Skin care in the 20’s

Just after the teens when a woman finds herself on the threshold of the 20s, her skin is almost a marvel. It is beautiful, firm, plump, with a healthy glow because of abundance of collagen and elastin. This is certainly not the time to worry about wrinkles. But hey don’t relax, all is not hunky-dory.

Some in their 20s may still be plagued by adult acne and the ugly scars which it leaves behind. Acne in the 20s is indicative of hormonal problems and for an acne prone woman, outside factors like cosmetics, friction, heat and sunlight can aggravate the condition. Consult a dermatologist for your acne problems and also take proper medication for any possible hormonal imbalance.

Though most women do not show the signs of wrinkles at this age, signs of premature ageing can be present if proper skin care routine is not followed. Use a sun block to protect your skin from being overexposed to the sun’s rays. Sun’s rays cause the skin to age faster. Permanent freckling and a roughening in texture are also early signs of sun-damage. Use mild home face packs and scrubs once a week or whenever your face is looking dull. The use of face pack and scrub will rejuvenate your skin and remove the dead cells. Go in for a professional facial only if you are in your late twenties.

In the Indian scenario, under eye dark circles are a common problem. So even if you are in your 20s, start using a good under eye cream or lotion. Avoid late nights and too much partying if this is the reason for your dark circles. Avoid junk food and aerated drinks. Eat nutritious wholesome food. Exercise regularly. Avoid being over-anxious. Stress is also one of the factors which causes premature ageing of the skin and hair loss. After all, skin care is not just restricted to pampering the skin with creams; a holistic approach towards your overall health will make your skin glow and retain its youthfulness for years to come.
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  1. Anonymous9:53 AM

    Good article - it is so difficult for teenagers who have problem skin.

  2. Anonymous5:35 PM

    develop good habits. If you smoke, stop - and definitely don't start. Learn to incorporate skin-friendly foods into your diet, like berries and green tea for antioxidants, salmon and flax seed for omega-3 fatty acids. Start using a product, such as Olay Definity, that contains niacinamide. That will help prevent damage to your skin's DNA caused by whatever sun exposure you do get, and can "stop the clock" on several signs of skin aging.

  3. unknown5:53 PM

    If you really love the tanned look, skip laying out in the sun or tanning beds and opt for skin-safe spray-on tans, fake tanner or bronzer.
    Check out websites like to read reviews and ratings to find the right products for your skin.Don't smoke, eat right, drink lots of water and exercise - all the usual things they tell you - and your skin will look its best! Talk with your dermatologist if you have any skin issues before beginning a new routine.


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