Home remedies for tooth aches

What to do when your tooth aches? Besides analgesics what helps? Grandma and naturopaths recommend: tooth
1) Tulsi (basil) leaves ground with a little pepper to paste and placed between affected teeth or cavity.

2) Rub teeth and gums regularly with a thick paste made from a little powdered alum and honey- a remedy against bleeding gums and toothache.

3) Tooth ache due to crevices in the teeth can be cured by applying a little asafetida (hing) mixed with a little salt and a small piece of raw ginger to the crevice.

4) Tooth ache can be cured by applying to the affected part the milk got from breaking off the leaves of the banyan tree.

5) Gargling with a weak solution of potassium permanganate, dettol or any ordinary liquor or alcohol to which a few crushed cloves have been added.

6) To maintain teeth in good health and to avoid foul breath, burn turmeric powder and brush teeth daily with this powder along with salt.

7) Eating a raw onion daily will give you strong and healthy teeth, as onion is a rich source of calcium.

8) Clove oil also can be applied twice or thrice a day with the help of sterilized cotton swabs in case or toothaches.

9) A paste prepared from one or two garlic cloves and a little bit of salt should be applied on the affected tooth. Garlic is a good pain killer, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agent.

10) The proverbial apple a day after meals will leave teeth fresh and sparkling. Alternatives are a carrot or a celery stick.

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  1. Anonymous4:04 PM

    The main cause for tooth aches is an improper diet. The bacteria in your mouth mix with sugars and carbohydrates which break down into acids. This combined with the natural calcium in your enamel will cause tooth decay and erosion.

  2. Anonymous4:10 PM

    If you have a toothache it does not mean the tooth can not be saved. In many cases it can be built up or still filled. If the tooth as an abscess, the dentist will not be able to work on it and you will have to get antibiotics and wait the pain out too. Using this method will take away the pain long enough for the abscess to disappear. try gargling with water and peroxide and even better warm salt water to rid the pus from around the tooth. Remember this is a method that if you believe and continue it even if it begins to seem to be giving you more pain for a few minutes will work so well that again, you can be tricked into believing you never had a toothache, so don't forget about the fact that your mouth a day or WEEK before was on fire from pain. OK Make sure you use cold water and not in a stream but as hard as you can take the flow of water. This is paramount!

  3. Anonymous4:17 PM

    For toothache, use these tips until you can get to a dentist. Clove oil is a great natural pain reliever. You can put a few drops on a cotton swab and gently apply it to the infected area. You should feel numbness fairly quickly and that should last for at least an hour. Or, you can make a mixture of 2 drops of German chamomile essential oil, 1 drop of clove bud essential oil, and ½ teaspoon of goldenseal powder, mixing it into a paste with a couple drops of water and applying it up to four times a day with a cotton swab. Drinking chamomile tea can also help fight infection and promote healing, and will help to calm you as a nice added benefit. Do get to a dentist as soon as you can, because tooth infections can spread to the rest of the body and become life-threatening quickly.

  4. Anonymous10:52 AM

    did id so coo ima use dis!!thanx

  5. Anonymous10:51 AM

    Your toothache could be caused by general decay or a thinning of the enamel which covers our teeth to protect them, using a sensitive toothpaste like Sensodine would help your teeth regain their strength.Also we need to brush our teeth at least twice a day, and brush them when we have eaten highly sweet things, like toffees or anything sugar coated, Tell you what I do, I clean my teeth in luke warm water, as this helps with the sensitive area,(you know, like when we bite on some ice cream) Also have a good mouthwash after cleaning your teeth, and also floss each time.

  6. Anonymous9:14 AM

    sometimes due to over brushing or wrong direction of brushing teeth get eroded, and the inner layers are exposed causing pain.

  7. Anonymous9:17 AM

    Apply clove oil on it took a pain killer or apply sarso oil with salt at night for 2 mints and best u will go for a dentist

  8. Mahendra8:59 AM

    The juice of wheat grass acts as an excellent mouthwash for tooth decay and cures toothaches. Wheat grass can be chewed with beneficial results. It draws out toxins from the gums and thus checks bacterial growth.

  9. Anonymous9:13 AM

    further info !! garlic and anbosol and bonjella ect , naf!!! well actualy you may want to try them but for me they didnt work , ie' bonjela just runs of the area especialy where ya dnt want it to go and anbasol type products taste bloody awfull and make you feel worse cuz stings ya mouth,gums ect and just makes you more cheesed of !! , so like my other comment i suggest you try cold water in a container with ice in and just keep swishing area , or the blue tack in the affected hole , area!! think about it , sensitive tooth with cold or hot air going in, blocked by blue tack , job done , there is only one downside to using blue tack is that it may be annoying to feal it with your tongue , but if you have a filling thats fell out, or a chip then blue tack also is great at stoping your tongue from fealing the anoying crack!! so give it a go !!

  10. Anonymous9:15 AM

    Temporary relief; Try Cloves...its a spice used in baked ham and when I was a kid, my Grandma used to give one to us for toothaches...it worked. Just lay it on the gum near the ache. There's also a brand of chewing gum called Clove Gum...it may help some.
    Longer lasting temporary relief; Acupressure...squeeze/pinch really hard the skin on the lower outer corner of the thumb, where the nail meets skin, on the same hand as the side of the tooth ache

  11. unknown8:49 AM

    There are lots of things you can do to help with the pain, the thing that works for me the best is Ibuprofin I take one every time my teeth bother me really badly. Also, brushing, flossing and mouth washing reguarly can help ease the pain. Swishing with warm salt water is also good because it cleans your gums and teeth of any germs. Also, drinking hot tea with no milk or sugar also helps ease the pain for a while

  12. Narendra9:27 AM

    I take a very small sip of whiskey or other alcohol and hold it in my mouth over the ache as long as I can, then spit it out (sometimes) LOL
    Then I repeat until the area numbs and it quits hurting.

  13. Narasimha5:27 PM

    As a person with lots of foot problems, I found your article very informative.

  14. Praveena5:54 PM

    Your Method actually works. Thanks.

  15. Jalaja10:53 AM

    Nice information! Your content unique and meaningful about Teeth health. You doing very well job! Keep it up.

  16. Kamala10:22 AM

    Hold a swig of whiskey over the painful tooth. Your gum will absorb some of the alcohol and that will numb the pain. Spit out the rest.

  17. Ramachandra9:01 AM

    Cut a piece of fresh onion and place it on the side of your mouth where the tooth ache is coming from. It works almost immediately. And if you begin to feel a little pain again, just very slightly bite into the onion, just enough to let some juice escape. This works great for tooth aches that keep you awake at night or from doing work during the day

  18. Anonymous9:07 AM

    This may sound a little far fetched but try reflexology, it worked for me when nothing else did. On your fingers and toes find the sensitive spots on your joints and massage the pain out. It takes awhile to get all of the sensitive spots out but it works!

  19. Shalini2:53 PM

    warm salt water rinse often...not strong...place a warm tea bag over achy tooth this is an old remedy but works like an antibiotic

  20. To cure bleeding gums, squeeze the juice of half lemon into a cup of water and add one teaspoonful of honey. This drink should be taken every morning. Massaging the gums gently with coconut oil also helps.

  21. Yamuna9:32 AM

    Hot water bottle works sometimes.And Advil.

  22. Anonymous3:45 PM

    Get some orajel or baby orajel, And if anything still doesn't work than you need to go to a dentist.

  23. Anonymous4:47 PM

    The warm salty water trick is a good idea and that does work for some people, but ive found that using ice packs on the area that hurts and taking up to 800 mg of ibuprofen every 6 hours works the best. The ibuprofen and ice will both help prevent any swelling and will also reduce pain and inflammation inside the tooth and gums. At any rate do not use any kind of heating pad or warm compresses on your face, if your toothache is severe then an infection may have began to form and using heat will cause the infection to reproduce more rapidly and can actually cause the infection to spread

  24. Anonymous9:31 AM

    Try rubbing some oil of oregano and colloidal silver on the gums beneath and around the achy tooth. That may clear up any infection and relieve the toothache. Here are some other suggestions:
    Ginger Root. Buy some Ginger Root at your grocery store. Cut off a piece of it and remove the skin. Put the piece in your mouth right on the painful tooth & bite down on it. The pain should go away immediately. You may have to replace the Ginger in your mouth periodically with a fresh piece - but just keep the rest of the root you purchased in a container in your fridge, and you will always have it when you need it!!
    Numb a throbbing tooth with clove essential oil (Syzygium aromaticum). The aromatic chemical in clove called eugenol anesthetizes pain and kills bacteria. To apply it, soak a cotton ball or swab with the oil and use it to wipe your sore gums and tooth. Repeat this four to five times a day until you can see your dentist.
    For tooth abscess, put two level teaspoons of common salt in a cup. Pour on a small amount of boiling water to dissolve the salt. Then fill the cup with enough cold water to make the solution warm. Rinse your mouth slowing and well - use all the water. Do this at least twice a day, the more often the better. If it doesn't work quickly, increase the amount of salt used, it won't do you any harm.

  25. unknown9:33 AM

    tooth aches can be caused by a bacteria entering into an open area in the enamel caused by a cavity.the area becomes inflamed and the swelling causes the pain. It may also have extended to the root. In any event it must be addressed by a dentist and be permanently corrected. My husband uses this when his cracked tooth becomes infected and he gets tooth aches.
    A quick fix for a tooth ache we have found to work 100% is by using oil of oregano. do your research on line. this oil gets rid of bacterial infections, fungal infections, parasites and many other things. But use caution and remember it must be diluted first as it is very strong and will burn your skin if you don't dilute it. you dilute it 1/2 & 1/2 with either extra virgin olive oil or grape seed oil. keep it in the fridge and when you get sick use a dropper full like 3 times a day for a couple days. it's great for colds and flu's. Be sure to always check with your physician first because you may be allergic to it and this could be dangerous, or if you are taking other medications it may not chemically mix. It also interferes with the absorption of iron.Best thing to do ..have a dentist clean and fill the cavity so you have no more problems.

  26. Anonymous9:00 AM

    have some ice cream or cold foods

  27. Ravishankar10:37 AM

    Place a standard teabag into a cup of water, place in the microwave for 1 minute. Remove the teabag while still warm and place on the sore tooth. Bite down gently and hold in place for 20 minutes or until you get pain relief.

  28. Naveen10:41 AM

    Toothache Remedies”
    Clove and Clove Oil
    Natural Toothache Cures with Peppermint
    use Wheat grass for Toothache
    use Hydrogen Peroxide (Food Grade)
    Hydrogen Peroxide kills infection by altering bacteria’s molecular structure
    To reduce the pain experienced from exposed cavity, chew a piece of sugar free gum and gently press down, if able to do so, into the cavity. This creates a temporary seal preventing food from further collecting worsening infection. This protective seals also gives relief against sensitivity due to hot and cot fluids and aggravation from exposure to cold drafts.

  29. Waajid9:51 AM

    Rub a few drops of good quality vanilla extract onto the gums near the ache. Don’t use vanilla essence as it does nothing at all.

  30. Aneeka12:44 PM

    turmeric act as antiseptic and also helps in curing dental problems...it is mixed with mustard oil,salt n make a paste massage gently on ur teeth gums

  31. Bishak8:40 AM

    Make a paste out of ground cloves and water. Put it on the tooth. This is only temporary until you get to a dentist. Eventually the tooth will hurt worse than the cloves can take care of.

  32. Andrew8:42 AM

    Ammonia also works well for this purpose. Soak a cotton ball in ammonia and hold it over your tooth for a few minutes, and it should feel better soon. Just remember not to swallow it as ammonia can be highly toxic. If your toothache persists for more than a day, you should probably make a dentists appointment as soon as possible.

  33. Anant9:22 AM

    When I had a toothache,I started eating soup.

  34. Shnati9:23 AM

    Gently rubbing an ice cube in the area between the forefinger and the thumb for several minutes is an effective toothache remedy, as it eases toothache. It acts by overwhelming the pain impulses that usually travel along the nerve pathways. It has a 60 to 90% success rate. Ice placed directly on a throbbing tooth also helps ease the pain.

  35. Suvidha9:29 AM

    Asafoetida:--This bitter, foul-smelling resinous material obtained from the roots of several plants of the parsley family, helps in instant toothache relief.

  36. Shubhada9:36 AM

    Applying a paste made from bay berry bark mixed with vinegar helps relieve the toothache.

  37. Anonymous9:37 AM

    a. Run ice gold water on the hand and the wrist opposite the side
    of the tooth ache…….The diversion works and takes your mind off of the pain…….
    b. Press in the grove between the fore finger and the thumb gently
    massage that part of the hand first/opposite the side of the toothache……now, go up and down the had opposite the side where the tooth ache is………….if is another diversion which helps.
    c. Do not go bouncing around when your tooth is throbbing…..lay down with a pack of gold ice wrapped in a hand towel and place it on the cheek of the side of the tooth ache………the colder the better.
    Always either put a baby aspirin on the area throbbing/ or salt past, smashed with garlic.

  38. Sarita10:31 AM

    I had a terrible toothache for years that the doctors couldn't help. I researched online and found some natural remedies that really work.
    There's cures out there that don't require painful drills or expensive medications.

  39. Savan9:19 AM

    Clove oil is terrific. Or if you don't have any, try chewing some whole cloves. IT will also freshen your breath real nice:-)

  40. Sahana9:20 AM

    A mixture of mashed garlic and clove applied to and around the gumline are said to help relieve some swelling and pain - and cold compresses on the tooth until you can see a dentist

  41. Anushree9:22 AM

    Rinsing your mouth out with warm water mixed with salt usually helps for a short period of time.

  42. Anonymous9:40 AM

    Please follow these home remedies.
    1) In general you should be completely resting your injured foot - No walking or standing at all (Use crutches if needed)
    2) Ice your arch/heel at least 4 times a day, either by applying ice directly or by rolling a frozen bottle under your foot when you sit down.
    3) Wear good supportive shoes at home as well.
    4) Purchase inserts that you can put in your shoes, these can support your arches - custom made ones are the best but can be expensive.
    In order to understand your condition better and to give you a better diagnosis please answer these questions:

    1) Is it sensitive to the touch/press on it?
    2) Is the pain worse after resting (when you stand up again)?
    3) Is there any redness or bruising visible?
    4) Where exactly is the pain located in your foot?
    5) What kind of shoes you usually wear?

  43. Saigeeta10:54 AM

    chewing raw onions for 3 minutes can kill all the germs in the mouth and when placed over the aching teeth can provide relief.

  44. Amrutam10:54 AM

    Chewing wheat grass is beneficial for the oral health. It inhibits the growth of bacteria in the mouth. Being an potent mouthwash it is one of the effectivehome remedies for toothache wisdom teeth.

  45. Apply ripe pineapple juice in the teeth or gums.

  46. Subhendu10:08 AM

    Chewing leaves of guava tree is also very helpful to reduce teeth decay.

  47. Darshan10:09 AM

    Along with home remedies one should take care of oral hygiene which is very important and see dentist whenever necessary.

  48. Praveen9:30 AM

    this tips very useful thanks for sharing

  49. Shripati9:34 AM

    Tame a Toothache: cut a piece from a brown paper bag and soak it in vinegar. Shake some black pepper on one side of the piece of bag and hold that side to your cheek. The warmth you feel there should pull your attention from the pain in your tooth.

  50. Anonymous12:04 AM

    Thank You for the awesome article ? I loved reading it!

  51. Shivani8:50 AM

    Teppal ( Tirfal, jimmi ) Xanothoxylum rhetsa :
    It is chewed for toothache and tongue affected by a stroke.

  52. Anonymous11:11 AM

    Gargling with cold water for 2 minutes until the water in the mouth turns warm, helps in curing toothache, sore mouth, swollen gums, or any such inflammation in the mouth. In cases of sprains, wounds or burns, cold or stimulating wet bandages may be applied to affected area.

  53. Ambika3:37 PM

    A clove of garlic with a little rock salt should be placed on the affected tooth. It will relieve the pain and, sometimes, may even cure it. A clove should also be chewed daily in the morning. It will make the cure teeth making it strong and healthy.

  54. Kailas11:13 AM

    put ice on your teeth for bout till it melts and that shood help


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