Tulsi (Basil) for beauty

Tulsi BrindavanNature has provided us with a variety of medicinal herbs and shrubs to preserve health and beauty. Among these, Tulsi (Holy Basil) holds an important position.

This wonder herb has bactericidal properties and from ancient times has had the reputation of being a bestower of health and beauty.

Aroma emanating from Tulsi leaves is beneficial to health

Early in the morning, after your bath, spread a mat in the proximity of a Tulsi plant and inhale the fragrance of the Tulsi leaves. Take deep breaths and allow the aroma emanating from the leaves to sink in and pervade your system.

This fragrance has a great capacity of purifying the blood and correcting any unfavorable alteration in it. Your will feel refreshed and your face will acquire a radiant glow.

Tulsi juice is effective in removing blemishes

If there are dark spots on your face, add some lemon juice to the juice of Tulsi leaves and apply this mixture on the spots for about 20 minutes. Do this twice a day. In a few days spots will disappear and the face will become clean, fresh and glowing.

Tulsi for treating acne

A mixture of Tulsi and mint(pudina) leaves is effective in treating acne.

Tulsi for a glowing complexion

Rubbing finely powdered Tulsi leaves on the face like talcum powder makes it glow with beauty.

Tulsi face pack 

Applying a thick paste formed by crushing and grinding dry Tulsi with a little pure water to the face opens up the pores of the skin.

The dirt in them is easily flushed out of the pores through perspiration, leaving the skin glowing, soft, clear and free from odoriferous substances.

Tulsi as a blood purifier 

Chewing a few leaves of this magnificent herb will purify your blood and flush out toxins.

Tulsi in other skin disorders 

Tulsi is considered the best remedy for leucoderma and other skin disorders.

Final Note

Do use the wonderful holy basil or tulsi herb in your beauty recipes and let me know in the comments how it has worked for you. If you know of any other effective homemade beauty aids with Tulsi, do share in the comments so that others can also benefit from it.

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  1. Anonymous1:31 PM

    thanks for the information about the wonderful herb and the benefits are amazing and astonishing too once again thanks

  2. You are welcome, dear Anonymous :) Keep dropping by.

  3. Narendra8:49 AM

    Very useful tips! I didn’t know that I could use basil for get rid of oily hair and promote new growth of hair. Thanks!

  4. Bhanu8:50 AM

    Blend crushed basil with mint (pudina) juice & lime juice. Apply this on your pimples.

  5. Anonymous4:10 PM

    Tulsi really helped in removing white patches on my son's hands within a few days of application


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