Get The Most Out Of Exercises This Fall

The weather may get colder as fall hits, but it is your chance to turn up the heat on your exercise routines. Waiting to get in shape until winter is difficult because it is too tempting to lounge inside and hibernate. Autumn temperatures make it easier to exercise outside after the sweltering heat of summer. These indoor and outdoor fall exercises help burn off the pounds and ensure you will be ready to indulge a little when you see a Thanksgiving feast.

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Calf raises are a great warm up activity or can be turned into an exercise. Stand up straight, or balance an arm on a chair or outdoor bench if you need more support. Lift one leg in the air while stretching the calf muscle. Raise the leg for 30 seconds before switching. A few of these help you prepare for a stronger workout. You can also add difficulty to this stretch by holding a leg in the air longer, switching legs quickly and repeatedly, adding leg weights or using arm weights in addition to raising the leg.

Women often balance work, family and friends and are natural multitaskers. Similarly, the best workouts also allow you to get many things done at once. Hip raises are great because you control the intensity, they reduce back pain and they work multiple areas of the body. Hip raises begin with the knees bent while the rest of the body is laying flat. The abs, lower back and hamstrings are worked as you use only them to lift your hips off the ground. Do 10 of these before taking a break, and repeat the process as much as you like. This can be done inside or outside on a mat, in the grass or lying on a porch or driveway.

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Cycling and running are best during fall months. Crisp weather makes workouts more intense because your body has to burn more calories to warm up. Plus, the air is not too cold and will feel invigorating as you try different trails, use familiar paths or push yourself to new limits. Vary your intensity to get the most out of running or cycling by going hard for a certain amount of time then easing up. If you get distracted while exercising, then stay motivated by listening to music or enjoying the fall scenery.

Some fall days are a great excuse to wear a favorite sweater or workout outfit while others make it impossible to go outside. Use home gym equipment instead of venturing outdoors on bad days.
Treadmills create a cardio workout, and ellipticals provide resistance while you imitate running, walking or climbing stairs. Soccer balls and Swiss balls are easy buys that allow you to do stretches or sit ups while moving on the ball. This allows for a more dynamic and versatile experience.

Take advantage of the fall weather to get the best workout possible. Enjoy running and exercising outdoors, or stay inside and establish healthy habits to last through the fall and winter!

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