September 18, 2006

Crimp your hair for beauty

How do you like your hair to be? Straight, curled or …. Crimping your hair can be the right answer to alter your personality and give you a ‘mod’ look. Straight hair can be made wavy and curly hair can acquire a straight look by crimping.
How to crimp your hair?
* Choose a good quality crimper for acquiring a beautiful mane. Crimper comes with a range of wave making plates which can be inserted into the appliance for creating waves of required size on your hair. A plug is available on one end of the crimper. Just plug it in and switch on.
* Heat the crimper for about 15 minutes. Take care that the equipment is not overheated.
*Shampoo your hair and blow dry before the crimper is applied.
* Take a small layer of hair and clamp on the hot crimper. Care should be taken that the hot crimper does not touch the neck and scalp. Hold the hair tight inside the crimper for about 40 seconds. Unclamp the crimper and repeat the operation till your hair is completely crimped.
* You now have an amazing new look with wavy tresses. Just changing the plates of the crimper will give you straight hair if it is curly. Or you may even try out a combination of both waves and straight look for your hair by alternating between various plates.
Category: Hair care
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  1. Anonymous5:27 PM

    Use some clay, mud, wax whichever the best suited for your hair, and piece the ends outs. Take small sections and crimp one piece at a time. Try to do one in the front, one at each side and a few in the back. The crimping is not supposed to take over the style just enhance it. Turn it into va-voom!

    The best part is that it's so easy you can do it yourself.


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