Excessive perspiration in the feet: Home Remedies

This excessive sweating of the feet is not necessarily a problem faced during the summer. In some the sweat glands do not function well. The sweat combines with bacteria and decomposition sets in. But whosever has this problem has to face a lot of discomfiture because the foul smell and the strong odor emitted makes everyone around to turn up their noses in disgust. In summers almost everyone is susceptible to it. Moreover as the feet are covered up by footwear most of the time, the sweat gets trapped and has no escape. After a long walk or traveling in the hot and humid weather, the feet are almost soaked in perspiration and hence start reeking of sweat.

* Take footbaths often. (See here.) Soak your feet in warm water to which epsom salt is added. Then add either boric powder or alum to the water. This footbath is not just good for perspiring feet but also helps to overcome fatigue and also provides relief from headaches and mental tension.

* For smelly feet, use some essential oil in the footbath such as a few drops of rose, clove or lavender and on drying them rub eau-de-cologne.

* Always scrub and dry your feet thoroughly after washing it. Then dust it with using a suitable talc, anti-perspirant or alum powder.

* You could try applying this home-made antiperspirant on your feet. However, always use anti-perspirants on freshly-washed and dried skin.


6 tablespoon of alum powder
4 tablespoon of borax powder
2 tablespoon of lemon juice
2 1/2 cups of water

Mix the first three ingredients to boiling water. Cool and preserve in a glass jar.

* Take a few drops of neem oil with milk internally for your problem. Also, rubbing the sole with neem oil is beneficial. Neem oil with its antibacterial properties is ideal for smelly and sweaty feet. This oil could also be used for sweaty palms too.

* You could also crush amla and extract its juice and then smear this juice over your sweaty palms and soles.

* Avoid using closed footwear. Always wear soft and flexible open sandals to keep your feet comfortable and cool.

* Last but not the least, do Sitali Pranayam regularly. It is very effective in tackling this excessive sweaty problem and in keeping your body cool.

In case you suffer from abnormal sweating from certain body parts or ‘Hyperhidrosis’ then you can get some help over here.
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  1. Anonymous3:34 AM

    Nice explanation!

    Caroline Sanders, Editor

  2. Anonymous1:11 PM

    Hormones can also make you sweat more or if you do have have over active sweat glands.

  3. unknown4:05 PM

    Cornstarch or talc powder are good at helping to soak up excessive moisture...

  4. Anonymous9:34 AM

    The smell comes from bacteria that eat sweat. An anti-microbial soap you can get at any grocery store will do. make sure he gets between the toes, too!

  5. you can use deodorant foot powder or take a foot spa or try not to wet your feet after taking of your socks.wait for 5-10 min. before you wash them.

  6. Wajid9:45 AM

    do you wash your feat when you take baths?...a good scrubbing helps.
    Stench comes from bacteria feeding off the swear glands on your feet. If you have over active swear glands in that area, you just have to treat it like your underarms, or any other area where you get really sweaty. Keep it try.
    They have creams, powder for shoes and shocks, deodorant for the feet. Check those products out, it's a pain, but that's what life gave you :/ You'll be fine.

  7. Andrew9:50 AM

    There is a remedy of soaking your feet in strong black tea for 30min a day for a week. The tannic acid helps kill the bacteria the causes the odor.

  8. Apparently, drinking tons of tomato juice work

  9. Poovi3:11 PM

    Apply lemon juice on your palms and wash it with cold water after 15-20 minutes of applying.Try for 7 days.It will help you.


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