Quick remedy for dandruff flakes and other tips for cure

When you see those thick, scaly, white flakes’ dropping on your dress you know you have that itchy, annoying skin disorder of the scalp called dandruff. It is all the more embarrassing when people point out this to you. The feigned sympathetic looks on their faces and a concern which almost seems to mock you is even more exasperating. You mumble something and try and manage the situation by changing the topic but inwards you fume and fret and curse yourself for wearing a light colored dress that day. And you fervently wish that you could really do something about this evil flaky nuisance.

Here’s an easy remedy to make those white flakes fall off quickly- Right before you go to bed, dampen your scalp with a little warm water and then rub a little baby oil, (slightly warmed olive oil will also do) into your scalp. When you wake up, shampoo as usual. The oil will penetrate the scalp and help soften and loosen up the dandruff scales, so they fall right off in the shower the next morning.

Try these tips and remedies over a period to time to cure your scalp of dandruff.

* Best way to control dandruff is washing. Depending on the severity, wash hair daily, alternate day or twice a week.

* Expose the scalp to sunlight for a while, being careful not to get sunburnt. Don’t try this in very hot sun and during summer.

* Brush your hair everyday to improve circulation and remove flakiness.

* Follow, strict hair hygiene by washing your combs, brushes, pillow covers and towels in an anti-septic lotion. Never lend or borrow a comb or hairbrush.

* Antibacterial mouth wash like Listerine should be mixed with 50 percent distilled water and rubbed on the scalp after shampooing. This keeps the yeast level down and the chances of getting dandruff becomes less!

* Mix two tablespoons of vinegar and six tablespoons of hot water. Dab with cotton into the scalp, parting the hair with a comb apply all over the scalp. Preferably it should be used at bedtime. Tie a scarf over the hair to avoid staining the pillow. Next morning wash the hair with shampoo. After the hair is thoroughly cleansed pour over as a last rinse a mixture of three tablespoons of vinegar and one cup of hot water. Then dry the hair thoroughly. This should be done twice a week for three months. For more home remedies on dandruff click here and here.

If you suffer from stubborn or persistent dandruff, you may need to see a dermatologist who can prescribe stronger treatments and identify which works best for you.
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  1. Thanks for all the tips. I have had a horrible dandruff problem, ever since I was a baby (my mom says it was worse when I was younger!). I appreciate the help and will use these tips.

  2. Thanks for dropping by. Glad to know that you found the tips useful.

  3. Anonymous12:00 PM

    these are very simple yet practical tips. Thanks for sharing

  4. Anonymous9:50 AM

    Mix some camphor in coconut oil. Use this oil for daily application on the scalp. The application should be done nicely, with the fingertips working at the hair roots in the scalp. The problem of dandruff will be solved in about fifteen days.

  5. Anonymous12:42 PM

    Apply lemon on ur scalp before ur head bath. Use henna once in two weeks(for grey hair). For the henna mix u need: henna powder, tea/coffe decotion,amla poweder, lemon juice,1 egg's white. Mix all this and keep it for one night. Apply this mixture from the root to the tip of ur hair. Heat coconut oil with tulsi and lemon and apply it on ur scalp and massage ur scalp. Help in ur hair growth n gives u a peaceful sleep at night.

  6. Anonymous11:13 AM

    Anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner should help but one thing you might want to try is apple cider vinegar. You can get it pretty cheap at any grocery store. It removes all your build up and kills the germs that cause dandruff. Bring half cup or so with you in the shower and put it on after you shampoo. Leave in for a few minutes then finish with conditioner. It makes your hair soft and shiny. You could do this once a week. I've tried it myself and have used it on other people.

  7. Anonymous10:02 AM

    Dandruff is dead skin that forms on the scalp. Skin cells die and flake off the body all the time, but if the rate is increased and the scaly flakes are not removed then they can be seen on the head. Normally skin cells die and are replaced around once a month, but with people with dandruff, the process is speeded up to about once every two weeks.

    The Ingredients

    * 1/2 cup Water
    * 1/2 cup of White Vinegar

    The Instructions

    Combine ingredients then apply directly to the scalp. Use before shampooing. Apply twice a week.

  8. thanks for the tips this really helped with my problem with dandruff:)

  9. Vishakha5:09 PM

    I want to try this and see if it get rid of the dandruff

  10. Namrata3:51 PM

    Beat two eggs and add two tablespoons of water to it. Wet the hair and apply the egg mixture over the hair. Now massage your scalp and let the mixture on for ten minutes to fifteen minutes. Then rinse the hair with lukewarm water. This will keep both dandruff and hair fall problem away from you

  11. Sumati8:19 PM

    The juice of snake gourd has been found beneficial in the prevention and treatment of dandruff. The juice should be rubbed over the scalp for this purpose.

  12. Vidya5:04 PM

    Mix coconut oil and fenugreek powder and apply this on hair. This is very good for dandruff.

  13. Mahalashmi5:08 PM

    For dandruff or hair loss tulsi can be used. For this mix the paste of tulsi leaves in coconut oil and boil it. Do not over boil. Use this oil for hot oil treatment on hair. If used once in a week for three months dandruff can be avoided. It will help hairloss

  14. Anonymous12:28 PM

    Dandruff Can be controlled by:-
    Paying more attention to health hygiene.
    Consuming more fresh fruits in your diet. Drinking plenty of water.
    Rinsing the hair carefully after shampoo. Brushing gently to rid the hair of trapped cells.
    Lightly massaging the scalp to dislodge the dandruff flakes.

  15. Saurav11:06 AM

    Soak a handful of fenugreek seeds in water, over night. Ground the seeds Into a fine paste. Apply this paste all over the head and leave it for half an hour. Wash the hair With soap nut Powder.

  16. Good Informative Post! Dandruff is a very common skin condition that nearly all people experience at one point in their lives regardless of age or ethnicity.

    The most common cause of dandruff is dry skin. There are other causes, too. Irritated skin, psoriasis, eczema and a yeast-like fungus can also cause this disorder. Sometimes using the wrong hair care products also cause irritations on your scalp. When these irritations get out of control you suffer from dandruff, too.

  17. Giridhar8:26 AM

    great tips !! i think sum of'em will surely
    help !!!

  18. Narayan9:31 AM

    A shortfall in VITAMIN B may cause dandruff, falling hair, loss of colour and could encourage grey hair. So B group Vitamins are essential for gloss, colour and thickness.

  19. Massage a cup of fresh yogurt into the scalp leave for 15 minutes and than rinse off with anti dandruff shampoo containing ZP 11.

  20. Ahalya4:14 PM

    1) you must sport a short cut (long hair will just prolong the process)
    2) Get a Jar of cholesterol from beauty supply store (sally's) just ask for it they'll get it for you (its much cheaper than going to salon to get the treatments)
    if you are awkward handed ask a friend to apply (sparingly to scalp) while massaging the scalp with each application (feels great too).
    put a cap on over your head and let set for 20 to 30 minutes (preferably under dryer heat or sun heat but not necessary) BTW the stuff is great for your hands and face does wonders to the skin (you'll see) then remove cap and wash your hair using anti dandruff shampoo (head and shoulders works great) repeat then rinse off. do this twice a week for a month, but shampoo your hair every other day if you can. by the end of the month you should be rid of them. also you will have a great shine to your hair and full of luster.

  21. While very few people actually relish it in their salad, beet root has been found to be an effective treatment for dandruff. Boil beetroot in water and cool this concoction. Massage this water into your hair with the fingertips every night and rinse it with a gentle shampoo the next day.

  22. Sujata10:09 AM

    Boil a handful of 'Neem' leaves in a litre of water and use as an after-shampoo rinse.
    This also works as an antiseptic.

  23. Nivedita2:26 PM

    Using a hair pack made of castor oil on a regular basis can significantly reduce those white flakes. This is because castor oil has antiviral, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that not just kill infection causing microorganisms but also prevent dandruff from reappearing. It banishes dandruff and also tackles other scalp infections.


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