One Week Before Big Event Beauty Prep Tips

So, you have a big event coming up, eh? Whether it's a wedding or prom or first date or a romantic vacation...even if it's a graduation or a job interview, you always want to look your absolute best and that happens when you have a beauty preparation plan firmly put in place.

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Leading up to about a week before your "happening", this is the time to really get focused on your beauty regimen. This includes about five tips that can have you looking absolutely stunning without appearing that you had to put a ton of effort into doing so:

Go to your hairstylist. 

If you love your hairstyle or if you feel like it's time for a bit of a change, either way, you need to see your hair stylist so that you can get a good conditioning and trim.

If you do want to try something a bit drastic like a new color or haircut, by going a week before instead of the day before, it gives you time to adjust to your look as well as time to learn how to style it on your own.

Have a manicure and pedicure. 

You can have the most dolled-up face on the entire planet, but if your nails are all kinds of lengths or your polish is chipping, it tends to leave a pretty poor impression.

Therefore, it's imperative that you go to a nail salon to have your nails done. As far as your toes, well, if you're going to be showing your feet with sandals or open-toe heels, this is why it's smart to have them "picture perfect" too.

Get a makeover. 

Have you been wearing the same color lipstick for as long as you can remember? If so, that's a good reason to use this time to try something new. There are a lot of makeup lines in department stores that will do a makeover for you for free or next-to-nothing.

Even if you don't want to go all out, they are still experts when it comes to recommending the best colors and kinds (like powders, creams, etc.) that are best for your complexion, skin texture and the type of event that you're going to.

Sleep and eat well. 

You can do all kinds of beauty prepping on the outside, but if you are bloated and sleep-deprived, you're still not going to end up looking your absolute best. The week leading up into your big event, make sure that you eat well and that you get plenty of sleep. A relaxed face is always the best kind of canvas.

Focus on the details. 

Whether you're getting married in cathedral or going to the Mohegan Sun Arena for a special show, being a flawless beauty always lies in the details. Make sure that your shoes fit well and that they're clean.

Pick out accessories that will really make your outfit pop. Try on your outfit a couple of times to make sure that it complements your body well. When the details are taken care of, you can then focus on the bigger picture: Enjoying your night (or day) out on the town!

(Guest Post by Carol)

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  1. Saroj3:28 PM

    care for under eye bags,
    Drink lots of water,
    Deep cleansing mask. Give yourself a mini spa hour. Start with a mud mask and 15 minutes off your feet.
    Whiten Teeth

  2. Thank you for the great tips!
    You are amazingly talented, I am blessed to have your help!

  3. Charu3:33 PM

    Go both your hairstylist and makeup artist to assess if any changes need to be made.

  4. Wax your hair down there, as well as your legs, underarms, eyebrows and upper lip.
    Catch up on your beauty rest. Sleep is a necessity for looking the part of a beautiful bride.
    Eliminate sugar, carbs and carbonated beverages from your diet to banish any signs of bloating.
    Relax by getting a massage or schedule some down time for yourself.


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