Top 5 Tips for Cultivating Your Inner Beauty

We have plenty of products and procedures to make us look good on the outside, but if you're insides don't match, all the makeup and hairspray in the world won't be enough to convince people that you're an all-around beautiful person. The truth is that sometimes the world gets us down. Between hectic schedules, killer commutes, demanding bosses, and never-ending obligations, we can lose sight of what really matters: our own health and happiness and the same for those we love. So here are just a few ways to get back to your own happy place so that your inner beauty gets a much-needed boost.

Read a book. Your mind works in all kinds of different ways and if you don't exercise it you'll start to stagnate. Reading is not only a relaxing activity that can transport you to another place and time; it is also a way to recharge your spirit, forget your worries for a while, and get your mind working on another level. Whether you take a fictional trip to a magical land or immerse yourself in memoirs and historical happenings, books can help you to be a happier and better-rounded individual.

Try a yoga class. Stress can turn us all into monsters at times, so if you're looking to relax and focus, there's no better way than through the mind-body fusion of yoga. It not only has the power to increase strength and flexibility while reducing aches and pains, but it can also help you to release stress, quiet your thoughts, and focus inward, leading to tranquility of spirit.

Laugh. You know what they say about a life that is all work and no play. Having fun is what keeps us young, so you should try to do it as much as possible. Easier said than done, right? In truth, having fun has more to do with your attitude than what you're doing. So even if you're stuck in a job you hate or you have to clean the toilet, you can find ways to have a good time. And incorporating laughter into your life is a great way to increase your inner beauty.

Visit a foreign country. Expanding your world view is a great way to bolster your inner beauty, and taking a trip to a foreign locale allows you to meet new people, discover new culture, explore a new place, and virtually overhaul your insides. It's not only an exciting adventure, but it may serve to dispel misconceptions you have about other cultures, as well as raise your compassion level for those that you formerly saw as different. A vacation on this scale can help your inner beauty to shine.

foreign country

Give of yourself. You might read an articles about how it's better to give than to receive, and when it comes to building up a reserve of inner beauty, you can't go wrong by helping others in need. You can actually start in simple ways in your own life by doing something nice for family members and friends. If your brother and his wife have three kids, offer to babysit so they can get a much-needed weekend away. Take your mom for a spa day or help your dad clean the garage. If your spouse is having a tough week, take over his/her chores. These acts may seem small, but they pack a positive emotional punch. From there you can take your efforts to the next level by volunteering to help strangers in need.

helping hand

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(Guest Post by Carol)

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  1. Vidya3:33 PM

    Love yourself first. Don't think so much about what other people think about you. Try things you are scared of sometimes! Remember to always stay true to who you are, and you can always tell who your true friends are. When bad things happen you can always find a silver lining

  2. Kusuma3:33 PM

    Don't let your high ideals and faith in humanity get the best of you! Let them exist and inspire, but keep an eye out for your own good as well!

  3. Zarina3:37 PM

    Firstly, let me say I do sympathise with your point of view. Yes it is true that the beautiful AND intelligent person will usual get ahead of the other who is "just" intelligent.

  4. Inner beauty can outshine outer beauty, but for it to do that, you must be comftorble with the way you are.

  5. Achala3:39 PM

    Outer beauty Fades
    Inner beauty is what is in your heart...compassion, love, respect,and helping your fellow mankind. That shows on your face in your speech and older men & women (25 to........) love that in a person.


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