French manicure

A French manicure is one of the best and most versatile looks your nails can carry off. It is clean, sophisticated, looks natural and goes with any look or make-up. In this type of manicure, the tips of nails are painted white. And you can easily have your French manicure at home.

French manicure
  • Wipe off any old nail polish prior to painting your nails. Wash hands and soak in warm water for a few moments.

  • After the water has softened the skin, gently push back the cuticles.
    Shape your nails with a nail file.

  • With a steady hand, carefully paint only the tip of each nail with a white hue. A second coat may be desirable, depending on the thickness and opaqueness of the polish. Allow polish to dry between coats.

  • Using a slightly pink or nude color, paint the entire nail once the tips have dried. A second coat may be necessary.

  • Once all the coats have dried, apply a clear top coat to protect your new French manicure.

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  1. Anonymous12:26 PM

    The brushes they use at the salons are pretty much just paint brushes. You can get an inexpensive watercolor brush at Michael's and give it a shot. However, yes, you will remove some base coat using this method which is why it requires a quick, practiced hand. I do have a suggestion though- at most stores (i.e. Walgreens, CVS) they have French Manicure kits etc... which include the key to the perfect bottom line. There are small stickers that go on each nail, they are perfectly rounded and if you get them on nicely they work wonders. Sometimes you can buy them separately. I LOVE them.

  2. Anonymous4:29 PM

    french manicure is the one with the white tips on all finger nails...sweety??? its really beautiful but i personally believe in keeping it go for the natural tips they are soooooooo hot....i mean its not really easy to tell if it's fake nails or your nails...and they look sooooo neat and real....
    and remember that shape of the manicure also has a huge impact on how your nails look and if it truely suits you or blend in your style and your manners...what i mean is that...if they are too long they just dont make you look really would look like a drama queen...if you make it atleast a normal/average length above your real nails you will look soooo hot!;)
    ok if you still wanna do a real french manicure(white tips on the acrylics) then you must tell the person doing it to please make a nice oval or round shape...the square shape makes women look fake and it easily breaks than the other two shapes.....good luck beatiful!!!:-) im sure what ever you will choose will look hot on you...
    please dont put nail art on them...they dont look nice...nail art is better on pedicure.
    if you are fair or light in skin colour get a very light pink colour for the coat....if you are dark keep it on a clear polish:-).

  3. Aishwarya9:12 AM

    Get a white nail pen and draw a white line on the tip of every fingernail! it looks good! I do it all of the time! Then when it dries, paint over the whole nail with clear polish so the nail it shiny and the white part stays on longer!!

  4. Tapasya10:19 AM

    I am going to try this for school tomorrow.
    or someday soon. :]

  5. Aishwarya2:45 PM

    To extend the life of your French manicure and to keep your nails nice and looking well-groomed, you should make it a point to apply an extra layer of top coat on your nails every night.

  6. Expert4:12 PM

    French manicures would be great if the initial sittings are done at the saloon

  7. Vanita9:37 AM

    if you paint your nails with clear nail polish every other day, you can keep you french manicure looking nice for about 2 weeks


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