Applying Blusher

A blush highlights the cheekbones and lifts up the face in no time. But to use it on a regular basis or not is up to you. The kind of profession you are in, the circles you move in, the kind of personality you want to project etc. – all these things must be considered before you think of using a blusher on a regular basis, more so in the Indian milieu. But don’t hesitate to use it for outings, parties, functions, and the stuff. A pinkish shade for the day and a slightly darker one for the evenings is a standard choice. Check your shade in both natural and artificial lights and then make a choice.

woman applying blusher

How to apply blusher?
Blusher comes in cream, liquid and powder form. Read Powders and blushers. Blushers can be used to create stunning effects or special emphasis. The color should confirm the clothes worn and the lipstick to be used.

Use a blusher brush only, mainly because it is wedge shaped and applying it is easy. It should be applied to the raised area of the cheek while smiling, which is commonly called as the ‘apple’ of the cheek. It is to be blended upwards and outwards i.e. from the cheekbones towards the temples and the hairline. Then without taking any more blusher, pass the brush over your forehead, chin-area and bridge of the nose. The effect after application should be natural and should not stand out. A bad blush looks vary between a clown’s make-up and a rash.
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  1. Anonymous4:35 PM

    I always pucker my lips and suck in my cheeks to find my cheek bones. I start with a light pink blush stroking at the bottom of my cheek bones outward and then I apply a bronzer over the cheek bones blending in with the pink blush. That way I have a natural glowy look.

  2. Pallavi3:54 PM

    Applying in an upward motion gives you that drag look. I'm sure you don't want that. And applying the blush directly on the apples of your cheeks also gives you a drag look. Instead you start at the temples and work your way down. Blush is not supposed to be something that's visible, so if you see a noticeable difference, then you're applying too much. Use a bronzer in your skin tone range rather than a blush. They look more natural


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