What Your Feet Say About Your Overall Health

When you look down at your toes, beyond thinking, "Man, it's time that I get a pedicure!" you're probably not putting too much thought into them. So, it may surprise you that your feet can actually tell you a lot about the state of your overall health (a big reason why reflexology is so important in the healthcare field). If you're wondering what are some of the "foot signs" (and potential warnings) that you should be looking out for are, down below we have enclosed five of them:


"Poor" looking toenails. By this we mean toenails that appear slightly sunken in or are really light or blue in color. A concave or spoon-like toe nail could be the sign of your feet not getting enough iron, which might be an indication that you are (borderline) anemic. When your nails don't have a natural pink hue, you may have some poor circulation going on within the body.

Sores on the feet (that won't heal). If you have a sore on your one of your feet that doesn't heal in a normal amount of time, this is considered to be a clear sign of potentially having diabetes. That's because high levels of glucose within our systems can ultimately lead to nerve damage at the bottom of our feet.

Constant foot cramps. An occasional cramp is one thing. But, if you have what you would describe as being "constant charley horses", that's not something that you should overlook. Although on the onset, it may indicate that you are simply dehydrated, it may also be a sign that you are low in much-needed vitamins and minerals including calcium, magnesium and potassium. If you are a pregnant woman, this is especially vital to take notice of because both you and your baby may be experiencing certain levels of deficiencies that need to be corrected just as soon as possible.

Cold feet. Yeah, this is usually a phrase that is reserved for (some) men on their wedding day, but if you've been feeling cold in your toes, it may actually be a sign that you have some kind of a thyroid irregularity within your system. By making an appointment with your doctor or going to a foot care specialist like Cincinnati foot care, Dallas foot care or one in an area closer to where you live, they will be able to run some tests to see if you have what is known as an "underfunctioning thyroid". If you do, that would be the cause for your body temperature and metabolism not being thoroughly regulated.

Pitted toenails. If you've been wondering if you might have psoriasis, one vastly confirming sign is if you have little holes (that basically look like pits) on top of your nail bed. As far as their actual appearance, they can vary from looking really shallow to really deep. While we're on this particular "feet symptom", roughly three-fourths of people with psoriatic arthritis also have pitted toenails. Unlike the other signs that we discussed, there isn't too much room for variation with this one, so if you see these, be sure to make a doctor's appointment just as soon as possible. It's always better to be safe than sorry. From head to toe.

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(Guest Post by Carol)

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  1. Seema9:54 AM

    they can tell if you have either a condition or an underlying condition from what your feet are doing, or look like, or don't look like, or even feel like;

  2. That pitted toenails thing you're talking about is quite new to me. Maybe I should go chat with those foot doctors and get some more explanations on it.


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