How to Make the Most Out of the Retreating Summer

Winter is soon approaching and you are left with only few days to enjoy the sun and the summer. You might have been busy throughout the season and now when the bright sun is about to bid goodbye you want to enjoy and make the most of it. Don’t worry as there are still some days left and you can do quite a bit to make it a memorable summer. Just be ready to drive the blues away, get out of that couch, breathe some fresh air and soak up some sun.

Change Your Look
get a makeover Before you start planning trips and vacations get a makeover. Believe it or not nothing works better than a personal makeover to kick start a happy session. Get a nice haircut; buy some bright new clothes, sandals etc. Ladies go get the nails painted in vibrant shades. Basically, prepare yourself for some good old fun. Try to feel the spirit of summer and mould yourself accordingly you will already start feeling cheerful and joyous inside.

Sun and Sand Right?
sun and sand Now plan a trip to the beach. What works better than playing, relaxing, and enjoying on a bright sunny day on the beach? Soak up the sun and throw yourself in the sea for some high energy excitement. Slip on some shorts, bikinis, racer backs, florals – don’t be afraid to feel like a superstar in shades, that’s what summer is all about.

Gorge up!
woman eating icecream It is the best time to indulge in some rather sumptuous delicacies that are your favourite. With all the running and playing around you can afford to go slightly overboard with the food and drinks. Do not forget to enjoy the ice cream while the best season for it lasts. Don’t keep counting calories you can do that later, as long as you’re enjoying the last trail of summer let your hedonistic side take over.

Go Shutter Happy
woman clicking photos Last but not the least, get that camera out and start clicking some pictures. Having fun is great but enjoying the pictures later is sometimes even better. Remember, these moments will never some back in the same form, seize them on film or a memory card and they are yours forever to cherish. Mix up your shots with some artistic sunsets, family moments, crazy angles and funny quirks. The idea is to capture the spirit of your enjoyment, do it from ever possible point of view. Be surrounded with your loved ones and go have a blast.

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