Caution with cosmetics

If you have an allergic reaction to a cosmetic, you should stop using all cosmetics until your doctor will try to determine which ingredient, or combination of ingredients, has caused the problem. It does not mean that you should not use the cosmetics at all.

Serious problems from cosmetics are rare, but sometimes problems may arise with specific products which may cause you discomfort.

It is dangerous to use aerosol hairspray near heat, fire, or while smoking as it can ignite and cause serious burns if not fully dry.

Fires related to aerosol hairsprays have caused injuries and deaths. If inhaled, aerosol hairsprays or powders can cause lung damage.

Scratching the eye with a mascara wand should not be done, as it is the most common injury from cosmetics. It can also result in eye infections, ulcers on the cornea, loss of lashes, or even blindness.

To play safe, never apply mascara while riding in a car, bus, train or plane. Sharing cosmetics can also lead to serious problems.

Cosmetics become contaminated with germs that the brush or applicator sponges picks up from the skin. If you moisten brushes using saliva, the problem is much more severe.

Wash your hands before using make-up to prevent exposure of the make-up to germs.

Artificial nails, when not applied correctly, can be a source of problems. They must be completely sealed because any space left between the natural nail and the artificial nail, may cause fungal infection. Such infections can cause permanent nail loss.

Sleeping while wearing make-up can cause problems, too. If mascara flakes into your eyes, you might awaken with itching, sore, reddened eyes, and possibly infections or eye scratches. Remove all make-up before going to bed to avoid eye infections or injury.

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  1. Teena3:44 PM

    Never share makeup. Always use a new disposable applicator when sampling products at a cosmetics counter. Insist that salespersons clean container openings with alcohol before applying their contents to your skin. Never add liquid to a product to bring back its original consistency. Adding other liquids could introduce bacteria that can easily grow out of control. Stop using any product that causes an allergic reaction.

  2. Beauty expert3:51 PM

    Throw away makeup if the color changes or an odor develops. Preservatives degrade over time and may no longer be able to fight bacteria. Do not use eye makeup if you have an eye infection. Throw away all products you were using when you discovered the infection. Keep makeup out of sunlight. Light and heat can degrade preservatives.Keep makeup containers tightly closed when not in use.

  3. Bhumi3:54 PM

    Read the label carefully before using a product. Wash your hands thoroughly before you apply makeup. Do not share your makeup kit with anyone. Do not dilute or add liquids to makeup.
    Store the makeup kit in a safe place away from children and extreme temperature. Keep makeup tightly closed when not in use. If you develop allergic reaction, stop using the product immediately. Do not use makeup which has changed color, has a bad odor or is well past the expiry date. Be extra careful with eye makeup products. Perfume spray cans catch fire easily. Do not smoke while you are using them. Keep spray cans away from sources of heat.

  4. Nidhi8:34 AM

    Stop Using Cheap Mascara - You are risking breakage when using cheap mascara.

  5. Christina8:36 AM

    Provide Lubrication - Use products that contain a lubricant such as Hyaluronic Acid and Glucoproteins to provide lubrication.

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