Top Reasons You Should Never Apply Your Makeup While Driving

It is amazing what you can see people doing when they are driving down the road. Even though it’s illegal in some states, you still always see people texting. But what about all the other things, like reading and eating, changing clothes and applying makeup? Aren’t these just as dangerous?

Just like texting, there are plenty of reasons why you shouldn’t apply makeup when you are driving.

Never Apply Makeup While Driving

Let’s start with the biggies…

It’s dangerous!  

When you are doing something while driving other than driving, your focus isn’t 100% on the road. That’s why states have outlawed texting while driving and some, like California, have banned talking on the phone if it’s not hands-free.

So if you are busy putting makeup on while driving and looking in the mirror, your eyes aren’t where they should be.

You can clearly cause an accident. Maybe it would be just a bump to another car or something that only involves you and no one is hurt. But you could also cause a death. As new drivers are taught, you have to be as aware of everyone else as you are yourself.

If you’re busy lining your eyes or putting on that second coat of mascara, you could easily get in an accident that could affect your and someone else’s life forever.

Even stopped at a red light isn’t really the time to apply makeup; you could easily roll into the car in front of you or go before it’s your turn due to being distracted, which leads to another reason…

car accident

You need to focus on driving!  

All drivers know what happens if their passenger all of a sudden says “Go” when the light turns green. You go. Sometimes on instinct before you really check everything out. It’s because you weren’t paying attention.

The same goes for applying makeup when driving. Even if you think you’re aware, you can’t have all of your focus on the road and the cars around you if you’re putting on makeup. Just focus on driving!

ticket for applying makeup and texting while driving
Some officers will pull people over for applying makeup just as they will for texting or anything else that distracts them from driving. You could get a ticket that will cost you big bucks. Tickets and even minor accidents can cause your car insurance to go up.

But if these aren’t good enough reasons for you because you believe you are always fully in control, look at it this way…

It can get messy, and you’ll look better if you put your makeup on at home! 

Do you really want to spill that expensive bottle of liquid foundation on your new sweater or down the seat of your car? What happens when you go over a bump and break off your new lipstick or drop your lip gloss? Messy!

You’ll look much better if you take the time at home to use a real mirror in a non-moving environment. You can get even coverage and your lipstick can stay on your lips, not trail down your chin. Just take those few extra moments at home so you can look your best and maybe save a life or two at the same time!

woman doing makeup at home

Just as texting is dangerous, so are all those other routines people tend to do in the car. Take the time and put your makeup on before you get in the car or when you arrive at your destination. Just not while you’re driving!

Heather Legg is a blogger who writes about style tips, healthy lifestyles, and fashion trends.

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  1. Indeed. I'll have to show this to my sister. She has been taking make up courses and trying to practice a bit while she's driving. Thanks for sharing!


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