Yogasanas – some points to remember

Asanas are certain (yogic) body postures which bring stability of body and mind. The body should be firm, yet relaxed without experiencing any discomfort while performing the asanas. By regular practice of certain asanas, one can develop lightness, steadiness and maintain good health. Asanas mainly work on the endocrine and the nervous system which are inter-related with other systems of the body. So whatever effects are produced on these two systems, get reflected on other systems. Thus they rectify the imbalance of the physiological system.
woman doing yoga on a mat

 Points for successful performance of asanas: 

 1. The ideal time for the asanas is early in the morning, on an empty stomach. The next best time would be at dusk, in the evening.

2. Ensure that there is a gap of at least 6 hours after a heavy meal and at least 1 hour after taking any liquid diet before performing the asanas.

3. Perform slowly and steadily.

4. Retain the asana comfortably.

5. Increase the time of retaining posture slowly.

6. In case of inability to retain the posture, repeat several times with ease.

7. Avoid all jerks while assuming and releasing.

8. Ensure that the correct posture is assumed and retained.

9. Know the purpose of each asana so that while retaining the posture, you can concentrate on the particular organ or part of the body which is intended to be exercised.

10. The breathing should be controlled and always through the nose and into the belly, while performing the asanas.

11. Start practicing from the simple postures and then take up the more difficult ones.

12. Perform ‘savasana’, the corpse pose to relax yourself after other asanas.

13. Warning: Practising Yoga in the wrong manner may not benefit and may lead to harm.

14. Guidance of an expert and experienced teacher is necessary.

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  1. Anonymous1:01 PM

    we should begin with basic yoga postures of the gentle surya namaskar before adding more postures to our yoga routines.

  2. Anonymous4:46 PM

    There are 2types of YOGA-- 1 is pranayam that helps u 2 get rid of physical barriers n u feel energetic n new.Other is dhyaan, that helps u 2gt out of mental abbrasion. you get calm n soothing mind.Indeed peace.
    in starting, just sit on earth(folding legs) n try to analyze 1 simple thought say(drinking water on a well) n throw that thought in a trash,,a divine trash--a flowing river. n feel dat feeling.try to witness dat scene.
    do it for 10min whenever u gt time.u will feel good!!!!


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