Some tips for summer

1) Drink at least 12 glasses of water or diluted fruit juices in a day. It is very important to drink water because your body needs water to prevent dehydration during warm summer days & also to keep the skin moisturized and clean.

2) Avoid too many aerated drinks, or too much tea and coffee as these are diuretic and will cause water loss to the body.

3) Bathing twice a day is one of the ways or looking and feeling cool in summer.

4) If excessive perspiration is your problem, then use deodorants to sweat-prone areas.

5) Wear light, preferably white, loose fitting clothing to help you stay cooler.

6) For morning walkers: Complete your walking routine by 8 a.m. Or walk in the shade. Do not drink water immediately after a brisk walk or jogging.

7) Maintain your energy level by limiting your intake of fat and sugar; focus on carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables. Avoid greasy fried food, fish & meat. If possible turn vegetarian in summer or keep meat dishes to the minimum.

8) Buttermilk is a cooling beverage that supplies nutrients to your skin and helps to keep it from drying out. Sweet or salted lassi made of thinned buttermilk is an ideal summer refreshener.

9) Know your body. If you are feeling ill, see a doctor. Many people either have sunstroke or die due to extreme heat conditions, especially the old and frail.

10) Get plenty of quality rest each night. Keep your bedroom cool, dark and comfortable and sleep on cotton or linen sheets.

11) Avoid over exposure to the sun. Protect your head with a cap or any other material. Do not expose the back of your neck to harsh and direct sunlight.

12) Use a sunscreen to protect your skin.

13) Use sunglasses to protect your eyes. Do ensure that you are using a reliable brand so that you do not harm your eyesight.

14) Every evening splash lots of cool water on your eyes. When you can, soak some cotton pads in cool water and place them over closed eyes for 10 minutes.

15) Rest during the hottest parts of the day (especially middle of the day)

16) Avoid heavy shoes and socks as far as possible. Wear sandals and slippers which will keep the feet well-aired.

17) Hair is best worn tied back or secured under a band during summer.

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  1. Aruna3:33 PM

    Even the dry skin gets rest in the season of summer. The persons having oily skin should wash their face several times in a day. Use skin toner or linger astringent for cleaning the face. If you have pimples on your face, then use medicated soap.
    Use moisture, soap or face wash for skin.

  2. Anonymous4:19 PM

    A healthy summer eating tip- it’s all about staying light. You wouldn’t like a heavy meal in summers that weighs you down, makes you feel sluggish and makes your body work hard in mounting heat and humidity.Have more of fresh fruits and vegetables. You can easily pick up fruits like bananas, peaches and raspberries to eat as snacks. Also, cut down on your fat and sugar intake. To stay healthy during summers, you need to ensure that you do not overload your stomach with heavy meal. Also, give up your habit of munching something at night after meals as that can not only lead to indigestion, but also unnecessary addition of calories.

  3. Meghana9:21 AM

    Daily home care home made face packs prepared with yogurt, honey and egg is very effective on the dead cells.


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