In-Flight Beauty Tips to Help You Look Fabulous When You Land

There's nothing like the excitement that comes with knowing that in just a matter of one airplane flight's time, you will get to see your significant other, or meet up with some friends for a weekend, or even meet your new employer.

And if there's one thing that all of these scenarios have in common, it's that you definitely want to do all that you can to make sure that you put your best face forward (literally). So, if you need some in-flight beauty tips that will have you looking "effortlessly fabulous" once you land, we have five that will accomplish just that:

Put your cosmetic bag in your purse. Initially, it might seem obvious to say, but you might be surprised about how many people actually pack their cosmetics in their luggage rather than in their purse. Due to security restrictions, you don't want to put a lot of liquids in your bag, but do make sure that you have a compact mirror, a tube of concealer, some translucent power and blush, waterproof mascara and lipstick and a brush in tow.

Hydrate. If you've been on a flight that lasts longer than a couple of hours, it's always a good idea to run bit of water over your face. If you're not comfortable using what comes out of the sink in the airplane bathroom, ask the flight attendant for a cup of ice, let the ice cubes melt a bit and then either sprinkle the water onto your face and rub the cubes under your eyes to provide a bit of a natural "perk your up". Then pat your face dry with a napkin.

Use a bit of concealer. Concealers are great because they come in little portable tubes that can provide you with a touch-up in just a matter of moments without feeling like you have on a full face of makeup. Make sure to dab a bit on under your eyes, along with your forehead, chin and any place where there may be an unsightly blemish. Then simply blend it in with the tips of your fingers. You can then lightly dust on some translucent power to set it onto your face. Then brush on a bit of blush and you're good to go.

Don't forget your mascara and lipstick. Hands down, the two "must haves" for any woman's face is some waterproof mascara and her favorite shade of lipstick. Make sure to apply a fresh coat of mascara onto your eyelashes and if you got onto the plane with lipstick already on, use a napkin to remove the old layer and then reapply. If you would like your lips to have more of a glossy shine and you have a little bit of petroleum jelly in your purse as well, put a few dots of lipstick on the back of your hand and then add just a bit of jelly to it. Mix that together and then dab it onto your lips. (Petroleum jelly can also add a bit of additional natural-looking shine to your eyelids too.)

Run a brush through it. If you fell asleep on the flight while reading your favorite fashion magazine or looking at the airline's ads for hotel and flight deals on their monitor, there's a good chance that your hair has gotten a bit messy or (slightly) matted. Of all of the things that we've already discussed, this is the one that you definitely should not ignore. Make sure to run a brush through your hair. If you've lost some of your curl, pull it into a ponytail. If your hair is short, make sure that you had a hat in your purse as well. Once you get from the airport to where you're staying, you can do something major. For now, you just want a "quick fix" so that you make a fresh first impression. A ponytail or hat can do the trick.

(Guest Post by Carol)

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