5 Reasons to Clean and Maintain Your Makeup Brushes

OK, here's a quick question: When you first bought your foundation or blush and you started using the brush that came with it, since you've been using it, how many times have you washed the brush out? If you can't remember if you ever have, that is a surefire sign that this article was written just for you!

Although we don't really purchase makeup with the applicators and brushes in mind, the reality is that we should because they are not just the tools to make putting on makeup easier, but they are also the items that rub against our skin, which also means our pores. So, if they are not clean, it can really pose a bit of an unsightly problem---five of them, specifically, that we can think of. Are you curious about what those are?

Not cleaning and maintaining your brushes can...

Keep old makeup on them. If the thought of sleeping with makeup on your face only to go out the next day with your "old face" still on seems a bit gross, then you definitely want to make sure that you keep your brushes clean because when you don't, essentially, you are doing the same thing: You are applying a new layer of makeup mixed in with some from the day, week and perhaps even month before.

Coat your face with dead skin and debris. Makeup brushes don't just help to put makeup on; they can also assist in removing the dirt and debris that may be on the surface layers of our skin. So, if you're not washing them out on consistent basis, it won't be long until the bristles are coated with those things and you'll find yourself actually reapplying them back onto your pores rather than removing them.

Give your skin plenty of bacteria. One particular brush that definitely needs regular attention is a mascara brush. You can very easily find yourself with an eye infection or a stye (which is technically a form of an eye infection) because you either kept your mascara (and the mascara wand) for longer than six months or you didn't rinse it off after using it (customarily every other day or so). In line with this, as a heads up, if you have had an eye infection, once it has cleared up, do not return to that same tube. As a preventative measure, definitely purchase a new one.

Clog up your pores. If you have naturally oily skin, the sebum from your face is something else that can become a thin layer your makeup brushes. So, even if you wash your face before applying your makeup, after a week or so, there is still enough oil that has accumulated onto your brushes that will end up doing more harm than good. A lot of people will experience breakouts simply due to the fact that they didn't keep their brushes clean, so make sure that you clean yours.

Cause you to purchase them more often. Anything that is not consistently cared for ends up having a shorter shelf life than it should. So, make sure to hold your brushes under lukewarm water and wash them with a bit of basic dishwashing liquid and a dab of virgin olive oil (the oil keeps the bristles from becoming brittle). Once you have rinsed them off, put them on a towel on your sink with the bristles pointed downward (to prevent the glue from being ruined by the water). This will keep your brushes clean and around for several months rather than just a few.

(Guest Post by Carol)

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