, H/A will disappear within 30 seconds.For forehead/eye pain the points are in front of nails on the finger tips or 3-7 mm below.

  87. Narahari9:15 AM

    Head massage helps to relieve headaches

  88. Subhendu9:28 AM

    Eat anything salty in large quantity like chips, fries if you feel the slightest hint of the headache.

  89. Surekha9:30 AM

    Drink coffee!

  90. . Want to avoid a hangover or terrible headache? Eat a few cucumber slices before going to bed and wake up refreshed and headache free. Cucumbers contain enough sugar, B vitamins and electrolytes to replenish essential nutrients the body lost, keeping everything in equilibrium, avoiding both a hangover and headache!!

  91. Sit in a cool dark room with no noise is best, and will speed up the recovery. A cool cloth placed on your forehead may help control nausea, vomiting, and provide some relief from the pain.

  92. Mahadevi8:51 AM

    One drop of clove oil applied to the roof of the mouth can instantly relieve many headaches.

  93. Soumya8:54 AM

    my mother would slice raw potatoes on a white piece of cotton, sprinkle it with pepper and apply to the forehead for an hour or more . It works great .

  94. Lay down somewhere quiet and turn the lights off
    You might also want to try massaging your temples or just pressing your fingers against your temples applying steady pressure

  95. Anonymous8:14 AM

    By taking a tonic of apple cider vinegar made by mixing 2 or 3 teaspoons of ACV in an 8 ounce glass of water and drinking this before or during each meal.

  96. Suhasini8:15 AM

    Take a cloth and dip it in warm water, squeeze and apply on your forehead. Close your eyes and rest for a while.

  97. Shrishant8:25 AM

    Don’t overdo the pain pills.
    Lying down and closing your eyes for half an hour or more may be one of the best treatments for a bad headache,Cut down on caffeine.
    Don’t let the sun shine in. Think pleasant thoughts,Start a program of regular exercise AND
    Rise and retire at the same time every day.

  98. Gopal4:50 PM

    relieve headaches by calming your mind. Breathing Exercises and Meditation can also provide relief.

  99. Acupuncture works

  100. For migraine headaches, Aromatherapy has been found effective. Certain odours such as those of Eucalyptus, Lavender, Peppermint etc., relieves migraine headaches

  101. Bhavya10:52 AM

    chew a bit of bee honey comb for at least 15 minutes 5 times daily; Relief is usually found on the first day. This treatment should be followed for at least 10 days to avoid a relapse.

  102. Acupressure therapy here.if you press the area behind your palm between your thumb and the index finger, your head ache will be relieved in seconds and surprisingly it works(not or migraine though!).

  103. Abhijit9:58 AM

    Applying paste made up of dried Amla powder with Kumkum, Neelkamal and rose-water cures headache. Applying paste of Juice of 2 to 3 Amla or its pulp mixed with little rose water and 3 to 4 pieces of kesar (saffron) in it-on the affected part for 15 mts. relieves the pain of migraine.

  104. Jayanti9:31 AM

    Basil makes a good medicine for headache. A decoction of the leaves can be given for this disorder. Pounded leaves mixed with sandalwood paste can also be applied on the forehead for getting relief from heat, headache, and for providing coolness in general.

  105. Thanks for all the suggestions that I read. I would jot all these down and see what works. I get an awful lot of migraines in the summer time.

  106. Health Expert2:42 PM

    the goji berry can also help relieve headaches

  107. Very well explained about headache. Its really useful. Thanks for writting such nice and informative and useful article. Treatment are really helpful.
    I generlly meet doctor if the problem is severe other than I do Yoga and meditation to avoid all stress related problem.Everyday morning I start my day with yoga then light few Cycle incense sticks and start meditating. Yoga and meditation helps a lot for the people who is suffering in chronic headache. Try and let me know if it is useful.

  108. sarita3:33 PM

    rub your forehead and take deep breaths
    Take a hot shower and let the hot water run on your forehead and the back of your head. This will help relieve the constricted blood vessels in your head that may be causing your headache.

  109. Raveena2:37 PM

    Try meditation or gentle deep breaths at night before sleep and first thing upon waking.Helps to de-stress,moderate blood flow,reduce anxiety.Drink large glass of warm water first thing in the morning and a few during the day.Remember to take same gentle deep breaths during the day to prevent anxiety build up.


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