Top 5 Shampoos for Kids

Kids have the same issues with their hair as adults do. They get split ends, have frizzy days and need to get out tangles. Thankfully there is more than one type of children’s shampoo out there. Some have detanglers to get out those tough and painful knots, some have tear free formulas so they do not hurt kid’s eyes, and some have gentle fragrances for kids with skin allergies. Here are the top five shampoo brands for kids:

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Johnson’s Baby Shampoo – This shampoo is the standard when it comes to washing babies and young children’s hair. It is very gentle on all skin and hair types. It is also gentle on eyes and will not hurt children in any way. However it does not offer much in the way of detangling or conditioning, so it is usually not the best choice for children with long or curly hair.
L’Oreal Kids – This is the gold standard of children’s shampoo. With great scents and a powerful combination of shampoo and conditioner, this is usually the best choice. It can be a little expensive, but it does have special shampoos just for after swimming that removes chlorine from hair. A great idea for kids that are hard on their hair or have hair that is very difficult to manage.

Suave Kids – This affordable alternative to L’Oreal Kids is almost as good. It too has great scents and includes a 2 in 1 conditioner to help with tangles. This brand also creates its bottles out of recycled material and uses a high percentage of all natural ingredients so it is more biodegradable. Ideal for families that are concerned about the environment.

  1. Aveeno Baby – Made with natural wheat, oat and Vitamin E, this shampoo gently conditions hair to get out tangles without irritating sensitive skin. With a fresh, light fragrance, this shampoo has also been allergy tested and is gentle on children’s eyes. Oatmeal is also known to sooth irritated or dry skin, so this shampoo is great for children with itchy scalps.
Burt’s Bees Baby Bee –This shampoo and body wash for children is made of aloe and oat flour for even the most sensitive of skin. Fragrance free and hypo-allergenic, this is a great shampoo for even the most sensitive of children. Not only is it tear-free but it is also sulfate, phthalate, petrochemical and paraben-free. Clinically proven to be safe to use on children every day, you can’t get much gentler than this shampoo and body wash combo.

Hopefully I have given you some idea about the benefits of each of these popular children’s shampoo choices. There are many more shampoos out there for kids, but these five are at the very top. No matter if you have a child that needs lots of clean-up, one that has sensitive kin, or one that needs a great detangler, one of these children’s shampoos is bound to do the trick and leave your child with soft, manageable hair.

Author Byline: Ken Myers as an Expert Advisor on multiple household help issues to many Organizations and groups, and is a mentor for other “Mom-preneurs” seeking guidance.  You can get in touch with him at

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  1. Melaleuca has a great children's shampoo.

  2. Bharat10:48 AM

    johnson & johsnon's brand, more sensitive for kids..

  3. I've always loved Loreal Kids Strawberry Shampoo. It's great for kids, and it smells awesome. If it gets in eyes, it doesn't hurt.

  4. Niladri10:50 AM

    the garnier frutisc (whoops) or paul mithcheell,loreal(kids), or herbal essences.

  5. Akshata10:50 AM

    Burt's Bees Baby shampoo.

  6. Anonymous5:32 PM

    Paul Mitchell's Baby Don't Cry Tearless shampoo is good and you can find them on www dot purefina dot com


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