Women and Body Image: Learn to Love Your Flaws

OK, so here's the thing: Have you ever sat and thought about what a flaw actually is? According to most dictionaries, it's defined as being a "defect", a "fault" or a "blemish". So already, in discussing the topic of women as it relates to body image, in thinking about "flaws", who really determines what those are?

Some women are self-conscious about their full lips while others are getting collagen injections left and right.

It wasn't too many years ago when having a full behind was frowned upon and now women are getting implants and wearing foundation under their clothes to provide the illusion that they have larger buttocks that they actually do.

These are just two examples of why women shouldn't look at their faces or bodies as having "flaws". And, we have actually three tips on how we all can start embracing ourselves for who we really and truly are: individuals.

Stop making comparisons.

You will never look like Eva Mendes or Zoe Saldana, but you know what? They also will never look like you and if you think that doesn't even compare, it all depends on who you ask.

Some guys may find Eva's mole to be unattractive while others may think that Zoe is way too petite. This is why it's never a good idea to compare yourself to another woman. It only sets you up to envy what you'll never have and who you'll never be and who you shouldn't be.

Besides, why would you want to be someone else anyway? As a wise man once said, when two people are just like one of them is unnecessary. You are one of a kind and that automatically makes you exceptional.

Celebrate your individuality.

Anything done to the extreme is counterproductive, including cosmetic surgery. Isn't it interesting that when a lot of women go in for breast implants or a rhinoplasty, they will either look at or bring in the picture of someone else's body part(s) to show what they want to look like?

What would the world be like if we all stopped looking at what we have or don't have a "flaws" and celebrated every part of ourselves for what they really are: special, signature things that make us truly one of a kind: individuals who can never be duplicated.

Accept what you can't change. Improve what you can.

Every woman is not going to have an hourglass shape and that's OK. If you are not one of them, rather than mulling over what you can't change, how about focusing instead on the things that you can?

Make yourself some spa dates. Get a new hair cut or upgrade your wardrobe. Sign up for some yoga or strength training classes or go walking or riding on some electric mobility scooters with friends over the weekends.

Each day is precious and so don't waste one more not accepting yourself. You are beautiful and your presentation to this world is intentional. Stop looking at yourself as being someone with physical "faults" and start loving your mirror's reflection for being just what it's supposed to be: you.

And that's more than enough. As a wise woman once said, half the battle is not facing what you look like, but getting past what you think that you look like. Very wise words, indeed.

(Guest Post by Carol)

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  1. Anonymous3:19 PM

    accepting flaws is just accepting someone

  2. Sirin3:21 PM

    Exercise also helps many people feel better about themselves. I personally don't really like exercise, so I stick more towards meditation, which helps me a lot.

  3. Farukh3:21 PM

    Right now, before you let other's opinions-society- or your own dislikes ruin your chances. Love yourself flaws and all. REspect yourself! read some self help books, they helped me!

  4. Shive3:22 PM

    Do some soul searching and find out who you are. Remind yourself that no one is perfect, least of all one of us. Move in directions tthat provide long term benefits

  5. I do agree with all these points.I think its important for everyone to appreciate and embrace what they have.Everyone of us was created different therefore admiring another woman's assets serves no good.Isn't it strange that what you hate about yourself is the exact thing a man next door might be looking for in a woman?


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