Everyday care for a beautiful skin

Here are a few simple tips for skin care which will give you a beautiful skin:

beautiful skin Riya Sen

1. Cleanse, tone and moisturize your face every morning and night and always before applying makeup.

2. A gentle face scrub with a natural sponge while bathing will improve circulation of skin and give it a healthy glow.

3. Don’t take your skin for granted. Use skin care products especially formulated only for your skin type.

4. Dry skin requires special care during winter to avoid that wrinkled look. Nourish it well with the right kind of cream.

5. Diet contributes a great deal, especially in the case of an oily skin. Eat right. Include a lot of fresh fruits and salads in your diet. Make sure you get plenty of vitamin C, either in natural form from citrus fruits and leafy vegetables or from medical preparations.

6. Sleep is important for fresh, lovely skin. Your skin replaces the old cells with new cells and renews itself while you are sleeping. If you sleep well, in the morning your skin will be glowingly fresh.

7. To rejuvenate tired skin, splash face with warm water and then with cold water. This stimulates the circulation.

8. If you tan easily try this simple remedy. Mix a tablespoon of curd with lime juice and honey and apply it to your face, neck arms and legs. Leave for 15 minutes. You can do this before a bath.

9. Make sure to cleanse all traces of make-up at the end of the day. This will prevent the pores from clogging.

10. Make caring for the skin a habit. Use a home-made face pack once a week. (You may refer to the various masks under the category Home made beauty aids.)

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  1. Anonymous5:13 PM

    Cleanse your face with your regular face wash. Antibacterial face wash can help acne-prone skin, but if it starts to over dry your skin, go back to the regular kind. If your skin is really dry, cleansing lotions that contain more oils or emollients that soften the skin are recommended.Rinse the soap off with warm (not hot) water. Use a gentle toner to help restore the pH balance of the skin and to remove any lingering traces of makeup or soap. If you have super oily skin, you can try out an astringent, which has a higher alcohol content than toners to remove more oil.

  2. Anonymous7:02 PM

    The list is truly helpful. However, I would like to add a few of my own tips. Drinking a lot of water is what is the first and foremost need of healthy skin and also regular exercise or yoga. Also keep lacto calamine lotion. handy for all the zits and break outs. It does wonders.

  3. Sheela10:38 AM

    Try to live a lifestyle of regularity, such as getting 7-8 hours of sleep each night, eating 3-4 meals per day at a consistent time each day and drinking plenty of water throughout the day. Believe it or not, a consistent, non-hectic lifestyle can do wonders on the health of your skin.

  4. Bubbly8:28 AM

    Use products that are all natural as possible.

  5. Anonymous8:29 AM

    Limit stress or learn to manage effectively. Stress both emotionally and physically is harmful. That works best and use it on a daily basis that the search activity stress reliever!


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