Make-up- Initial steps

Read through the post Make-up is an art before reading this post. This post is a continuation of that post.
Before you start applying make-up, it is important to prepare your skin by cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Once you have followed the 3 steps of your skin care program, your skin is now prepared to receive make-up.

Before beginning your make-up, ensure that there is sufficient light falling on your face from both sides. Incandescent bulbs (between 60 to 100 watts) are best.
Apply cleansing milk soaked in a cotton swab on the face and neck area using upward and outward movements using circular movements.
Astringent for oily skin and toners for dry skin should be used on moist cotton pad to remove the left over cleansing cream and thoroughly cleanse the face.
Suitable moisturizer for the type of skin should be used. Moisturizer helps in two ways. It forms a barrier between the skin and the make-up so that make-up particles do not block the pores of the skin. It also helps the make-up to be applied more smoothly and evenly. A small quantity of moisturizer is enough and it should be applied with a gentle hand so as to give a thin coating.
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  1. Gautami12:24 PM

    Well it depends on the look that your going for of course. I like natural looking makeup and I m not a fan of foundation unless its for photos.... Think about what you want to excentuate, what do you think is your best feature. Most girls like to excentuate their eyes.

  2. Naveena12:26 PM

    Use moisturizer before you apply foundation. Let it sit for at least 5 minutes before applying the foundation so it won't absorb into your skin with the moisturizer! Make sure foundation matches your skin tone by testing it on your jawline. If you can't see it, you've got the right color. If it is a different color, don't buy it!

    Use an eye primer before putting on your shadow. L'Oreal makes one called "de crease" available in the shadow section of their store displays. It's really good to make shadow stay in place!


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