Make-up is an art

Making up your face is an art, with clear definite steps. Follow them don’t simply slap on the cosmetics. Read more about the necessity of using make-up in Why is make-up essential? The technology of make-up has changed in step with the pace and style of our modern world. Whatever your style, image, age or face, there are plenty of ways to add that make-up magic to glamorize your looks.

Choose your cosmetics taking your skin type and skin-color into consideration. The climate one lives in also matters a good deal.

A woman’s make-up, for instance stays on for many hours in a cool climate but in a hot humid one, it wears off quickly and needs to be repaired, very often.

Women who are young can get away by using several cosmetics for creating a dramatic effect, but as one gets older, the less make-up one uses, the better it is.

Also the colors which suited you in the teens or in your 20’s might not be right at 40. Analyze your flaws and assets, and after a few trial and error sessions, find out for yourself what suits you best.

The basic items and materials for your make-up are:
* Cleanser
* Astringents and toner
* Moisturizer
* Foundation
*Sponge or cotton balls specially formulated for applying make-up.
* Rouge
*Concealers for covering blemishes
*Compact or face powder
* Eye shadow
* Eyeliner
* Mascara
* Lipsticks
* Make-up applicators that can be used for various products

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