Tacky or Tasteful: Kelly Osbourne's $250K Manicure

We little people often marvel at the fantastic and frivolous star treatments that our favorite celebrities receive in their bid to make the "best dressed" lists for red carpet events. And most of us understand that the hair, makeup, clothing, and accessories are often provided free of charge by stylists and designers looking to take advantage of the ubiquitous name-dropping that is part and parcel of such events. And yet, it seems that there are still occasions where celebrities can go too far in their efforts to outdo their A-list brethren. Kelly Osbourne, cohost of E! show 'Fashion Police', apparently crossed the line when she showed up for the Emmys sporting $250,000 worth of glittering black diamonds on her nails after bragging about her stunning manicure via Twitter. But were people more ticked about the outrageous cost of her polish or the tactless way in which she shared the experience?

In truth, the daughter of rocker Ozzy and 'The Talk' cohost Sharon didn't have to pay a dime for this headline-grabbing hand treatment. Like most celebs, she was asked to wear the polish, likely under the condition that she talk it up. After being attacked for spending so much money on her nails, the reality star and fashion icon tweeted that she did not actually pay for the polish. Had she left it at that the backlash may have died down. But instead she defended her initial position, saying that she didn't regret wearing the Azature product, said to include 267 carats worth of black diamonds per bottle, and that it made her feel like a queen. In the meantime, critics were quick to point out that the money required for that bottle of polish could have fed a third-world country (a statement that is fairly presumptuous, but hey, people are angry).

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So was Kelly's manicure tacky or tasteful? The majority of opinions seem to lean towards the former conclusion, but this likely has less to do with the price of her polish than the way in which she handled the public backlash. The manicure itself was gorgeous and trendy, incorporating not only the dark shades that are permeating fall nail colors, but also the move towards adding sparkle and shine to nail art of late. So you could say that the manicure itself was tastefully done. But as many incensed Twitter followers pointed out, she could have gotten a similar polish at the drugstore for less than ten bucks. Of course, she got hers for free.

However, the way the starlet responded clearly added fuel to the fire. In addition to defending her decision to wear the polish, she went on to say that it was a "once in a lifetime experience", but she didn't like knowing that she had "unintentionally offended anyone". In truth, the main problem could be that she never actually apologized for anything, skirting the issue with statements like "please forgive me for not regretting it" that showed no remorse at all.

Of course, this is a game that celebrities have to play. If she doesn't toe the line for the designers who clothe and accessorize her she'll soon find that no one wants to provide her with red-carpet-worthy ensembles. So maybe she felt like she couldn't back off from her initial play without doing her patrons a discredit. But her attitude hasn't won her any points with the public, if the latest beauty news outlets are any indication. So the final verdict seems to be as follows: the nails themselves were more or less tasteful, but the star sporting them falls decidedly on the tacky side.

(Guest Post by Carol)

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  1. For me personally, I have come to really respect Kelly. She has really cleaned up her act in every conceivable way and has matured into a beautiful, classy, bright, articulate, funny young woman. I will always be of the belief that one can spend their money however they choose, regardless of the cost. You might not agree with their choices but who cares. It's nobody's business. Wealthy people should never have to feel embarrassed or feel like they have to explain or apologize for their wealth and possessions. It's THEIR money. However, particularly in this terrible economy, which in my opinion is not going to get better any time soon despite what our politicians try to make us believe, and all the Americans without jobs, healthcare, homes, etc., I did find it extremely tasteless NOT that Kelly had the manicure, but that she discussed the price endlessly. I'm sure that there were many celebrities at the event who were wearing jewelry far more expensive, millions of dollars worth of jewels, not to mention the cost of the dresses, shoes, handbags, etc., all loaned to them by designers looking for publicity, and while the celebrities always disclose the names of the designers, I've never heard any celebrity discuss the price. Even if Kelly had paid for the manicure herself, while I think it's a ridiculous way to spend money regardless how much one possesses, that's her choice. What I did find offensive, what really got me annoyed at her to the point where just seeing her now makes me angry, is how she repeatedly discussed the price over and over and over and over with a pompousness that irritated me and apparently many others to the core. Right now, I can't even watch the E Fashion Show that she co hosts because just watching her bothers me so much. I think it will take time for people to forget her unfortunate choice, not to wear the polish but her behavior. But just like everything else in life, or rather in fantasyland, Hollywood, this too shall pass!


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