Foundation and concealing

Once you have followed the initial steps of cleansing, toning and moisturizing, your skin is ready for the application of foundation. Choose your foundation carefully. Read through the post Choosing the right foundation. Which foundation you prefer to use is a matter of personal preference, but no matter which type, always pay special attention to blending.

*If there are any blemishes on your face or dark circles around your eyes, a concealer with a shade lighter than your skin color – should be patted on them and the color blended in well with the fingertips.
* Next, use the foundation of your choice, preferably with a piece of slightly wet sponge with outward strokes for an even and smooth application. Or you can apply dots of foundation over the face and neck.
* For a more natural effect, mix the foundation with some water if you want the make-up to be very light. Make sure you leave no demarcation line.

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  1. Preeti8:43 AM

    I was thinking of buying good foundation .

  2. Raksha8:39 AM

    To get rid of red scars and birthmarks, use yellow-based concealers. Apply a matt primer to the scars before using drier concealers with high pigment level to cover them up. For raised scars use a slightly darker shade of concealer than your natural skin tone while lighter shade is for indented scars. Set with loose powder. To hide broken capillaries, you need a yellow-based concealer with a high pigment level and pointed fiber brush for precise application. Press the concealer using the fingertips and then dust with loose powder to let it set.

  3. Aarathi4:07 PM

    To blend foundation and powder, use a sponge around the edges. This creates a natural look.

  4. Anonymous4:12 PM

    Suck in your cheeks; like you're a fish. In a tapping, upward motion, apply blush to the cheek bones (which you can see when your cheeks are sucked in)

  5. When applying concealer, apply it gently with your ring finger in a dabbing motion. Do not rub. Then set it with loose powder. You can use your finger.

  6. Sharmila8:47 AM

    I want the concealer stick and the under eye concealer! Maybe I'll try the new cream foundation but I'm happy with the protective fluid one for the moment

  7. I need a safe foundation for mature skin, over 60

  8. Anonymous11:16 AM


    I am looking for a foundation for dry skin. Im a 20years old! I want a makeup that is long lasting and has a good coverage. I have tried mac studio sculpt and Shesiedo and Estee Lauder double wear and none of them seem to last past lunchtime. i also use mac mineralize over my foundation.I have clear enough skin it just looks a bit dull without makeup. Please help…

  9. What types of foundation are best for not enhancing facial hair. I am a 16 year old, blond hair, fair complected girl. I have sensitive skin with redness, mild acne, and I just have the typical peach fuzz but a bit heavier fuzz near my sides of my cheeks. If I do too much liquid foundation, it will turn the peach fuzz near my cheeks, orange. Please Help!!!

  10. Dhanya11:49 AM

    Don’t cover your entire face with foundation is one of the best make up beauty tips; concentrate on problem areas and blend well. Apply with your fingertip or a makeup sponge.

  11. Prafulla11:50 AM

    Concealer - Apply under your eyes to brighten your look. Choose a color closest to the skin tone above your jaw-line.


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