Fix torn nails at home

The most useful techniques for fixing torn or split nails quickly are by gluing and patching and you can do this at home.
Place torn section together; then apply nail glue sparingly using a toothpick. To seal peeling layers back together apply a drop on the damaged area and spread out with a manicure stick. Make sure the hands are clean and the nail in question is perfectly free from polish before you glue. Keep glue away from the rest of the hands because it is very strong and can seal fingers together.
If the tear is big, then cover the damaged area with a piece of plastic or paper and attach it with nail glue or liquid nail adhesive. After, mending, apply polish to the nail to conceal the patch.
Don’t bite
Bitten nails look frightful. The best cure for this grubby habit is will power.
Polishing up
Polish protects nails by giving them an extra, strengthening layer and even a colorless polish finishes off hands nicely but constant use of nail polish isn’t advisable. Nails need to breathe, so give nails a rest from polish occasionally.
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  1. unknown12:03 PM

    If glue gets in your eyes or mouth, seek medical attention immediately. Do not use glue containing cyanoacrylate to attach artificial nails.

  2. Sarita9:51 AM

    just get some crazy glue and spread a thin layer across the break. Wait until it grows out and then file the breakage down.


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