Coloring your hair-remember these points

If you want to color your hair then remember these points:

  • First coloring should be done by expert hands. Consult a beautician about the color choice. A contrasting hair color clashes with your skin tone and eye color. Since black hair is more prevalent in Indians, chestnut brown color (reddish brown) and caramel (light brown) are perfect to tint either totally or in streaks.
  • Always buy a good hair color from a reputed company. Do not go for cheap brand which can damage your hair and skin.
  • Always read the instructions carefully.
  • Consult the sensitivity test to check if your are allergic to that brand. If allergic symptoms like reddening, itching, rash or swelling occur, do not use it. Try another brand.
  • If you are on medication do not use color at all.
  • If your hair has been dyed, hennaed or bleached wait till the color fades before you use hair color.
  • If you have boils, wounds or scratches on your scalp, this should heal before you attempt to use hair color.
  • Apply uniformly from root to top with firm steady strokes of the color brush. Learn the correct technique from a beauty expert.
  • While swimming, use a cap and rinse out hair immediately after the swim to remove salt and chlorine deposits.
  • Do not perm or straighten the hair after it has been colored, for the chemicals and strong brushing will affect the color. Perm or straighten before you use hair color.

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  1. Shridevi3:59 PM

    all those coloring chemicals can be so hurtful to your hair , try using natural henna for coloring your hair or even to highlight it

  2. Sahana4:04 PM

    Sometimes if your hair is very fine then color will actually make it nice since it will fatten up the hair shaft. Especially if you choose to use good products on your color treated hair.

  3. To make your coloring to last longer, rinse your hair in lemon based solution immediately after dyeing.

  4. I have been thinking about colouring my hair. I never had it coloured before.
    Thanks for the tips.

  5. now that sounds like good advice.. though i don’t really plan on dyeing my hair, i’m sure those who are, will find that really helpful.

  6. Falon9:39 AM

    If you have super pale skin and brown hair, consider going lighter.


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