Hibiscus hair oil

Are you losing sleep over hair problems like premature graying, excessive hair-loss and split ends? Raving and ranting over your misfortune or indulging in self-pity isn’t going to take you anywhere. As a matter of fact, constant worry, stress and its byproduct insomnia can worsen your problems. Instead, work towards finding a solution the herbal way. For centuries, several herbs, flowers and herbal oils have been used successfully to restore the grandeur of the crowning glory. Quite a few of these herbs and flowers are in fact, right in front of you and staring at you from your garden just waiting for your green signal to offer their invaluable service. Go and grab them.

Amla (gooseberry), for instance is proven to work wonders in preventing and treating premature graying of hair. Aloe-oil promotes hair growth and prevents split ends. The herb ‘Brahmi(Asiatic pennywort)’ has a cooling effect on the scalp and prevents hair-loss. If you are losing hair excessively, then this herbal remedy with brahmi is for you. Hibiscus (jaswand) flowers for long have been used in hair packs and hair-oils to condition the hair and resolve the problems of premature graying and hair-loss. And in spite of all the care and attention or as a part of the inevitable, natural ageing process, if you do see a few grey strands here and there, then you can use this Home-made henna (mehendi) hair dye to streak them to a beautiful auburn color. So now that you have realized the goodness of herbs, here’s the procedure to prepare hibiscus hair oil at home.

Hibiscus hair oil

This age-old ayurvedic herbal oil using hibiscus flowers works wonders on your hair. Before using it, slightly warm it and massage it gently onto your scalp with your fingers. First, read the correct procedure of oiling your hair and massaging it.

The recipe:


600 gm coconut oil
200 gm fresh petals of red colored hibiscus
25 gms curry leaves
25 gms khaskhas (poppy seeds)
Tender coconut water


Pour 600 g coconut oil in a mud pot. Take the hibiscus petals, add milk and grind it into a paste. Likewise, grind separately, curry leaves with a little buttermilk and poppy seeds with tender coconut water. Add all the three pastes into the pot and heat on a low flame till the mixture loses its moisture content. Strain the concentrated oil in a container.


Once in a week, apply this oil and wash off, using either shikakai or gramflour (besan) or some of these dry shampoos. Also if you find it difficult to grab a peaceful shuteye each night, you might consider applying it daily on your scalp and then shampoo off the next morning. It has a soothing effect on your scalp and will ensure that you get sound sleep. This oil is recommended for use only under normal conditions, that is, when you are healthy and not suffering from sinus problems, asthma, cold or fever. It is a highly effective herbal hair oil.

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  1. Hi Beauty Banter, Welcome to my blog :)

  2. Anonymous5:05 PM

    Thanks for the post. That sounds like something I need!

  3. Anonymous7:37 PM

    pls can you tell me hot make shakakai oil at home,i want to do it my self , and can i use the pawder of the herb if i have it

  4. Hi Anonymous. I'm not aware of the exact method of preparing shikakai oil, but I think many shikakai enriched herbal oils are commercially available. You can however try adding shikakai powder, brahmi powder etc. to coconut oil and boil it over a low flame. Then after it cools off strain it and store it in a bottle. Hope this helps.

  5. Sharan9:58 AM

    Another super post! I didn't know the Hibiscus was such a useful plant.

  6. Aishwarya9:41 AM

    Hibiscus Flowers - Rich in Vitamin C. Has a cooling effect, and special hydrating and gentle exfoliating properties. Will turn your bath water a rose color.

  7. Avinash8:36 AM

    Gently rub coconut oil cultured with hibiscus flowers twice a week into the roots of the hair. This nourishes the roots and makes the hair strong, long and shiny.

  8. Anonymous10:05 AM

    For hair growth you can also rub your nails of your both hands together for 5 minutes twice a day. A healthy diet and less stress will also help a lot. You can also buy 'Kesh oil' for your hail as well.

  9. Vidya8:34 AM

    Curry leaves hair oil for premature graying.

  10. Vidita4:31 PM

    Hibiscus does help as a maintenance technique i.e as a preventive measure to stop hairloss by strengthening the hair-root. But once the problem has started, that may not be sufficient. You need better and more hard-working herbs like Saw Palmetto. saw Palmetto has been proven by research to make the hair stronger from the roots, arresting hair loss and even regrowing lost hair to some extent.

  11. Shweta8:24 AM

    For longer hair massage your hair with AWLA oil which will makes your hair longer , black and beautiful

  12. unknown9:28 AM

    Hey! It's all about the roots! Massage your scalp (I do mine while I shampoo and condition, in the shower). Here is a little list of things you can do:

    Here are some other hair growing tips:

    1. Eliminate or cut back on smoking, caffeine and carbonated sodas which weaken the body and block maximum hair growing potential.

    2. Eat a healthy diet. Avoid foods that are high in sugar or fat.

    3. Treat your hair like a piece of fine old lace. Treat it carefully avoiding any unnecessary brushing, combing or handling.

    4. Avoid use of hot water, hot blow dryers or other hair care tools that may stress the hair.

    5. Have a weekly scalp massage to provide stimulation to the hair follicles.

    6. Do a series of ongoing hot oil treatments to protect the hair's shaft.

    7. Have regular trims to eliminate split ends and allow the hair to look and feel healthier.

    8. Get plenty of rest and sleep to allow your body to grow hair.

  13. Anonymous8:46 AM

    There are several reasons for hair fall, ie., pollution, dandraff, moisture in scalp, iron deficiency, etc First check your scalp with a dermatologist then your hemoglobin count. If they are good, then go for the below option.
    Hibiscus oil may be allergic to some people, but can try. If you have more hair fall on applying it, then dont. Hibiscus can be used as a conditioner and it strenghthens the root of hair. The six petal hibiscus has to be used, may be leaves also.
    Paste: Take four to six hibiscus flowers with eight leaves, clean it with normal water, smash it with water or white part of uncooked egg until you get a thick paste. This helps your hair to glow and it strengthen your hair.
    Powder: Dry the skin of orange and lemon in shadow, powder it and add this to sekakai powder, use this as a shampoo for hairwash.
    Before hairwash apply pure coconut oil from scalp to tip for 10 to 15 minutes normally. Then take hair wash with the powered mentioned above.
    If you have time, apply the paste, mentioned above, to your hair, from scalp to tip, keep until it dry. Then take hairwash with the powder mentioned above.

  14. Smruti8:58 AM

    Take few buds of hibicus(especially white1's) just the day before they will bloom.
    Dip it in coconut oil & leave it for 3-to-4 days.then remove it off.
    Apply this oil regularly & u will notice the difference yourself.
    Also u can prepare a paste of leaves of hibiscus & apply to hair regularly.
    It make ur hair grow healthy.

  15. Sangeeta9:00 AM

    Hibiscus leaves are a great conditioner and gives smoothness and lusture to hair. Just make a paste of hibiscus leaves with water. You can use is after shampooing, or just mix with shikkakai paste and apply on your hair.

  16. Sarala9:01 AM

    Hibiscus has cooling effect and so don't keep it for too long. It might cause cold etc.
    In summer it is okay to soak in it for a while but in other seasons, either apply it just for 5-10 minutes before bath or mix it with shikakai or use it for a couple of minutes after shampooing.

  17. Sherlin8:36 AM

    Mix Shikakai powder with Amla and Reetha powder. Boil it for 5 min, then let it cool till it is warm. Now wash your hair with this mixture. Will give you a real shiny hairs. Or you can mix moisturizer with Amla and Shikakai powder, also add some drops of oil. Apply this mixture after hair wash. It acts as natural hair conditioner.

  18. Sanjana8:38 AM

    You can also use hibiscus essential oil as a scent for your bath.

  19. Chandrika3:28 PM

    Hibiscus does help as a maintenance technique i.e as a preventive measure to stop hairloss by strengthening the hair-root

  20. Jyotsna8:28 AM

    it is a good conditioner. take a few flowers, boil them for a few minutes in about 2 cups of water. cool the mix, strain it and apply on scalp and hair. wash it after 15 minutes.

  21. Pooja9:05 AM

    I am using Hibiscus hair oil for the past few months and hair is growing .


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