How to massage your hands

Pamper and nourish your hands on a regular basis for smooth hands. Neglected hands can give away your age any day. Once in a week, you must give a good massage to your hands with a good cream. You can use homemade almond hand cream or satin hand cream, which do their job as efficiently as those expensive hand creams and lotions. Follow the routine given here.

* Rub the cream on your hands thoroughly and then, one by one, massage each finger between the sides of the first finger and the thumb of the other hand, always working from the nail end towards the hand.

* Now massage with the thumb in between the fingers, reaching over to rub the knuckles, too.

* With the tip of the other hand’s thumb, massage each nail with a little lanolin or petroleum jelly.

After massaging your hands apply a hand mask. It works wonders for your hands.

Never go out into the sun without applying a good sun protection cream or lotion to prevent tanning. If you are out for a long time, wear long sleeved dresses or long gloves to prevent tanning. Always remember to clean your hands thoroughly.

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  1. Anonymous6:58 PM

    A good hand massage is extremely relaxing. Such a massage allows for increased blood flow while rejuvenating tired muscles. In addition, a well-timed rub can spark the flames of passion.


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