Does Exercise Make You Lose Weight On Your Face

People who are exercising to lose weight or just look trim often wonder whether exercise makes them lose weight on the face too. Unfortunately, the answer is ‘yes’.

The fact is that exercise melts fat from all over the body. But since the face is most exposed, people tend to notice it and remark “Your face looks so haggard. Have you been ill?” This remark in itself may wean many an exerciser from exercising.

‘I have toiled so much these days to lose weight and look good and in return what do I get? A gaunt, haggard and lean looking face? Not fair.’ will be the first thought that will cross the exerciser mind. He/she may even discontinue exercising altogether.

However there is no need to get alarmed. An ill person looks weak, haggard, fatigued, and dull-eyed.

Whereas an exerciser looks sharper of features, leaner of face and bright eyed. There would also be a more youthful spring in his/her body. But, perhaps, these differences are not obvious at first glance.

Don’t stop exercising. But yes, if you exercise beyond your stamina, the tiredness does show on your face. And if you go on a crash diet, your facial muscles do sag, giving you an aged look.

Follow these simple practical ways while exercising or dieting:

1. Exercise moderately and regularly: 

Begin your weight-losing program with a 10 minute brisk walk. Increase it gradually. This way, you won’t feel tired. More important, your face will look fresh!

2. Firm up neck, chin and face: 

These simple exercises keep the skin firm and prevent 3 key spots - neck, chin, face – from sagging when weight is lost. These can be done before or after your exercises or walk.

Turns: Stand straight. Turn neck until your face is over your left shoulder. Next, turn neck until your face is over your right shoulder. Repeat 10 times.

Up and down: Move head back until you are looking up at the ceiling. Next, move your head down until you’re looking at the floor. Repeat 10 times. In that position, open your mouth as widely as you can and shut it. Do it 10 times.

Chin: Open-close mouth: Move head back until you’re looking up at the ceiling. In that position, open your mouth as widely as you can and shut it. Do it 10 times.

Face: Vowel shaping: Say “A” silently and exaggeratedly 5 times. Follow with E, I, O, U. Finally run all 10 fingers over your head, neck and shoulders in a gentle massage to relax any tension trapped in the exercised muscles.

3. Take water breaks:  

Drink 10 to 12 glasses of water daily. Water keeps the muscles and capillaries under your skin “plumped up” and you won’t get that dehydrated look.

4. Eat moderately: 

Plan your diet to include nutritious good, avoiding junk and high-calorie food. Don’t skip meals. Neither feast nor fast – eat right.

5. Sleep soundly: 

Sleep well for at least 8 hours to prevent bags under your eyes giving you an ‘old-tired’ look. Also don’t oversleep – it makes the face puffy.

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  1. Anonymous8:51 PM

    Nice article! After recently losing 45 pounds I still have some excess neck skin to contend with.

  2. Shaili9:48 AM

    Im not sure that you can. It may be your natural face shape.

  3. some say chewing non-fat bubble gum will tone the face ..
    try it?

  4. Increases flexibility & joint lubrication.

  5. Regular exercise is quintessential, as it increases the rate of metabolism, thus helping you burn fats inside the body.


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