Intellectual grooming

Women spend a lot of time and thought on personal grooming’ selecting dresses, cosmetics and accessories ever so carefully, yet intellectual grooming-being well-informed, knowledgeable and in tune with the times – is never given a thought as part of self improvement and grooming.

Unfortunately, the education system in India, with its emphasis on degrees, diplomas, percentages on the mark sheets hardly leaves any room for creativity and self-development. It fails to project education as a lifelong journey in pursuit of information and knowledge.

It is commonly seen that conversation among most housewives revolves around household chores, family, TV soaps, children and related problems and working women talk mostly about traffic jams, servant problems, crèches and problems at the workplace.

For most women, marriage, career and getting out of educational institutions mark the end of intellectual pursuits.

Though gossiping, backbiting and bitching are stress-busters, as claimed by psychologists; it is not wise or decent to always indulge in that. Keeping track of interesting subjects, current trends and topics is what is required in a conversation. 

A well-informed knowledgeable person is held in high esteem by one and all. Knowledge bridges generation gap too.

Some suggestions:

1. Read good books instead of watching mindless soaps on television. It is a complete and rewarding hobby in itself, which enlightens you. It improves the hold on the language.

Groom your intellectual self
2. Devoting half an hour for the day’s newspaper is not too much to ask for. Spend time solving crossword puzzles and sudokus. This will exercise your brain also and decrease the risk of the dreadful ‘Alzheimer’s disease’ in your old age.

3. If your career is concerned with non-tech, then its time for you to get acquainted with technical subjects to pep up your mind and be abreast with the times. 

Become a computer literate by joining a suitable course. 

For tech persons, it will do get if you move over to non-tech interesting subjects like culture, music, arts etc. to diversify your personality.

4. Correspondence courses in any interesting subject can also be considered. Age is never a constraint to learn anything new.

5. Keep tab on your family’s investments, savings, liabilities etc. and how they are managed. It gears you up in case of an emergency.

6. Mingle entertainment with enlightenment. Your friends could also be a source of knowledge to you.

7. Maintain a small diary to note down interesting and useful things or services that may come in handy.

Education is a lifelong process. So go ahead and expand your horizons. Groom your intellectual self.

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  1. Samira3:51 PM

    An individual has to have a minimum of level of intellectual exhibition to impress upon the others
    one has to become intellectually active by reading, studying, discussing and internalizing various things

  2. Anonymous1:30 PM

    Gossiping So, you thought women indulging in idle chit-chat are so annoying, but here are some health benefits of doing so. Well, a few minutes spent on gossiping can help you take care of your stress and anxiety. Gossiping is therapeutic for your brain, and also helps you bond with others.


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