Skin care in the 40s

Today women in their 40s feel much younger and vibrant than their earlier generation. The 40s today reflects the age when women are in their most independent and confident self.

This is also the time when you will regret if you ever had these habits in your youth- overexposure to the sun, poor diet, squinting, smoking, attending late-night parties etc. because you will start looking much older than you actually are. On the other hand if you had followed all the good skin care habits along with a proper diet and exercise regimen in your 20s and 30s it will show up on your skin, making you look years younger.

But it is true that things start slowing down. Cell production decreases, pigmentation becomes uneven and skin begins to lose its elasticity. The skin cannot repair itself, as it used to do earlier. As a result fine lines start appearing around the eyes and laugh lines also get deeper. Now you should give a proper treatment to the skin with vitamin E based creams as it will stimulate the cells and increase the collagen production. Use a rich under-eye cream at night to keep the lines away; don’t rub your eyes, as these can stretch your delicate skin. Also remember to include your neck in everything that you do right from facials, moisturizers, sunscreen to night cream. Investing on good skin-care products rather than cosmetics would be a wiser decision at this point of time.

At this stage, you need to take special care of your diet for a youthful look. Now liquid food like soups and juice will be better than cereals. Include lots of green vegetables, salads and fruits in your daily diet. Drink plenty of water to protect your skin from dryness. It will also keep your system clean which is very important for a glowing skin. Exercising in fresh air helps you to pump up circulation and oxygen supply to the skin. Stretching, walking, yoga and pranayama are ideal.
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  1. Anonymous9:47 AM

    Good skin care is essential for a youthful looking skin and face, and your facial "health" depends on it, as much as you need collagen and elastin for a smooth skin you also need adequate moisture in your skin. Men and women must both not only take care of their skin to remain younger looking, but also to ensure the continued health of their skin. A good skin care regimen need not take hours every day, but must be attended to every day, without fail

  2. Sudha9:56 AM

    Good skincare is important, but good nutrition is also required for a healthy ageless, smooth and wrinkle-free skin. Supplying the body with the needed vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins and fats, in a healthy non-toxic diet, will greatly improve the odds at fighting wrinkles and lines.

  3. unknown11:16 AM

    Most of us do not realize how important the skin is to our health. Our skin is just not a cover to our body. In fact, it is a cloak that shields our internal organs from the elements like bacteria, chemicals and the sun's powerful rays and regulates our body’s heat and signals pain to protect us against injury.Skin care is one of the most overlooked aspects of health and well-being. Healthy skin is the ticket to look young. Healthy skin is where beauty begins and the beauty of the skin starts from inside your body! Great skin is something that nearly everyone can cultivate

  4. Ranjita11:02 AM

    Great post my friend !
    Everyone will have a confusion in choosing their makeup for each ages. But you made it easy.

  5. As the skin all over your body loses elasticity, it can also become wrinkled, show cellulite more visibly, and begin to sag with old age. However, most of these conditions can be slowed or prevented through the implementation of a thorough skincare regimen.

  6. eating and drinking is a HUGE factor and the daily recommended amount of water a day is 2-3 bottles. definitely try to eat fruits and veggies to replace the bad food you'd usually have. exercise at least once a week for about an hour. this will really affect the way your skin looks. vitamin a, c, and e really help your skin look fresh and make sure you moisturize your face. getting a good amount of sleep always contributes too.

  7. Nadira3:57 PM

    Foundation is a must over 40 as it helps in concealing small problems that have turned up.
    After 40, one has to change makeup a little. Tone down some colors. Use a cream blush instead of a dry blush. In short, start life anew. You are worth it!

  8. Anonymous9:37 AM

    Your natural skin care treatment should contain CynergyTK. Never go without this as this is the ingredient that can wake up your skin and help improve its production of healthy collagen and elastin. CynergyTK is your ally in firming up loose skin and warding off the development of wrinkles.Women at the age of 35 should also protect their hyaluronic acid content as this is the age that we lose hyaluronic acid rapidly. It is imperative to safeguard hyaluronic acid because this promotes a healthier and younger-looking skin.

  9. Anonymous9:01 AM

    avoid smoking to avoid the blackening of the lips.
    Do not consume in more alcohol.
    Do not use the soap that you use on your body to your face. Soaps not specifically manufactured for the skin on your face imbalances the pH balance and removes off the natural oils required for the pH maintenance and balance. This may cause the current skin conditions worse.
    avoid using body lotions or petroleum jelly on the face which may cause blockage of the skin pores..
    avoid using skin care products containing harsh chemicals, which causes further damage to your skin.

  10. Shambhavi12:06 PM

    exercise,drink lots of water,a healthy diet,no alcohol these are essiontial


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