Cleaning your hands

You may be washing your hands at odd moments during the day, whenever they are dirty or you may be applying soap on them and washing them during bathing but this is not the same thing as cleaning them. The care of your hands should also be a part of your daily beauty routine, because hands reveal a lot. Neglected worn out, wrinkled hands will make you look older than what you actually are. You should shower the same kind of attention on your hands as you do to your face.

Every night you should wash your hands with soap; scrub the nails, cuticles and knuckles, whiz over the hard bits with pumice stone. While many aestheticians advise you to push the cuticle back  in order to keep your nails in a good shape, it certainly isn't a healthy habit says Dr Schultz of DermTV.   This can even result in an yeast or a bacterial infection, the same yeast that causes vaginal infection and it may take months to heal, warns he.

However if your fingers have been stained due to some reason, rub a cut lemon over them. (also check Get rid of stains on fingers and nails with these simple DIY aids from the kitchen)  Rinse well and clean.

For a light hair growth over the hands, you may clean it while bathing. Gently rub a pumice stone over the hands in circular motions. Don’t rub hard and injure your skin. Make this a part of your daily routine and you will soon have smooth hands. For a denser hair growth, go in for periodic bleaching at a beauty salon. Attempt to do waxing at home only if you know the correct method. Waxing not only reduces hair growth in the long run but also ensures clean and smooth hands.

Pay attention to your elbows. These are often neglected and appear dark and rough. Rub a cut lemon on the elbows to lighten the color of the skin and move a pumice stone over them gently in circular motions to remove their roughness.

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  1. Jatin2:45 PM

    Washing hands frequently is essential, too.

  2. Kailas5:13 PM

    Washing my hands often has kept me healthy for many years. But don't use anti-bacterial !! Natural soap is best. Antibacterial can do more harm than good.


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