Powder and blusher

Powder:woman applying powder
Once you have finished applying and blending the foundation and concealer, you can now apply powder. Use a good compact or transclucent powder to ‘set’ in. Use a soft velvet puff and apply gently all over and take special care over the bridge of the nose, under the eyes and below the mouth. Many women forget the nose part and then complain of a shiny nose! Since the powder is used to the keep the foundation in order, use a shade same as the base or maybe, a tint lighter but never darker as sweating may make it look patchy. The right powder helps create a flawless finish for all skin types.

Blusher, when applied properly, adds beautiful color to your face. There are 3 types of blushers.
1. Gel blushers: Gel blushers have a transparent effect. For best results, apply over moisturizer or light foundation. Do not apply gel blusher over powder.

2. Cream blusher: Cream blushers should be blended over your cheekbones on a foundation base. Powder can be applied over it.

3. Powder blusher: Powder blusher should be applied after you have finished powdering your face with loose powder. Always blend the blusher till the effect looks natural and not too made up. The idea of wearing perfect make-up is to keep the layers of make-up as thin as possible so that the end-result is a soft and dewy complexion that looks completely natural.

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  1. Beena3:59 PM

    Opt for an oil-free powder if you have oily skin.

  2. Anonymous4:08 PM

    This is best with loose powder. After you apply the foundation, apply a (loose) translucent powder and softly press it into the foundation. Then dust off the excess powder. Apply a very fine, very light mist of water over the powder and let it air dry. When I say a fine mist, I mean a very fine mist. The best way to apply a fine mist is to fill the sink with the hottest water from the tap and let the steam rise up on your face. You can repeat this process if you like. After it has completely dried, add another dusting of powder.

  3. Prathvi9:04 AM

    Dip a powder puff into loose powder and lightly press over the areas that are prone to oiliness. This will absorb excess oil throughout the day, and leave your skin beautifully matte. Dust off any excess.


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