Should you fast sometimes?

Do you have the habit of fasting occasionally, that is, once in a month, or so? Then there is good news for you. You might be doing it to give rest to your already overburdened digestive system or as a customary religious practice, but you will stand to gain by this. Results from a recent survey have shown that those who fast for full 24 hours in a month have a lower risk of heart diseases. This bit of news should goad at least a few Indians, if not all, to go on a fast once in a while. As studies have shown, Indians, have a genetic predisposition of heart attacks, this risk being further enhanced by today’s sedentary lifestyle and consumption of unhealthy, junk food. Alarming statistics have revealed that nowadays people as young as 30 are falling prey to heart diseases. Only fasting once in a month might not reduce your overall risk-factor. You have to correct your erratic lifestyle, eat healthy food and exercise regularly also. So make amends before it is too late.

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  1. Fasting is another instrument for bringing us closer to our natural state, our state of Fitrah and for cleansing this state from the dross of any disobedience and corruption.

  2. It is an opportunity to fine tune the body and shed it of obesity and sloth, and to benefit from any therapeutic effects fasting may have.

  3. food expert12:06 PM

    A juice fast provides your body with a much needed rest to detox. Approximately 30% of our daily energy goes towards the digesting of food. By juicing, the body does not need to digest anything is able to put that vital energy to work by removing plaque on the arteries and eliminating toxins from the organs.
    If a person has not detoxed in any way before, they may be startled at how the body reacts. The sheer magnitude of toxins will suddenly want to make a run for it. It’s not just the intestines that remove waste but the skin and lungs are two major organs that will release toxins.


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