Keep backaches away with these tips

The muscles of the back support it much like a tent pole that is supported by ropes. Any slackening in the ropes and the pole tilts. Our lifestyle also plays a detrimental role resulting in many young people suffering from low back pain. Prolonged periods of working with the computers at the workplace, incorrect postures, lack of physical exercises, long hours spent in driving - all these factors contribute to backaches. Here are a few ways to keep backaches away.

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  • Always keep your back strong. Regular exercises for muscles of abdomen and back are important. Swimming is an excellent way to keep fit. Gym exercises and suitable yogasanas under supervision are also effective.
  • Posture is important. Do not maintain stressful postures for long, like sitting with a stoop or standing for long in a twisted position. Let slouching while sitting and stooping while standing not become a habit with you. Habitual bad posture can weaken the supporting muscles. Remember straight erect postures are the best.
  • The type of shoes you wear can also affect your posture. High heels may put more stress on your lower back by changing your posture. You might find it more comfortable to wear low or flat heels.
  • Never twist around to pick up anything. Stand up and turn and then pick it up. Your back does not have any springs. Hence avoid sudden and abrupt movements of the body.
  • While bending down to lift an object, bend with your knees instead of your back. Hold the object close to you. Straighten your legs to lift the object.
  • Lifting very heavy weights are likely to injure the back and it must never be carried out while bending over the weight. Seek help from others to lift heavier objects.
  • Your bed should be firm and hard bed with a board underneath and 2-3 inch mattress over it. It should support the spine while you sleep. Beds which sag in the middle or the softer ones can cause back pain quickly. If you take a pillow, then take a thin one.
  • How long you sit, where you sit and how you sit make a substantial difference in your risk for backache. Avoid chairs that abuse the back. Use chairs which do not slant much and which have a firm back support. Use footstools also. Read Simple tips for sitting also.
  • Take short breaks if your work requires long hours of sitting. Stand up and stretch.
  • In tense situations, spare a thought for your back, check your posture. A hunched posture and tense muscles at the nape of your neck is sure to finally lead to aches and pains. So relax, take a break.

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  1. Anant9:25 AM

    Standing up straight is also good for you physically. It helps you to breathe more easily by opening up your diaphragm, and it enables organs to operate to greater capacity. You'll also have less neck, shoulder and back aches when you maintain good posture. to improve your posture:The first tip is to be cognizant of how your standing. Posture becomes habit and developing a habit takes practice.Keep your shoulders square, your stomach in, your feet facing forward and your neck straight. Most importantly, keep your head lifted

  2. Savitri4:08 PM

    To get rid of backache pain, begin by soaking in a bathtub of warm water for approximately 30 minutes. After soaking in a soothing bath, lie on a firm surface with a heating pad, and if possible, stay off your feet for at least 24 hours. Use an over-the-counter pain relief product, and apply topical creams or gels such as Blue Goo Fast Acting Pain Relief Gel or another product containing menthol and pure emu oil. Always follow product label instructions on topical products as well as internal products to get rid of pain.

  3. Take 20 drops of tincture every 2 hours per day, or two 250 mg capsules four times per day.This is one of the most relaxing back pain remedies because it actually affects the nervous system.

  4. Thank you - These tips are pure GOLD. In have the personal experience that keeping the back strong in practicing specific back pain exercises is an excellent way to stay back pain free.
    Being a former back pain sufferer myself I have created a website about the various aspects of back pain.

  5. Ganesh4:39 PM

    get a hot water bottle and lay it on your lower back it'll help ease it a bit.

  6. unknown4:41 PM

    You can do simple exercises even while sitting or standing still. Roll shoulders and neck, rotate arms, hug arms across chest and rotate arms in figure of eight moves. Anything you do will help but do it gently, it shouldn't cause more pain. Don't be tempted to rest as this will aggravate it more. Try to do the exercises when you know pain is likely to strike, don't wait uintil it starts. Painkillers will screw up your stomach if you take them long term.

  7. Yoga Guru10:23 AM

    Most people know that we should practice good posture, but did you know that having good posture can actually help you get in shape and live a healthier lifestyle? Practicing good posture allows your bones, ligaments, and muscles to align properly. This leads to better productivity and more energy.

  8. Anonymous8:59 AM

    Your sleeping conditions can play a major role in your back pain. If you do not have a supportive mattress, then your back is going to hurt when you wake up, and over time you will have to endure persistent back pain. Your mattress is very important, and the best option is a memory foam mattress. They provide a comfortable cushion that isn’t so soft that you sink into it and your spinal alignment is offset. You should also resist the urge to sleep on your stomach if that is what you are used to. Sleeping on your stomach provides no support for your spine and back, and you will have back pain as a result. Sleep on back or on your side for optimal comfort – you will wake up with your back feeling good, so you will have an easier time maintaining your posture. The better you can make your back feel each night, the stronger it will become over time.

  9. Deeraj10:45 AM

    Put a cold compression/ice pack on the area, it helps reduce any swelling or inflammatin in the area and take some ibuprofen

  10. Anonymous9:15 AM

    Lay down on your back on the floor (indoors, it needs to be hard and solid, not a bed) and do some light stretches. Whilst on the floor; put your legs together and lift them up and down. Also make sure you posture is good at all times. Sleep on the floor even (on your back).

    Back pains are one of the most ongoing, lengthy problems someone can have, due to the spine and the back muscles being active in most daily positions, activities and constantly being used.
    Always remember; if muscles are hurting, it means they're healing or building. Pain is good.
    If the problems go on for longer than you think they should, see a doctors and they'll give you painkillers or find the deeper issue.

  11. Guruji10:00 AM

    To avoid the symptoms of back pain or their reoccurrence, it is very helpful to undertake some stretching exercises which concentrate on the back area.

  12. Anonymous10:19 AM

    Put a pillow under your back. And one more thing, find a better chiropractor that opens on weekends or ask your chiropractor what you can do when he is not available.

  13. Yoga Guru4:37 PM

    Paschim Uttaanasan (Head knee forward bend) - relieves stomach troubles, normalizes functioning of the nervous system.

  14. Treatment of backaches is possible by following a proper diet, by not sleeping on a soft bed and by practicing some selected asana.

  15. Yadav2:54 PM

    try sleeping on your side with a pillow between your knees


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