Exercises for your wrists

Exercise your wrists to keep them flexible.How many of us care to think of our poor wrists? Our work at the desktop abuses them like anything. 

So we must ensure that they get as much attention as other parts of our body and a proper exercise as well. Exercising stimulates the circulation of blood in those parts and prevents the stiffening of the wrist joints making them more flexible. 

It might also reduce your risk of rheumatism and arthritis in the later years.

*Extend your arms in front of you. Inhaling raise your palms up as if you were pushing against a wall. Exhaling bring the palms down. Repeat a few times.

* Make a fist and rotate at the wrist clockwise and anticlockwise.

* Clasp your hands and push palms together. Repeat a few times.

* Hold the fingers of one hand and push it towards the back and front of the hand.

* Make a fist and extend fingers one by one.

These exercises can even be performed with ease at your workplace. 

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  1. Anonymous6:51 PM

    Wrist extensions are almost the same basic workout as a wrist curl but instead of having your palms face towards you, you will have them facing towards the ground. In this exercise you will extend your wrists and bring them towards you. You will not need high weight to create stronger muscles. Do three sets for 12 reps.

  2. unknown6:59 PM

    Stress Ball Squeezes exercise is extremely simple and productive. All you need is a stress ball or something that can be squeezed and contracted. Squeeze the ball for the count of three and then relax and repeat. Complete three sets of 20. These three simple exercises will create much stronger wrists if done two to three times a week.


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