Right Eye shadow for Diwali

It’s time for Diwali, the festival of lights. Lighting lamps and diyas in your surroundings is not enough. Your eyes, being the windows to your soul too need to be made to look bright and attractive. right eyeshadow for diwali Let them come alive this festive season with a touch of shadow on the lids. Here are a few steps to help you select the right shades and tips to enhance your eye:
* Shop for shades that complement your skin and eye color. Look for colors that softly contrast with the shade or your eyes – not those which match your eyes exactly.
* Choose simple, natural shades. If you opt for bright or trendy colors; be careful; they can look unnatural unless balanced with other suitable tones, and may go out of style as fast as they came in.
* Buy colors that blend well together. You want your eyes to get attention, not any marked lines caused by your shadow.
* Keep in mind that, dark colors will minimize your eyes, while light shades will make them stand out.
* Accent dark brown and black eyes made up by a professional and ask for color combinations that could work for both, day and evening.

* A little color goes a long way. Begin with a little eye shadow and gradually increase it to fine the amount that suits you the most.
* Shadow can look a lot darker in its palette, so don’t let the color intensity keep you form trying a shade you like.
* If you experiment with bright shadows, use them as a wash over the eyelids to add a hint of color.
* A word of caution: Eye shadow may irritate your eyes, especially if you wear contact lenses. Tap excess powder from the applicator before applying.

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  1. Anonymous12:18 PM

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  2. Anonymous10:02 AM

    Prime your eye lids with a loose translucent powder.
    With an eye shadow brush or sponge applicator, sweep a light color from your brow to your lashes.
    Use a medium tone from your lashes to the crease of your eye lid.
    Contour your eyes by using a darker tone in the crease of your eye lid. A smaller brush works best for this step.
    Using a small, flat angled brush you can line your eye with the same dark color that you used in the crease of your eye. Add drama to your eyes by using a wet brush for this step.
    Blend the colors together with a brush. Never use your fingers or you can wipe the color right off your lid.

  3. Anonymous10:04 AM

    By sweeping the right eye shadow over your lids, you can beautifully accent and define your eyes in just a few quick steps. Plus, if you really luck out, the eye shadow you choose will last all day without creasing or flaking and still give you a wide selection of color choices. How can you find the ones that can give you all of this? You can either hope that fortune smiles upon you, or just trust the 3LUXE "Best Of" eye shadow picks! With these eye shadows, everyone will be opening their eyes to the brilliance of yours.

  4. beauy expert3:13 PM

    Eye shadow shouldn't be intimidating: Applied properly, it can be one of the most foolproof steps in your beauty routine.Run eye shadow brush over light color.Apply light shadow to lid.Run brush over darker color, tapping to remove excess.Apply dark shadow to crease.Repeat steps one through four on the other eye

  5. Pratima5:34 PM

    always start with the color of your eye makes them look more natural and maybe also a color that goes with that color. for example pink goes with green...just try something like that!!

  6. Avantika5:38 PM

    There are many factors to consider - eye color, skin tone (and complexion), hair color, style of dress (conservative vs. flashy), and desired effect (natural, clubby, elegant, etc.)

  7. Tapasya9:22 AM

    Love Love Love the eye shadow :)

  8. Anagha9:36 AM

    love the way this highlights the eye...so pretty and glowy..

  9. Kavita9:45 AM

    What a beautiful neutral look! Awesome for daytime.

  10. Tapasya6:19 PM

    I've been using a smidge of white eye shadow right under my eye brow. It seems to brighten my eyes and take some of the impact of the dark circles away.

  11. Use eyeshadow primer...it's not normal for eyeshadows to crease! loll

  12. Neena9:11 AM

    Use blush on lids instead of eyeshadow: you’ll instantly look awake, plus you can speed through your routine without having to switch products.

  13. Don’t try to match your eyeshadow to your clothes. Eyeshadow should complement and emphasize your eye color.

  14. use a cotton swab to repair mistakes and blend the shadows.

  15. Use eyeshadow primer...it's not normal for eyeshadow to crease! loll


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