Five Tips to Look Fabulous for Your 7am Class

So, somehow you got what so many college students try to avoid: A 7a.m. class. And, if you're trying to get there on time, this probably means that you are up by around 6am, right? That's definitely an early time of the day to try and look your best.

alarm clock

It's an early time to think about it, but it's certainly not an impossible thing to do.

Do you want some tips on how to look "noontime fabulous" first thing in the morning? If so, we have five great ways that will be sure to have you appearing "bright-eyed and bushy tailed", even if you'd really rather just go back to sleep:

Get some rest the night before. 

As much as we may not want to admit it, as much as we may want to hang out with our friends all night, the reality is that one of the best beauty tips that anyone can apply is to get plenty of rest. In order to have a fresh-looking face, 6-8 hours is an absolute must.

Preplan your outfit. 

There's a pretty good chance that each morning, you're going to debate with yourself about the fact that you can sleep for 10 more minutes (and then possibly 10 more).

Then, by the time that you do actually get out of bed, you'll be rushing to get showered and dressed.

This could mean dirty jeans and a wrinkled shirt. You can avoid that simply by picking out your outfit (and ironing it) the night before.

Use water (on your face).  

A shower will wake your body up, but cool water will perk up the skin on your face (as well as close up your pores).

If you would like to give off a fresh dewy look, it also doesn't hurt to get a spray bottle and fill it almost to the top with some distilled water and then a few drops of tea tree oil (make sure to not spray it directly into your eyes, though). It's a wonderful antiseptic and it proves a nice, little sheen.

Don't forget mascara and lip gloss. 

OK, say that you're going to have big test tomorrow in your masters education class and this is one time when you haven't been able to get as much sleep as you need (or would like).

You put your head down at 3:30 (a.m., that is) and already your alarm is letting you know that it's time to start a new day. If this is the case, probably the last thing on your mind is putting on a full face of makeup, but even so, there are two things that you absolutely cannot go without: mascara and lip gloss.

 Mascara will make your eyes appear larger (and brighter) and lip gloss is simply a "must have accessory". There is no class that's so demanding that you should show up with crusty lips.

Eat something. 

Energy is a wonderful beauty accessory and a great way to get a bit of an energy boost is to start off with breakfast in the morning.

If you can't make it to the student union in time for a full meal, make sure to at least have some fruit, yogurt or nuts and to take some water along with you. The little "shot of sugar" will kick in by the first few minutes of class. Excellent.

(Guest Post by Carol)

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  1. Other than alarm clocks, use a timer on a light in your bedroom that will turn on at the time you need to wake up. I find that alarm clocks on cell phones are quite good because you can set them to go off with whatever melody you need to.

  2. Try eating healthier, going to bed earlier, and don't eat food before you go to sleep. All of those things will get you up earlier,


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