Home remedies for crow's feet

crow's feetOne fine morning, when you casually glance at your face in the mirror, you happen to see tiny wrinkles and fine lines forming at the outer corner of your eyes called crow’s feet and this can disturb you tremendously. 

Ageing and excessive dryness around the eye area need not necessarily be the only factors responsible for the formation of these crow’s feet. When you are expressing yourself with the eyes by smiling, the corner of the eyes wrinkle up character lines and over time they are etched permanently. 

Also, if most of the time you are out in the bright sun without protecting your eyes with suitable eyegear, chances are that you will be squinting. This repeated action also eventually causes crow’s feet. And these lines become more prominent when you laugh or grimace. 

Eyes, being the most expressive parts of the face and ‘windows to the soul’ are the first to be noticed by people. And getting dark circles or having premature wrinkles and crow’s feet around the eye area robs your eyes of a youthful appearance which in turn can damage your self-esteem.

Remedies suggested:

* Always wear sunglasses to avoid squinting and grimacing in the hot sun, thereby helping to prevent wrinkle formation in the delicate eye-area, and don’t forget to apply your sunscreen to that area too.

* Consider applying olive oil, almond oil or petroleum jelly gently on crow’s feet. Do not rub or tug your under eye skin, though.

* Application of papaya juice around that area for around 10-15 minutes will hydrate it; the ‘papain’ in it will slough off the dead cells and helps to prevent the formation of under eye wrinkles.

* You may also use this homemade eye cream around your under eye area regularly.

* Once in a week you might also consider applying egg-white around the crow-feet area, using a clean cotton ball. See it to it that it does not get into your eyes. Let it dry. However, don’t keep it on for more than 10-15 minutes and slowly remove it with another cotton ball soaked in warm water. Then wash it off completely, but gently, from your face. It will temporarily tighten your under eye skin and flatten the appearance of wrinkles.

* If the crow’s feet and wrinkles are deeply etched, there’s little you can do with home-remedies. You might then consider seeking recourse to botox as the last resort, that is, if you can afford it.

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  1. Anonymous11:25 AM

    I am 20. Also starting to notice the wrinkles. Use glycolic acid. It works wonderfully - it also gets rid of break outs. I recommend a glycolic acid peel (35%) (about 16 dollars on amazon) Or you can get a face wash with glycolic acid. (like HSN.com glycolic cleanser from serious skin care.)

    To prevent wrinkles use a high antioxidant like grape seed polyphenols. (found in Merlot grapeseed face lotion - sold at walgreens.)

    Or use something with retinol in it.

  2. Anonymous5:46 PM

    For lines and wrinkles near the eye,a Firming Eye Cream with glycosaminoglycans, palmitoyl pentapeptide-3 and beech tree shoot extract, among many other good ingredients is good. Another great product for crows feet is an eye contour gel to be used morning and night.An alternative is to fill in the lines with Botox, as you have mentioned and within days you will see marked improvement.

  3. Anonymous10:11 AM

    Crow's-feet are usually the earliest wrinkles to appear on a woman's face," they're not necessarily a sign that you're aging. "Crow's-feet are caused primarily by exposure to the sun--what we call photo aging| squinting into the sun contributes to the process as well, explaining why outdoor enthusiasts may be more susceptible to crow's-feet than less-exposed women

  4. Datta7:21 PM

    Besides drinking 8 ,8 ounce glasses of water a day to keep the wrinkles away also. keep water on your face all day long. take a glass of water and dunk your fingers into it then rub onto your face, keep your skin wet. You can also use lotions at night and during the day, Water is the key to wrinkles. Drink Water.

  5. Kalpana10:37 AM

    What is the best thing I can do being 19 years old to take care of my eyes form forming lines and wrinkles so fast?

  6. Sunanda8:31 AM

    Citrus fruits are well known for their properties of healing aging signs. Mix 1 tea spoon of lemon juice with 1 table spoon of orange extract. Now apply the mixture gently around your eyes where fine lines have appeared. Do it for 10 minutes. Continue doing it in a regular basis and you will see the wrinkles disappear sooner than you expected.

  7. Anonymous8:32 AM

    you will find some amazing natural anti aging or crows feet creams in the market which takes care of your eye wrinkles without causing any negative side effects. I prefer home remedies and the organic skin care products over anything else. They are easy on your skin and improve your skin condition through natural process. So say good bye to crows feet, have a nice, smooth and wrinkle free look with the help of natural skin care

  8. Priyanka3:23 PM

    Take a tsp of olive oil in your palm; prick a Vitamin E capsule to squeeze out a few drops in it. Mix well and gently apply to the crow’s feet and area around the eyes. Leave on for 10 minutes. Then wipe it off gently with a cotton swab soaked in warm water.

  9. Saptami9:31 AM

    Crows feet is referred to as the fine lines that appear around our eyes and sometimes extend to the hair lines from there. Mix 1 tea spoon of lemon juice with 1 table spoon of orange extract. Now, apply the mixture gently around your eyes where fine lines have appeared. Do it for 10 minutes. Continue doing it in on a regular basis and you will see the wrinkles disappear or lessen sooner than you expected.

  10. Anupama9:36 AM

    Avocado and almond mixture is also a very popular home remedy to treat eye wrinkles. This mixture involves three tea spoons of sweet almond and a ripe avocado. Mix them properly. Now the mixture is ready to use. Apply it over the fine lines around your eyes, keep it for fifteen minutes.


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