Strengthening weak nails

Nails which are brittle and break easily can be very irksome, as it takes months together to make them grow to a reasonable size again. Unfortunately, most people injure their nails while cooking, gardening, washing up, etc. As a result, the nails become weak and break easily. Drinking too much alcohol, calcium deficiency, lack of zinc in the body, damage to the liver etc. leads to weakening of the nails.

Toughening weak fingernails can be quite harrowing. If you have weak nails keep them short and square shaped. Make sure you trim your nails often, especially after a long bath or after soaking them in water for 15 minutes. Nails tend to weaken and peel when they are dry. You could even try moisturizing them at night using Vaseline and wearing cotton gloves. Avoid direct contact with detergents, by wearing rubber gloves, when washing up.

Apply a nail hardener or a colorless nail varnish to give extra protection and hardness. However, avoid products which contain chemicals which cause redness or irritate the skin. Often, nail problems occur due to over exposure to nail polish removers. Therefore, women should ensure that they do not use removers more than twice a month. If you need to remove any traces of nail polish which make the nails look ugly, use those that contain some percentage of acetone. These are less harmful and help dry nails.

When your nails split or chip, repair them with nail glue or clear nail polish. Read Fix torn nails at home. Be sure to include proteins and calcium in your diet. A diet which consists of meat, fish, cheese, milk, cream and eggs will strengthen your nails.
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  1. Anonymous10:55 AM

    You may just have thin nails.
    Try a strengthening nail polish. Normally they're clear and you just put it on twice a week or so and it helps strengthen them. I know that the one in the dark green bottle (Sorry I don't remember what its called) works really well and you just have to fallow the directions on the back of the bottle

  2. Vikas8:47 AM

    Drink fresh carrot juice as often as possible as it is rich in calcium and phosphorus and good for strengthening your nails.

  3. Smriti8:24 AM

    Soaking in water weakens the polish. Nails absorb water when they are soaked. Think of it like untreated, painted wood. The swelling and shrinking make it hard for the polish to adhere to the entire surface. So keep those manicures out of the dishwater! Alternatively, soak hands and feet before removing polish to make the process easier.

  4. Your article was posted @ THC this week.

    Thanks. Abi

  5. Uttara7:59 AM

    MMMMmmmm these sounds amazing

  6. Vinaya4:05 PM

    Diet rich in vitamins A, E & Biotin makes nails stronger. Vitamin A can be found in green, yellow and orange vegetables, while good sources of vitamin E include nuts and leafy green vegetables. Biotin is a B vitamin found in eggs, almonds, soybeans and sweet potatoes.

  7. Mohan5:06 PM

    My husband says that since he has been taking Vitamins B6 and B12 his nails are fine

    1. Anonymous8:13 AM

      Yes, B-12!!! I have always had weak nails until I started taking B-12 for added energy. Amazing stuff! It helps with moods and depression as well. No more Prozac for me.

  8. Deepa5:11 PM

    Evening primrose and fish oil work wonders too. A dose of 1000mg a day of each for around three months stops nails breaking.

  9. Lakshmi5:15 PM

    Another, much easier way to strengthen nails is to drink Knox gelatin. Even eating Jello on a regular basis will help. It has some of the same ingredients.

  10. Vidya5:22 PM

    I found that I was anemic, which led to brittle, splitting nails. Make sure to get enough iron in your diet!!

  11. Shanti9:43 AM

    Wear rubber gloves during washing dishes or cleaning very tough work.

  12. The best way to give yourself stronger nails is to take a silica supplement from your local pharmacy. This is because silica is the strengthing agent in nails (not calcium like many people belive)
    Also to prevent bruises on your nails (white patches), increase your iron and vitamin c levels.

  13. Rajat8:29 AM

    Drink more water, at least 1.5 liters a day. When properly hydrated, the nail plate (the hard part of your finger nail) will become smoother. You can also use nail polish and a special file to make your nails look smoother and shinier.

  14. Rajeshwari8:29 AM

    White spots on the nails are very common. It is a myth that these spots indicate calcium deficiency or zinc deficiency.

  15. Anonymous8:30 AM

    Brittleness may be caused by:
    - repeatedly wetting and drying the nails
    - repeated exposure to harsh detergents
    - exposure to harsh solvents, for instance those in nail polish remover.
    It may be worth wearing protective gloves when washing dishes and doing other chores. Massage your nails once a day with olive oil. And with regard toenail polish remover, choose a gentle brand that is kind to your nails.

  16. Bharat8:32 AM

    Never tear off hangnails, as doing so can result in ripping living tissue. Instead clip hangnails off while leaving a slight angle outward.

  17. Christina4:03 PM

    Well-groomed nails are important. Keep your nails clean with a good quality nail sweep. Maintain a balance with nail length -- neither too short nor too long. Use a file for the outline and a shield to level defects, if any.

  18. Anonymous9:53 AM

    -tapping your nails (while it may be annoying) will actually make them grow faster.
    -pushing your cuticles back
    -take gelatin supplements
    -Cutting your nails instead of filling can make your nails grow faster
    -DON’T BITE THEM (this is the worst thing to do!!!)
    -Drink lots of milk
    -Don’t pick at them!!
    - NutraNail Green Tea formula that helps your nails grow longer and stronger.
    -Vitamin D makes your nails longer and stronger
    -Buy a nail buffer (you can get a few good, but not expensive, one from Sally Hanson) this will simulate nail growth!
    -Some nail polishes can MAKE YOUR NAILS GROW FASTER!If it is bleeding or starts to sting put some disinfectant spary on it so it does not get infected!

  19. Rathod10:15 AM

    Soak thin, brittle nails and ragged cuticles in a small cup of olive oil to soften, smooth and strengthen them.

  20. Sharayu10:09 AM

    i use olive oil on my nail, and it make them strong ang grow quicker

  21. Tulasi10:09 AM

    A healthy, balanced diet is the first step to consider when treating the nails.

  22. Abhilasha8:58 AM

    The cucumber salad is also prescribed for falling hair and the splitting of nails.

  23. Veeru8:31 AM

    Vitamin D affects nail strength and growth. I recommend taking Vitamin D supplements which they sell at every drugstore and probably wal-mart.

  24. Nandeesh8:32 AM

    You can use a clear nail polish to strengthen your nails but the very best way is to up your calcium intake. Orange caci trim milk and low fat yogurts still have a good level of calcium and you can take a supplement which I have done and this does strengthen nails, bones and teeth.

  25. Saipriya8:33 AM

    Well this means that you seriously need vitamins. This happened to me too, whenever I tried to grow long nails, they'd end up breaking! I took some vitamins that promote hair skin and nail growth and it worked!

  26. Varsha9:32 AM

    What i have learned is to try your best to leave them alone. Also file them down before they get too long. it doesn't bend or weaken your nails

  27. Basanti9:34 AM

    r nails turned orange ,It means your nails are damaged, or you left the polish on for too long. I suggest you try nail strengthening treatments.

  28. If you do your nails a lot, they may be weak from all the peeling and tough nail polish removers. Treat your digits by mixing a tablespoon of olive oil and a few drops of lemon juice and rub the liquid right onto your fingernails. It's best to do this treatment at night, but if you wear gloves after applying the mixture it will penetrate your nails even better.


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