Hair care in winter

girl with hands in hairWinter air wreaks havoc on the tresses, it dries them considerably. If your hair type is naturally dry, then the drying effects are much more profound. If you find your hair becoming extra dry during winter then cut down on frequent washing. Restrict it to once a week and avoid harsh shampoos. Oily hair types can rejoice a bit as they get some respite from that usual greasy, lank look, as the drying effects of the cold winter air makes their mane look less oily. But nonetheless, it is imperative that everyone should exercise some restraint and care and not allow the vagaries of the harsh winter air to take their toll on the mane.

Treating hair with an oil massage once or twice a week is something which one should never forget.Then dip a towel in hot water, squeeze out the water and wrap towel around your head. Keep it on for 5 minutes. Repeat the hot towel wrap three or four times. This helps the hair and scalp absorb the oil better. (Read Oil massage for the hair.) Pure or virgin coconut oil is the best massage oil for this season. The effects of herbal oils such as brahmi(Asiatic pennywort) oil, aloe oil or hibiscus oil are too cooling on the scalp during winters. These oils are more suitable for summer. So they are best avoided in this season, especially if one has sinus problems or asthma. Homemade hair packs and conditioners containing such cooling herbs like henna or brahmi are also to be avoided.

Some tips to protect your hair

* woman wearing scarfDo not let your hair hang loose and wild around your shoulders. Instead, cover your head with a suitable silk scarf (woolen scarves are not good for the hair) while going out to shield it from the harsh climate.

* Do not dry your hair using blow dryers as this can be very damaging. Also do not subject your hair to harsh treatments like perming, crimping, coloring or streaking just to look good. This strips your hair of natural oils and robs the moisture from them. The effects are even more devastating in winters. If you want to use homemade Henna hair dye in winter, then your own discretion; either use it only once in 45 days or avoid its usage totally during that period if you find that it aggravates your sinus problems.
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  1. Anonymous1:27 PM

    Awesome tips. I have use some tips to protect my works well.

  2. Rakshanda10:04 AM

    I happened to chance upon your blog & i absolutely loved it & have started trying your hair remedies.

  3. Anonymous11:07 AM

    Hairstylist Javed A Habib, says, "Your confidence and walk gets an immense boost, if you have good hair and a good cut. You don't need a BA degree for this. Being a hair doctor, one must know what's the right shampoo for his client, and then do the right cut."This includes treatment of the hair and scalp, styling and cutting. Knowledge about the care and application of hair pieces, and other accessories is essential. "It is important to learn all you can about trichology and hair conditions, so you can immediately recognise porosity, over-bleaching, thermal damage or other hair and scalp problems," adds Habib.

  4. Sushma4:20 PM

    If your hair is blonde, don't forget to add a few drops of lemon juice in order to protect your hair color

  5. Aswini10:03 AM

    Avoidance of processed foods and carbonated drinks or alcohol will prove advantageous for healthy hair growth. By every 6-8 weeks you need to trim the hair-ends in order to avoid the possibility of split ends.

  6. Darshana9:26 AM

    To give your hair lustrous shine, mix 1 teaspoon of honey into 4 cups of warm water. Use as a hair rinse. And if you're a blond, add the juice of 1 lemon, too.

  7. Meenakshi3:42 PM

    For great hair always eat a well balanced diet.

  8. Janardhan5:53 PM

    winter results in dry everything – dry skin, dry lips, and dry hair. During the winter the best plan is to use a shampoo that’s specifically designed to protect damaged hair everytime you wash your hair, helping it to maintain moisture and ultimately prevent it from getting too dry in the firstplace.Products with natural ingredients are great for this as using it frequently means you won’t be coating your hair in any chemicals and it won’t lose any of it’s natural oils. Original Source are made with all sorts of lovely smelling things that do wonders for your hair and use 100% natural oils, with no synthetic fragrances.

  9. unknown8:53 AM

    I think that every woman uses her hair as self expression and that no one should judge another woman on her choices with her hair. Do what makes you feel good, not what other people think is beautiful

  10. Thank You for your tips!! I used suave chorine removal shampoo & pantence conditioning mask & olive oil leave in conditioner & it feels like we all have new heads of hair.

  11. Vinoda5:08 PM

    I had my hair cut over to month ago and its not growing back I take vit. but its not working

  12. Sangeeta10:33 AM

    Keep your hair off your face at night while you sleep. The oils from our hair and our haircare products often contribute to perimeter breakouts.

  13. Anonymous4:23 PM

    Keep it simple and natural with safe and non-toxic All Natural Hair Care Products and look and feel fabulous! Stick to Natural Organic Hair Care Products because they work ... and you ARE worth it!

  14. Kasturi5:17 PM

    It is better to apply castor oil for a healthy growth of hair.
    Wash hair with tea once in a week.

  15. Gayatri5:08 PM

    Regularly cleaning and brushing the hair is very important. When the hairs are brushed, oil-producing glands in the scalp get stimulated. This natural oil makes the hair glossy and healthy

  16. Vinuta9:36 AM

    A nice haircut is better than styling products.

  17. Anonymous9:18 AM

    here are some stacey-tested tips:

    i have very frizz-prone hair and had tried biosilk in the past. it seemed to either not work or grease me up (no happy medium). after searching for years i finally found something in my kitchen that worked better than anything i had ever bought in a store...coconut oil! not too much of course, it IS oil. but the happy medium is much easier to find. nothing has ever been able to do this for my hair. and i will spread the word till the day i die. i just know there is someone out there like i was just searching endlessly for something to stop frizz.

    and also someone mentioned baking soda for deodorant. i don't know about that, but i use lavender essential oil. just a few drops works great! lavender is a natural antibacterial and after all, it's not the sweat that stinks, it's the bacteria that builds up in it. and just between us, internet, i actually have a condition called hyperhydrosis. it basically means i sweat a lot more than 99% of the world. so if anyone knows about stink prevention, it would be me =)

  18. Hair Expert10:39 AM

    Use a leave-in conditioner,Say yes to hair serum, Wash with cool water, Be smart about blow-drying.Spray on the shine,Switch to a silicone flatiron,Get a glossing treatment,
    Hydrate your body and Eat nutritious foods.


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